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  1. 2 years?? oh. my. I am sure they will meet by the first half of 2020. (It has already been 5 months since they have been 'together' before the 'hide and seek' game started so..) Right now, I am sad with the way things r going on, but.. When they actually meet I dont think I will be this interested or excited that time. Even 1 year is still a long time
  2. Yes yes he is getting more n more handsome The trailer is very satisfying:) Cant miss this. We wont be. This one seems as good as KMA was
  3. I am late I know but now I caught up with episode 3. Have to tell this. The show is so fast paced. Its like 75% of what I know has already happened between the main couple. I am pleasantly surprised.:) Now I am wondering what they r going to do for the remaining episodes
  4. I am now in episode 3. One thing I like so much about 2M2 comparatively (The 2 laws of a remake states that: its hard not to compare a remake and its even more hard to like the 2nd one more than the 1st one ) is I can understand what's going on with the story LOL. Having not read the novel, watching 2M was like doubtingly trying to fit the puzzle pieces all by myself. But in 2M2, I can feel the romance more (coz some things might feel romantic/poetic in a novel like the twist in 2M but it might not transfer well on-screen. I like it that we already know Pha is in love here) which makes 2M2 an easy watch and this one is considerate for a non-reader like me (no puzzles no brains needed lol).
  5. You are also watching? I am on ep 44 now. One of the best this year. Yes I will continue coz I am at the curious stage now. Like when will Khai realize and also I hope Third will play a little hard to get when Khai realises he is in love heh. I feel like Khai is getting a lot of love easily Lol. He should do some work I will watch ep 3 tonight. There is a new History series? Woah Thanks for d info.
  6. The 2nd ep went by quickly. Fortunately, the lucky me, I dont have the pain of waiting. Haha How to hate this guy. Well Third I feel you. The movie sequences cracks me up (its like the writer him/herself watched all for inspiration LOL). Keep them coming. And the references used, I want to watch it all. Its palpable how the struggle feels real with Third. I like the contrast of, when seen from Third's POV, it feels like a long road with no end seen But from Khai, I feel like I am watching a funny rom-com. I am already impatient with wanting more of the few minutes of Khai's jealousy (though he didnt know it was what it was heh.) The difference between his real cry and the fake cry, Gun's acting surprises me again (I was surprised with him in The gifted series before). When he is sad, he makes me sad and when he is being funny, I laugh. Thats good acting. I am pulled in becoz of Khai. Seriously I want to know how much more dumb can he be, before he realises. I hope its not too late for him.
  7. Just finished watching the 1st episode. I tried my best to keep myself out of spoilers as much as possible. But in BL world, even if one is inside the Lan sect's Forbidden Lands (U know who has been watching what ).. Yeah you can complete it. Ha. I was chuckling this whole sequence. when all his movie reviews are so.. hmm.. the story of his own life na. LOL. I like it that within a few minutes we already get a gist of whats going to happen. I controlled my urge to count the number of times this one showed up. Its like someone is testing my memory skills. Seeing Third is both funny and pitiful (of how he is hopelessly in love) at the same time. But I hope the story is not too moody. I like the 1st ep for keeping a few surprise laughs here and there, which is making me hold on. I am still keeping one foot out the door. Episode 2 will be the decider for me.
  8. The MV is bringing back the fond memories of LBC I had. And the song, I am sure even the international fans know it by heart by now. Wished they added the lyrics of the song in English. I liked 2 scenes that P'New used. This one.. It looks like Pete is moving in for a kiss lol. These close-up shots are more beautiful. Perth and Saint are seriously good actors. They just have to look at each other and I know there is true love in the world Ha. With just a short MV, made me want to see LBC again (when I have watched a gazillion times already ) I liked Tum-Tar's hug.. Seems sweet in the MV. Thank you P'New for all the close-up shots of the kisses heh. You are making it hard.. Let me let you go LBC..
  9. I believe this world should be a fairer place than it is right now. Otherwise this game (Life) is not worth playing. Its disappointing that the real heroes who actually put up the fight are not visible to everyone. But they are there. They will make the world turn to see them. I trust in P'New. He is a true hero. He will overcome this.
  10. Yeah I was like that too. But lbc is LBC for me. An Unprecedented territory heh. Thanks for the outlets. I wished someone around me was interested as much. For me, both twitter and facebook, Interesting to lurk around but not interesting enough to involve. I am following the tweets for now and they have moved on from #aepete to #perthsaint I like this account's posts. Most of them are so ROFL kind funny . This one is much lovelier. You worded it beautifully, sounds that was the meaning behind it.
  11. How long does it take to move on from a favorite series?? Clearly, 1 month is not doing it! All the other series I am seeing feels like a rebound lol. I wish there are so many people who likes LBC so that I can speak all day about how much I like it. I was not like any of you guys here, who waited for LBC to air, I just found it.. By chance. Heh. The scene where it totally grabbed my interest was this one.. Ae: Do you think I am too short? Everyone else is just taller than me. I never look at you and think you are not normal. I can see Pete falling for this guy I thought then. #whypetelovesae
  12. Oh. They have added "Season 1" to the thread's name.. Is this a good sign??
  13. You are not. And that exact same scene and thing baffled me. I now only got it all out of my system #welcometotheclub. (Also that guy didnt even feel a bit remorseful. And his friend, with just one slap, he called it off for the day.*insert eye rolling*)
  14. Me too Lol. Caught 2 eps of TWM3 then the accidental photo happened. Thinking about taking P'New's advice here, of staying with the good memory (of Korn-Knock). If I want a dose of them, I will re-watch Twm2 for now. Lets wait and read the reviews on how its going to end and then decide. About my dream, I will continue Lol only 5 more to go for me ( going to FF a lot and watch the rest for the dream guy ). I want to know how its going to end with him. And I will pray that I dont see that R guy accidentally while FFing. When it ends, once and for all, going to #shakeitoff ( I might as well play the song to celebrate ) About my dear loser, I havent watched it yet. Coincidentally, I have nothing to watch rn, I will also try that.
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