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  1. 2 hours ago, juliaajumma said:

    Thanks for all those preview... so their break-up is because YS think it’s a “good reason” to protect JJ ?
    I think that’s not an excuse to break-up a relationship eventhou’ for a good reason. JJ has a right to know what’s going on, if it’s a bad thing at least they will have each other’s back and get through it..

    it seems by lying and break-up YS didn’t trust her that much.. ooh well maybe my judgement is wrong just by only watching the preview ;)


    anyway i hope JJ won’t take him back easily if he wants a make-up.. (kick him out from her apartment it’s only beginning)... please make YS sweat and beg.. it will be much fun to watch :lol: ( do i sound so evil? :naughty:) haha..

    Actually, all the points you make are exactly what JJ makes YS apologise for before she takes him back.

    I feel like where LiS is so successful is in giving us a modern mature FL. One who is proactive and intelligent. We see her fight with the ML, but not over minor things. I like how she trusts him 100%, and that her getting angry with him in these later episodes is about how he should trust her back. And the show treats it well, she loves him so she doesn’t overreact, she just waits for YS to get it. It’s very mature. Very often MLs don’t apologise and FLs just stupidly misunderstand things. 

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  2. Minor annoyance, but when JJ goes to find Xiao Chuan in ep 28 she phoned Li Li, who then volunteers to go with JJ to see Xiao Chuan because ‘he’s not good at communicating with people’. In what way does Xiao Chuan need Li Li to help him communicate with the other people? He doesn’t have social difficulties, he just likes computers and is focussed on his start up business. It just seems like another way for her to claim a connection with him, which is my main problem, the way she sees all her lame interactions with him as special when it’s all in her head. 

    Rant over, haha 


    Edit: I just watched ep 4 again and she likes him already! She smiles at the hot water flask he gave her. I really want a flashback to show her liking him when they were kids, I think that would change the whole dynamic. There’s a flashback scene that suggests it  when she finds puppy Wang Cai, I think. She hurts herself and YS is bandaging her hands, then she smiles because he’s looking after her. But it’s subtle. There’s also that bit when YS asks her in front of Xiao Chuan when she started liking him and she says ‘recently’ but it looks like she’s lying.


    Also, the mask product placement is annoying. 

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  3. 53 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

    Someone in Dramalist discussion on LIS gave faster eng sub links of ep 25 and 26, :heart:


    So now why did Li Taimo wants to destroy JJ's father's business?


    It surprised me how smartly and expensively dressed Yuan Shuai is in this drama... and with a classy car, which looks so big for him... did they filmed this drama last year since it seemed it was winter, hence the coats...

    I wonder if the fact they’ve got big stars means that big brands are sponsoring them? Luo Yun Xi has huge star power at the moment.

    Lots of male actors play CEOs in suits but I think Luo Yun Xi knocks it out the park for wearing the suits well and stylishly. I’ve never really noticed a C-Drama with such expensive and well put together outfits before. Kdramas have it down to an art, but C-Dramas have always been behind.


    I really love Qiao Na, she’s always got a Victorian spin to her outfits and gothic make up. It makes her stand out. 

    Someone on MDL mentioned the absence of the second couple in the last episode. I wonder if they re-edit it to respond to the audience reception? Like replace second couple with longer OTP cuddles? That’s assuming the Chinese audience similarly found the second couple annoying! 

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  4. Skimming through the most recent episodes (like skimming for OTP moments and not listening to any dialogue or plot, so correct me if I’ve got it wrong), but it seems like YS has to go rogue to uncover the truth about JJ’s dad. Maybe he breaks up with her and doesn’t tell her why because if she knows she could be in trouble as an accomplice, and so she believes he’s just another cold hearted investment banker who plays dirty. As for DL, I guess DL admits he was part of what happened to her dad and she can’t forgive him? 

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  5. @Zay❤️ Thanks for the clip! It’s super cute! I love our couple. I’m rewatching because they’re just too sweet. Episodes 20/21 were so good that I almost forgot that they have amazing scenes in the first 19 episodes too! It’s rare for there to be so many great OTP moments throughout the entire series. 

