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  1. I'm so sorry but I'm so into VAVs Thrilla Killa comeback lately that I can't think about anything else. I think I like him more in plain black or some shades of grey Fifty Shades of Grey Daniel Choi
  2. Nah, I don't think so. I think he would be a better fit for Alaric or Elijah. Especially Elijah I want to say thank you to @Pyar and @gm4queen for all these amazing things like pictures, videos and other stuff you're bringing to this thread. I don't have much time to dive into things like that so I'm really happy to see all these treasures here. Thank you
  3. @gm4queen I like him better without that beard I really want to watch Big Man but I need to find a site with a preview function like in youtube videos first. The main plot there doesn't do anything for me so I only want to watch Daniel Choi's scenes If you have a compilation of his scenes stashed somewhere and could share it with me I'll be forever grateful It looks like his drama choices are good career-wise but not so good for gaining popularity. We know that he can do any genre and play a lot of different characters but the focus in his dramas is often on someone else. I think Jugglers was the first drama that really makes him shine. It is sad that no one is brave enough to experiment with his looks. He is kind of stuck with his drama image as an elegant, mature man in suit. I know that in Ghost Detective he looks a little more shaggy than normal but I would really like for him to do more, to undergo some extreme metamorphosis for one of his fututre projects. Of course it can't be anything dangerous or unhealthy because I don't want him to get hurt or sick.
  4. @gm4queen Don't tempt me with these amazing videos of yours I always think that he looks mature in a sexy way and that is limiting his career a little. He doesn't have that Korean cute look or it is not as visible as with the other actors. However, I still like him just the way he is
  5. Oh yeah, he is I wanted to like The Ghost Detective so badly but just couldn't. I'm a romance lover through and through so I can watch even the worst (low quality, stupid, pointless, repetitive plot, low budget) shows that are there (no matter the kind of its genre) but if there is a romance that excites me I'm all in. Unfotunately The Ghost Detective feels flat to me in that department though I'm sure Daniel Choi is amazing there as always And don't get me wrong I'm not saying that The Ghost Detective is a bad drama. I only saw some random scenes and they didn't draw me into that drama. There was once a drama of his I was really excited about (even without the romance) and it was Phantom but it didn't go the way I wanted it to go so I dropped it. I hope I will get a chance to enjoy his next dramas in the near future
  6. Yeah, it was my crack drama at the time it was airing Some parts I watched so many times I still remember them clearly today It was my first office and Daniel Choi's drama and I felt completely in love with it and with him. I checked out his other dramas but couldn't get into them so now I'm waiting impatiently for his next project.
  7. I watched four eps with subs and four eps raw and I like it so far. The key to enjoying this drama is not having high expectations and not taking it too seriously and just go with the flow.
  8. Could someone help me find the song that starts at 27:20 in the ost video that was posted earlier? I really like that song but it's hard to find without knowing Chinese.
  9. That kiss scene was so hot and sweet at the same time All those little touches and pecks and little smiles It looks like it could be real and not just an act
  10. I'm starting to worry that they will run out of time. I mean there's only 6 episodes left and a lot of problems to resolve. Personally, I don't think that they should make a big deal out of the connection between JSK's grandfather and GOS's mother. It would be really stupid if she will somehow held JSK responsible for this. He probably wasn't even in Korea at that time and his only connection to it is through his grandfather. The grandfather that he doesn't even have much of a relationship with. I don't have much hope for hot romance here because of the age gap between main actors. I doubt the production will do something like that. It's too much risk of a backlash from fans. They already had to came with ideas how to hinder their romance (first mother, then grandfather and now CG) now when they are living under the same roof and it looks like they will continue making troubles in the future Even with all that problems ahead I'm still waiting (not so patiently) for next episode. I miss them and I want them back
  11. CG grew on me as a character in the last few episodes but I can't take his love for GOS seriously. Even she didn't think he was serious after his confession. He treats her more like a younger sister than potential lover. Sometimes it looks like he is making fun of her and not wooing her. And I don't like that he doesn't want to reveal their past and when they met for the first time. The meeting between JSK and CG was so funny. CG was so calm and JSK so nervous. I'm curious what CG actually found out at this meeting and what he was thinking after because I'm sure that there was much more to it than what JSK told him. Secretary Kwon and Grandpa are mystery to me. One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of similarities between Grandpa and JSK. And Secretary Kwon can work well with both of them. Sometimes she just has a strange (scary?) face. This is one scene that caught my attention when watching 8 episode. There is something in that scene I can't describe. It looks like that smile just happened and it feels so real. I want to thanks all of you who bring us information, videos, photos and all other things. Especially you @Jillia for your hard work and keeping this thread alive. Thank you
  12. When JSK does things without thinking he doesn't even remember that he has OCD. He threw the bandage on the floor, he didn't wear gloves when he touched the bannister and punched that sleazy guy. He only has problems when he is consciously thinking about bacteria and dirt.
  13. I haven't watched the last episodes yet but I need to say that I'm a little impressed by the background music. In third episode we have Bad Boy Good Man by Tape Five and Tango from Scent of a Woman and in fourth we have Leonard Cohen's I'm your man and Prince's Kiss I'm looking forward to future surprises It looks like our CEO is falling hard and fast
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