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  1. I just stop cleaning my house because something came to my mind and I have that need to share it somewhere. So I was thinking after seeing the episodes till 35 and it just occurs to me that we have like two Guan Shan. One is the man in the first episode telling the story and the other is the book "Chronicles of Guanshan". And now we know that the chronicles were written by XM. So could that means that we kind of experienced one of his books, were thrown into the world of that book. And we get the open ending because XM died and couldn't finish it. Maybe we have three worlds intertwined here. One is the real world, second is the world of the book and third is the world of the story that Guan Shan is telling in the book. I'm sure there are many loopholes here and it seems crazy but I just couldn't help myself But really after episode 35 I feel like I'm standing on that cliff together with them
  2. I need a do-over of this scene with XY and preferably their own children. I'm sure our general wouldn't abandon our princess like XC did. I mean, come on, one word or look from XY and every child will calm down no matter how loud or rambunctious Although I wouldn't mind XY playing with kids, tell them stories or singing lullabies And when children are sleeping soundly in their own beds, parents can enjoy other activities
  3. Yes, I understand that it's mostly his problem but I'm afraid that he might say things that will be hard to take back or forgive and then when he comes back to his senses she'll be the one keeping them apart because of the guilt he inflicted on her I really hope that he will "forgive" her before more things come out about his brother's death. Thursday, please, come faster.
  4. I find it odd that XM could just watch CY in her animal state. Most of the time they try to hide when she's an animal and here XM was just watching with TY standing few steps away from him. I can't really undestand why XY is blaming CY. I mean even if she somehow knocked down the candle (I'm sure she didn't) when XM saved her he was still alive and that's the end of her involevment in it. Him going back there right into the fire is completely on him. I get that XY wants to blame someone and he is still grief stricken but blaming CY doesn't make sense. And I'm saying all this based on what XY knows and not what we are suspecting. LJ and NN are perfect together Thank you for all the recaps, spoilers, theories and everything else. You have no idea how grateful I am for your hard work
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