    The dialogue for the clip you posted goes: 


    girls: Oh wow! He’s so handsome! The aunt beside him can’t be his girlfriend, can she? She can’t be! 
    YS kisses JJ 

    JJ: how could you do that in front of so many people?

    YS: What are you thinking? How old are you? Getting jealous of little girls. 
    JJ: You should know.
    YS: Then you will be getting jealous a lot in the future. You cry so easily, how will you cope? 
    JJ: Could you bear to let me cry? 

    Flashback to JJ’s mum telling YS that no matter what happens, she hopes he will always be kind to JJ and never be the one to make her cry. 

    YS: In the future, if anything ever happens that makes you want to cry, go ahead and cry, when you faint I will be right behind you to catch you. 
    JJ: Why are you saying such corny things today?
    YS: because I love you 

    JJ: I love you too.

    JJ: I’m not aunt :(

    YS: You are aunt. But it’s ok, I’m uncle. 

    It’s funny because the girls call her ‘aunt’ which is a term for middle aged women. Aunt and Uncle is what you call people your parents age, haha.



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  6. 12 hours ago, Zay❤️ said:

    I want to watch Ashes of love but i have read that it has 60+ episodes so I will just wait till my vacation. But, i dont think he was known as a good kisser. 

    He doesn’t have any kissing scenes in Ashes of love, but he really shines in the emotional scenes. 

    I’m glad Bai Lu isn’t too self-conscious to look like she enjoys the kissing scenes, and to kiss back properly. Zheng Shuang (Yang Yang did all the kissing in Love 020 and she literally stood there like a plank!!) and Ju Jing Yi (needs to maintain innocent idol status so has pretend kisses or pecks) are the main ones that come to mind.

    Bai Lu is a proper actress and I love that she isn’t shy in her comedic acting too. That octopus scene is great and also she quite often does that snort laugh where she flares her nostrils, and momentarily it’s not her best look (but she’s still really beautiful), but it’s in character. I feel like lots of actresses try hard to look cute or sweet and it’s unnatural. She also doesn’t have annoying cutesy voice, which helps. I didn’t realise I was such a big fan of Bai Lu until I wrote this, haha. 

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  7. translation of the notes on this https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4554946173996091

    18th - pushing elevator doors with bare hands happens today.

    19th - mutual protection (both sides acting to protect the other)


    20th - literally means ‘chase wife to the crematorium’ but I think it refers to a romance genre where a ML who has been indifferent goes all out to chase the FL. I’m a bit confused by this, so maybe it refers to the second leads. 


    25th - you’re playing with fire 


    26th - war of the bed zones 


    27th - Marry me (in English)!


     2nd - Finale of sweetness! Maybe there’s a special? Hope so! 

    By the way, the drama thread on My Drama List has gone nuts for this drama. 

    You should definitely check it out. 

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  8. 42 minutes ago, Zay❤️ said:

    I wish i could understand the episodes chart. It had heartbreak emoji next to ep 28 and full heart next to ep29. So they will separate for one episode for real?:(


    If anyone understands Chinese, here it is



    I read Chinese and it doesn’t say anything about the episodes, but I love that they pre-warn you when the angst is coming! 

    Let’s hope it’s accurate that it’s a break up only for one day! I’m going to have to skip watching next week. I can’t have the sadness without the reunion straight after! 

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  9. 10 hours ago, pad-hari said:

    2. So, YS don't know anything about her dad.  So, how is their temporary breakup going to happen coz someone mentioned that the DU dude is going to mislead JJ that YS is involved in his death.  I am not in for it, but there will no drama if it is not happening.

    My new theory is that JJ’s mum forces the break up. Since YS knows nothing about it, you’d have to make up a complete fiction to implicate him. And he would fight for JJ, or at least run after her, and in the short clip of her slapping him he doesn’t seem to do anything. 

    I now think YS breaks up with JJ, leaves MH and JJ stays at MH to prove herself to her mum. 

