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  1. Don’t worry, I’m actually here for spoilers! Since this is a remake, I think the main story will be the same, so I’m watching it for the actors/chemistry. Also, like I mentioned before, I love Ju Jing Yi and Richard Wang. I think Ju Jing Yi has great chemistry with her co-stars, and she is cute without being annoying or childish. Richard Wang is very good for this role, He does the comedy/lighter parts well, so he is a good distraction from the very wooden ML. @WinCee mentioned that there isn’t much jealousy from the ML, and that has been a bit of a bummer for me. I mean, couldn’t they at least make the ML suspect it or drop him a clue so he starts to see her differently??? I don’t think hinting at BL is problematic, as Doctor Cutie (cdrama) is also a gender bender with a plot like MDBTC and the ML similarly struggles to understand his feelings. (Although suspending your disbelief is taken to new levels in Doctor Cutie. There’s a scene where she’s literally dressed as a woman but draws a moustache on her face and he can’t tell she’s a woman ) Let me know once you get to the courtesan part! I’m dying for them to get the OTP started!
  2. Aw man, I can’t believe you’re at 18 and they haven’t revealed it yet! I’m at 6 and it’s what’s keeping me going through all these episodes! I just want them to realise she’s a girl and for them to start having some real feels, because at the moment it’s just the FL. I guess they need time to build up the friendships though... I thought Lei Ao might know she’s a girl because of all the stuff she blabbered when drunk, but he doesn’t say anything because it doesn’t matter to him? I’m pretty sure Le Xuan has an idea she might be a girl, and it seems he finds out first? From previews I saw that. Nothing has really come out of Wen Bin’s friendship with the courtesan yet, but I know there’s a scene where the FL in Sungkyunkwan scandal dresses as a courtesan, so I’m really hoping that’s what she’s in the story for! I think Ju Jing Yi dressed as a courtesan will be beautiful and ML will definitely see her differently. For those of you who love Sungkyunkwan Scandal, how is it comparing to the original? It’s funny, I went into this thinking Lei Ao was the Song Joong Ki character, but I guess it’s Le Xuan? I really like the actor playing Le Xuan! He does it really well. He’s smart and sneaky and flirty, without crossing into cringey and slimy.
  3. @hush puppy I’m only on episode 2, I just started it last night. I don’t like to live watch as angst stresses me out, I like to be able to fast forward! But oh my god, I just discovered the male lead and I can’t stop staring. I don’t know if he’s meant to be a good actor, as his character is so restrained it’s hard to tell, but he’s SO beautiful!! I haven’t watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal even though I know I’d love it because of the Yoo-Chun thing I really wanted to see flirty Song Joong Ki, but I’m just too grossed out by Yoo-Chun to want to see him in an OTP. I see what you mean about suspending your disbelief with the FL. They haven’t even bothered hiding the fact she has breasts!
  4. Where are all the people at? I expected this drama to be way more popular than this. Maybe too many Chinese dramas? Guessing. I wanted to find out if Richard Wang knows from the beginning that Ju Jing Yi is a woman, because I just saw a fan made MV with them in it and he’s so flirty. I’m going to have SLS so bad! So it’s with trepidation that I start this drama, even though I’m so psyched about it. I love Richard Wang and Ju Jing Yi. He’s a great actor with heaps of charisma and a striking look. She’s both cute and beautiful and she does plucky heroine really well. Loved her in Yun Xi.
  5. Me too! This one is my favourite. It’s the one they play when HK waits outside DH’s house for hours just to give her his business card.
  6. I’m trying to mentally make a complete SSH chest shot from the last few scenes where she did his bandage, haha. But they’re so stingy with the ab shots! Why?!! Why!!! My feelings too! But it’s a cliffhanger, so I’m hoping they make the scene longer at the beginning of tomorrow’s episode. I’ve only skimmed the episode, and my main gripes about NE ‘no plot but lots of screen time’ and DH’s cruel rejections of HK seem to be over. Thank the drama heavens! And I found that I cared about JH in the aftermath. I initially thought I just wanted him out of the picture, but the catharsis was important. It showed that he wasn’t just a horrible villain, but a tortured person who had been driven into a corner with no support. Really good acting from JH actor. And very concise wrap up! I appreciated it didn’t drag on. I guess next episode is meeting DH mum and then DH/HK flirting and baby time?!! Yeeaaahh! I’m back on board with this. Although am I right in thinking very few kdramas seem to give us babies in the finale unlike Chinese dramas, which are very generous with marriage and baby finales.
  7. I just realised the actress playing NE is the woman in Psy’s New Face video! Wow! So pretty in it, and so fun looking. She looks much better in colours. NE’s wardrobe is so monochrome, I think it’s to done to make her look older though.
