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  1. Official Link for Other-country Inter-fans who cannot watch through WeTV, (need Viki Pass) https://www.viki.com/tv/37302c-love-by-chance-2
  2. @aniola I had to google to find out, what does 'wiggle' mean . & It literally meant the same as what the emoji do I miss the old soompi days of the LBC times. So many people with different discussions/perspectives. Maybe LBC2 will bring everyone of us back again? Yes I felt something similar too. Like, when I watch it, I am so excited that sometimes its like I have my brain shut inside a closet & only carry my heart to watch it:) After I come out of that watching-2gether-cast-again-hype, I feel like there's something missing. Fortunately Ep3 improved & giving hope for the next 2 episodes:) & Of Course Tine's 2weeks are going down in history
  3. Things I like so far: 1. The secondary couples love-lines are gelling up very well. I really like Mil-Phukong pair, a lot more now . Also curious on how Man-Type are going to tackle their long-distance relationship. & I was confused about Green-Dim pair in S1, and here I am still confused about them . 2. Maybe the trick is, having no expectations on the development of the story or much on the characters too, I like the usual fluffs of Sarawat & Tine . & It was really a nice surprise that the dolls were from Wat, I mean, my 1st guess would have been Tine lol. (Still 3 more episodes to make a wholesome review of the show, for now I'm liking what I'm seeing )
  4. He is! He is! From the start, he got only that vibe For some reason, I believe this gif deserve to be played in loop Well, I am remembering someone who was Alex, Alex before
  5. I think most actors already go for a 'no-moustache'. Personally I dont have an opinion. Anyway Its not my moustache . But I always appreciate something thats unique or things that doesnt go with the usual flow, and in my eyes I think Mike is totally pulling it off well Or you can just forget the 5cm black-thing and save the bills I say! So its Gentleman or Man Oh Hum next episode . I think its the former .
  6. Not shipping . Just more like, you know, 'a list of guys who think Tine is attractive'. I see its different for you. Because I think a person CAN be attractive to me, without me-being/wanting-to-be in a relationship with them. For example, your thoughts can be attractive to me, because your thinking is something I might not imagine myself, like, you bring a different point of view. Also when it comes to fictional characters like Tine or even if its about actors like Win too, being in a relationship is out-of-equation for me. No worries dear, I perfectly understood your words from the 1st time:) Honestly I dont like people being judgemental about another-being that way. Because I think its 'theirs' to tell who they are! Which is why, I dont speak or even think about another person, being strictly straight/gay. Maybe in some way, I believe its fluid too. Also because when it comes to human-interactions, what matters more to me is, how they 'behave and speak-with-me' than anything-else.
  7. Green then Sarawat (actually it should be Sarawat, then Green ) then Mil, and now, you. Tine is mesmerizing all the guys inside and outside, he will become the World's Most unfair-for-others human-being-ever-born, if he attracts girls too *just kidding* But attractive people might not always be, by physic-alone. Like a personality who arouse curiosity on what-they-think might be irresistible too. Also Sarawat plays football, is in a guitar-band too, and has a model-like look to boost. As far as I know, in-real-life, a quiet but good-looking guy who performs well in club activities/academics will most probably be, popular. But actually, Tine is popular with girls too, looking at his dating-history. He looks sooo Proud doing that!! Whenever Sarawat asks Tine to do something for him, either Tine shows up late or Wat-has-to-do-something-in-exchange for him. Also Wat has never been conscious of what-others-think of him. Its a nice contrast that, Tine does. So only, I thought Tine might not do this-ask of Sarawat. But turns out, he not only did it, but did it sooo smugly Honestly I thought Side-couples here, will be a distraction from the main-story. But Man-Type's story-arc is so realistic and interesting! Though its kinda stalking, but Man is doing it all in a very gentlemanly way (He is rightly named heh) that he is charming. Just wishing, he has the courage to start a 'Hi':) I am totally rooting for him from my screen
  8. I like this series to every little bit of it, that I woke up thinking about it today, that I HAD to write this The Hype, The Popularity this show has, all of it is just-the-most-normal-thing, when I look at these two! They have good acting skills, and Win should be reminded that he IS a newbie, I am sure he forgot "You were there in my dream, teasing me" When I think about this series, I am sure I can easily remember 4 other quotes too. But as on date, this is my favorite . With every new-episode, my love for Tine is only getting more. And this impromptu-confession that he gave, is his most candid talk ever. Like, Can anyone love him any lesser after this He looks like a Cat here (Cr: Bright's twitter) I wanted to say Kitten, but Sarawat is too Hot, so heh
  9. Qualifications of becoming a member in Tine's gang: When only one option is left of the 3, the person who spins the bottle to find the remaining one
  10. The reason I learnt gif-making in the first place Honestly I have a similar sense of humor like Win's. And so I thought Win is funny here, I would have laughed out loud if I was in Bright's place
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