    It’s the lesser of two evils, to have JJ still love YS and just think he’s a jerk is better than her thinking he caused her dad’s death and lied to her. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Zay❤️ said:

    DL's face is so stiff. I always feel he was uncomfortable idk :vicx:

    I was undecided about him. I’m not sure whether it’s him as an actor who is stiff, or the character is meant to be awkward. He looks so much like a serial killer when he’s serious that I’m uncomfortable when he laughs. But given his background, I can accept he doesn’t know how to behave normally, as he has played a role his whole life. He also goes to extremes, like completely breaking down when he’s upset. 

    I’d give Kido GAO the benefit of the doubt until I see him in something next. He was in Legend of Fuyao and I didn’t get any serial killer vibes there, in fact, I quite liked him, so I suspect his character is uncomfortable, not him. 


    BTW, I admit I haven’t been paying close attention to the plot, I’ve been fast forwarding non-OTP bits so I may have missed a point here, but I’m really annoyed at Li Li in the hospital scene.

    Why is she angry at YS and blaming him for JJ getting hurt? He came as soon as he knew and he’s not a telepath, so how is he supposed to know when she’s in danger? It just seemed so unreasonable to blame YS. 


    I actually have decided I like Riley Wang here, he suits being dopey and smiley. I’ve seen him play the tsundere and I don’t like it. His character here is consistent, cute and he’s convincing. My problem with the second couple is that I can’t stand Li Li. She’s such a loser stalker. She’s about 28 or something and just spends all day daydreaming about a guy she barely knows and then follows him everywhere, eventually following him into his company and just fawning over everything he says or does. Why on earth would he be interested in someone like that? 

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  11. I wasn't going to watch the most recent episodes, I wanted to build up a backlog of episodes so that I’m not desperately waiting for them to air. 



    *tells self she will only watch the most romantic highlights of episodes 19 and 20 to get her hit and then will slowly and appreciatively watch them entirely later. 

    *Watches 95% of episodes 19 and 20 crazily fast. 


    The OTP are just being too sweet! Too much chemistry! I died.

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  12. @Alila N it’s 21 mins into episode 15 where JJ mentions her dad’s death. I’m counting down to the next episode too! The chemistry between the two leads is explosive.

    Also, kudos to Kido Gao. At first I thought he was odd, the stark difference between him laughing/being emotionless made him look a bit unhinged. But I think he’s doing a good job of playing someone who is uncomfortable in his own skin, unpredictable and increasingly desperate. His backstory is introduced gradually and his anger surrounding that is well expressed - it’s not simply a one dimensional baddie. 

    @Zay❤️ Urgh! I noticed the possible time jump in the MVs too (hair/clothes) but was hoping to ignore it. I agree they are probably separated for a few years during which time she becomes successful career wise. I really hate time jumps though! I get it is to build up the misery and eventual reunion, but it feels like a waste of the characters time. YS has already waited 10 years! 


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  13. On 10/8/2020 at 1:04 AM, Zay❤️ said:

    I rewatched this week's episodes already because i was getting impatient:D



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    so, i watched the official MV for the ost and omg

    :tears: its really spoiling whats gonna happen next.


    I am guessing they will break up soon or probably wont be together this week. They will have a misunderstanding first, then be together? Anyway seems like the hot kiss is after they kiss on the snow. Perhaps after they solve their issues.


    I just hope it wont be a silly reason that going to ruin the couple moments for me.:tears::vicx:



    So they won't be living together for a while :tears: pls break up for one episode or less :tears:




    I just saw a review that says after JJ and YS get together DL gets jealous and frames YS for JJs dad death, thats where they break up. DL and JJ get closer and then Linda reveals the truth to JJ and thats where we get the scene where our OTP are both crying when they kiss. 

    If that happens (don’t know how the reviewer knows this, so take it with a pinch of salt) its going to stress me out! The break up better not last more than one episode. How will i cope without my OTP scenes? I cant stand the second leads and while DL has a sad interesting backstory, he is just too broken and he and JJ are a bit awkward.  Our OTP give us just the right amount of sweetness and emotional heft.


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  14. 8 minutes ago, Zay❤️ said:

    Did she say 'i love you' before he went into the operation room? 