  8. I’ve been skim-watching the couple scenes of the last episode (still haven’t watched eps 11/12/13 though) and I have to say the scene where HK eats the noodles DH makes is beautiful, the dialogue and chemistry is so effortless, so natural. That’s exactly why I fell in love with this drama at the beginning. DH was always comfortable around HK at the beginning, this and their growing awareness of their happiness in the others presence was what made it great viewing. But while that was great, I wanted to say that I really don’t like scenes where she tenses up when he gets close (we had a moment in ep14 when he back hugs her and another when he tries to do her hair), because it looks very much like she’s recoiling, and that isn’t comfortable to watch. I get they’re trying to make her appear hyper aware about this new relationship and show her hesitancy, but it just looks like she doesn’t want HK to touch her. I much prefer seeing her comfortable in his presence, a bit awkward, and sometimes shy. I also noticed, in CLOY, Dan’s mother ended Dan’s engagement with Hyun Bin (can’t remember his name in the drama) because Dan had a man she loved, who “loved her more than his own life.” This is what DH also has, so that’s got to be mum problem over. HK sacrificed himself because he knew DH would never get over it if JH died because he was still messed up over their relationship. HK is the greatest. No wonder NE is still hung up on him!
  9. I think I’m going to skip this episode too. I’ll just watch it at the end once they give us the sweet scenes again. In the preview, it’s still HK giving DH a hug, she’s not doing any of the pursuing. I’m getting really tired of it as I feel like HK is giving out so much and getting nothing back and it’s unrealistic he’d go back for more rejection and or standoffishness. We know what DH is thinking, he doesn’t, so for him it’s just rejection piled on rejection. She’s much colder than at the beginning of the series. (Although I admit haven’t seen the latest episode, it just seems like it). I know this is an unpopular view, but I still feel like DH doesn’t deserve HK. She doesn’t ever consider his feelings. Anyone who has ever had a messy relationship may know they have issues, but you should still able to be considerate to your new partner. HK has very deep feelings for her, and she knows he took a leap of faith on her, does this even factor into her thoughts?? Since this is about healing and eating, couldn’t we have had more of our couple healing each other and eating? It would have been nice if they remained oblivious for longer and it would have kept this awkwardness to a minimum.
  10. Yeah! I’m so happy she made herself very clear to JH, and there are no more misunderstandings. I really worried they might make DH think HK was being aggressive and threatening JH. Urgh, spoke too soon. I hate that DH needs to hurt HK unnecessarily to sort her headspace out. She couldn’t have just said I need some time??
  11. I really liked the 1st prince, so I’m sad that he won’t be in EL3! He genuinely loved Tan Er, and Tan Er loved him, it was such a sad story. I just wanted to see him happy! Sigh. If anyone wants to check him out as a male lead he’s in Fall in Love (it’s on YouTube), and I really enjoyed him in that. He’s very charismatic and fully deserves to be ML.
  12. That was beautiful. In my haze of disappointment I almost forgot how meaningful their meetings at the beginning of their relationship were - how easily they spoke to the other, the comfort they found in the other person, and the way they started to seek the other out, showing they were subconsciously missing each other. The scenes where their eyes meet are my favourites. On the bridge, when HK gives her his the business card, and the scene where HK shows up at 2N Box. Sigh, it started so well, the pace was good and their meetings were relaxed, DH was confident and quirky, HK was finding his happiness when they were together. It was so sweet when it was just them. Now I have the anxiety of expecting NE or JH to sour the mood all the time. I feel like DH and HK are now both so miserable and they’re not relaxed together. I know it’s a kdrama, but usually it’s external forces that cause trouble and it reinforces the feelings the leads have for one another. In this case it’s not actually an external force, because DH and HK could deal with JH together, what’s ruining their relationship is DH’s lying and her unstable emotional state. In making her so unstable I don’t know how they will progress the relationship. If she’s vulnerable and not thinking right they’re big no-no’s as far as being in a relationship is concerned. I don’t even really want to see HK fix it because their relationship should be boyfriend/girlfriend, not patient/psychiatrist. I miss you early episodes!
  13. I feel like this was actually part of his appeal, that he appeared snobbish but actually wasn’t. He just needed someone like DH to tell it to him straight - like the way he was a bit of a square at the sushi restaurant, giving a lecture to DH about food. They’re really not flaws, sort of ways to endear us to how complementary their relationship is. Being selfish or a liar, are more the type of flaws I was talking about. I meant it in the colloquial sense that you say someone is ‘saintly’ if they’re too kind, or good. I doubt someone genuinely monk like would be that attractive to so many fans! His relationship with Liu Yi Fei (the Mulan actress) is definitely a plus point for me. They both didn’t speak the others language, or live/work in the same country, so I think it must have taken a big effort for the both of them. Got to love a man who makes the effort!