    YS knows her parents so i dont think he would do that. I hope i am not wrong because this could ruin it for them. :(

    I did think that - that any due diligence would bring up her dad’s name, but she does slap him at some point, and there’s lots of upset scenes still to come, so something big does go wrong :mellow:

    Uuurrrgghhh! I love this drama so far, but I also wish (for my own sake, cliffhangers stress me out!!) for the vibe to be more like Love 020 where there were no big misunderstandings or dramas between the OTP. 

    Love, love, LOVE the passcode scene!!! YS is the best. Melts into gooey puddle. 

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  15. Just finished ep 1 and I‘m so happy they have gone straight into the romantic tension. Love the accidental kiss, makes a difference from other c-dramas where you wait 20 episodes for a kiss. Both leads playing their parts well, and I hope second male lead develops real feelings and doesn’t just use her for revenge. Bring on the second male lead syndrome!


    Going to wait a bit now before i watch ep2, I like to binge watch. 

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  16. 2 hours ago, libra22 said:

    Richard Wang is not participating in EL3. So not sure if they will still have another person to act as 1st prince or they will remove the story of 1st prince since there are new actors joining the cast.

    I really liked the 1st prince, so I’m sad that he won’t be in EL3! He genuinely loved Tan Er, and Tan Er loved him, it was such a sad story. I just wanted to see him happy! Sigh.

    If anyone wants to check him out as a male lead he’s in Fall in Love (it’s on YouTube), and I really enjoyed him in that. He’s very charismatic and fully deserves to be ML. 

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  17. On 9/15/2019 at 9:25 PM, ahnyuna said:

    At 1'30'', Jang Dong Gun says that ES And TY will dance together again, and SJK confirms.


    Maybe for Tanya to persuade the people of Arthdal to accept him they will do the sacred dance together. Since Aramun is Asa Sin’s messenger, he would have to do something that would prove he knows Asa Sin, and not just Tanya. 


    Momo tribe are amazing and I am still totally in love with Xabara. Although for a moment I actually thought they were going to turn into mermaids when they dove in after Eunsom :sweatingbullets: Haha. I love the way Xabara never gives simple orders like ‘go save him!’ It’s a rallying cry like ‘Warriors of the water! Charge!’


    Although... I have been wondering whether that’s the Momo tribe’s role fulfilled? I mean, they repay kindness - if he saved Xabara’s life and she saves his, aren’t they equal now? I don’t think I saw them in the trailer for next week (I’ll check again later, but I think they only mention the Ago tribe?) But... maybe she owes him a bigger debt because he saved her child as well? Or they will team up to revenge Sateunik? I really wish they’d just tell the Momo tribe about Sateunik already and we get to see the Momos in full attack mode! 


    What is is happening to Tagon with the undereye bags?? I hope not madness, because that would be a bit of a cop out, I feel. Tagon is a brilliant villain because we can empathise with him - he’s complex, and intelligent, and you can see why he commands loyalty. He strategises and doesn’t do things without reason. I would like Eunsom and Tanya to go head to head with Tagon as a King (who bet his whole life on the principle that the ends justify the means) who believes in bringing the tribes together under one powerful leader, rather than in a union which can be broken up. (The way Mihol is always holding Arthdal to ransom over the secrets of the Hae tribe is an example of the union being fragile).


    I would be disappointed if Tanya and Eunsom were to go against Tagon as a brutal madman who has lost the essence of who he is.  It would make him too much of a ‘evil baddie’ which is not what 16 episodes so far have presented him as. And it would mean that Tanya and Eunsom are not presented with a proper interesting moral dilemma.


    I really appreciated the writers showing Tanya choosing to punish the Asa clan because it gave her a real dilemma and forced her to stop playing the innocent.  Arthdal/Civilisation is complex, and there is no simple right and wrong sometimes. I think it would be good for the writers to give Eunsom a similar dilemma. As much as I love him, he and Saya have had very little character development. They are who they were at the beginning. 


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  18. 3 hours ago, Albutt said:

    Anyone know the actress that plays Xabara of momo tribe? Loving her character  :love:


    I love her voice when she’s rallying her tribesmen, it’s so strong and deep! I also love that she can alternate between looking girly (like when Eunsom bandaged her arm) to powerful and scary (when she rides up to confront the Daekan (?) force with her tribe). 


    *goes off to begin fangirling Erika Karata ^_^*

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