  14. Ahahaha, I totally get this. The character seems based on SSH, who is so saintly, and our reactions in part are to do with how perfect we think SSH is. The writer is obviously some SSH fan too, can’t bear to write him with any flaws.
  15. You’ve just voiced my fears! I do think they’ve made DH way too distant from HK and too frozen in her past relationship to have her suddenly realise she loves HK, so maybe a time jump might be what they have in mind. Uurrrggghhh!! The meeting each other by chance, staring at each other, the warm understanding smile, and then the credits. My worst nightmare
  16. HK’s mum was a good storyline. I enjoyed the backstory scenes as they really explained why HK acts like he does. The writers did well to show the hurt she caused him. As a whole, the storyline was natural and not forced. I enjoyed HK and mum scenes together and HK mum’s behaviour, while pushy, was not overbearing. But I felt this storyline had been pushed to the background in favour of forced scenes with the scheming exes. I think HK’s mum‘s storyline will come back, but it’s a bit late. They should have focussed on this as HK’s backstory, rather than unnecessary NE scenes (sitting on a PLP massage chair or having rubbish confrontations). To be fair to JH, his scenes are important, and it makes sense why he acts like that if he has a mental illness. NE is the inexplicable one, she literally just hounds the couple all the time (shouldn’t she focus on her business?), her character is 2 dimensional. To HK, she’s an ex he’s done with. Nothing unresolved, so why the writers have pushed her storyline is annoying unknown. In a similar vein they could have spent more time on DH’s family background. Her family background is just explained in a few dotted about scenes, and we’re meant to fill it in ourselves how it affects her. Now it seems her mum is just being pulled out to fulfill the predictable and overdone parental obstacle to the main relationship. Why is an extra obstacle even necessary??? This is what is really bothering me. I’m so disappointed with DH to the point I feel like she’s not good enough for HK now. She has betrayed him, and not for any reason like saving his life (proper noble idiocy), she has just done it out of a lack of consideration and it shows such disrespect for their relationship and him that it makes me mad. The writers have really misjudged this, I hope knetizens are pointing this out. DH needs to do nothing short of a miracle if she’s going to turn this around for me.
  17. I second everything @thistle said. Seriously unhappy with DH. You don’t have any reason to lie to HK. He takes great effort to be open and honest to her and she just throws it in his face. They should be dealing with everything together. If this was anyone other than SSH and SJH I’d be done with the FL. She’s just as selfish as the exes, not thinking of the other person’s feelings, not really treating a couple as a team with equal input. I’m going to hit pause on watching this week’s episodes too. I really hope DH really redeems herself. Haven’t absorbed all of the recaps, so I’m hoping she’s breaking up with HK to save him from having his career destroyed by JH or something. Also grateful for the great recaps @celebrianna
  18. Watching episode 11 now and @ NE and DH’s mum. I know we all dislike JH, but props to Lee Ji Hoon for making him so believable. As someone mentioned earlier, his creepiness is not obvious, and people who know him tend to like him. It’s this shrewdness of character, and control of his actions, which makes him quite terrifying. I think he’s quite calculating and clever.
  19. I’ve only watched the clips, but is it ok to say I’m a little disappointed at how passive DH seems in the kiss? I feel like a lot of kdramas have moved beyond the woman just being the kiss recipient, but she seemed to just stand there and move her lips to receive the kiss? I wanted her to hold him closer to her. Maybe she grabbed the front of his shirt? I was trying to zoom in on the Twitter clip on my phone but it just got grainier! Haha. I’m just super eager not to miss details! I will double check the scene on the ipad later I will probably feel different with the whole thing in context. You’d think I’d watched enough kdramas to keep my expectations low! I just wish we saw more ‘rarrrr’ from both of them. If you know what I mean. I’m not prone to shipping, but I have to say I love their BTS, I think they are very sweet together! @ednamode101 I totally love Sora’s ASMR show, haha. She looks like she’s having a blast. She’s probably as big a star as NE, but NE is really stuck up like she’s some goddess guru, while Sora just acts down to earth and like part of the 2N Box team.
  20. Is it more likely that JH has hired someone else to be the intruder and to frame Keanu? He is from a rich family, after all. People don’t trust homeless people, so the police would just draw the simplest conclusion. JH is probably going to use it to get rid of Keanu. I am frustrated that Keanu and HK aren’t telling DH about JH’s mental illness. You are allowed to breach patient confidentiality if somebody is in danger. But I guess if it is necessary for plot development, I can bear it. Also, it will probably link to the first episode where we are introduced to KHK and he was chasing down a dangerous patient in the street. Action hero psychiatrist! That’s why he has to keep that body in shape
  21. Just saw the preview, it makes me nervous. Why is DH so sad? What more could NE have to say to her? They are so over NE, surely she’s irrelevant? I was hopeful NE’s story had concluded today, but I guess not
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