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  1. I am late to the party. I started watching this drama yesterday .. and I am already on ep6 when he tore up that contract and his hyung was mad at him and kept hitting him. Ngl, I felt scared that he mightve killed his mom while he was angry that day. I hope I am wrong because that would be totally messed up. Oh and on ep5 when he kicked her out of his house and gave her money. I felt my heart ache for her. I am not saying she is insane/ a patient but she is really different. Just like he said. Many ppl told me that the other half of the drama isn't go
  2. Idk if this was posted before but lmaooo. They are sooooo funny. WSY has no chance at all Princess and HD all the waaaay .. A lovely soul translated it in the comments... In Happy Camp he introduced his role as HD love rival. I guess bc LY liked him before getting interested in HD. Anyway, I think SY himself is more into CG Honestly he has no chance with neither of them lol
  3. Oh and I am starting to like the princess (ZLS) with Haodu The drama is addictive. I am already on ep 10 now ... With every episode I wish this has happy ending....
  4. I am on ep6 and I love it so far. I don't usually watch this type of dramas because I am always afraid they have sad endings I love the actors/actresses in here too.
  5. Love it love it looooove it. I think it was a good drama. XK and MK are definitely one of my fav drama couple. The way they communicate and understand each other is ...
  6. I don't know if I should watch today's new episodes or wait till next week to watch all final episodes together
  7. Sorry. I didn't know that. I try to stay away from large toxic fandom/shippers and I try to enjoy and discuss drama events in a peaceful way. I made it clear that I am not into this genres of dramas but I am happy for its success because I like Simon.
  8. @nonski I am rewatching older episodes too. I love to go back and pay closer attention to details haha. I am extremely satisfied with how there are few kisses here. Their hugs were better. Not saying the kisses were bad but I love their hugs more tbh. And they were not just putting hands around each other, they had sweet hugs. Idk how to explain but I am happy they were put together for the drama. I heard about BJT before but I didn't know he was so popular. He has over 28.8mil followers on Weibo and he actually looks waaaay better with longer hair. I think he had to cu
  9. Oh true. It was one of LIS's weak points. I skipped every 2nd leads moments even more skipping when I rewatch it. Haha
  10. @pad-hariI think her outfits cost half of the drama budget lol. Doesn't she just looks sooo gorgeous ????
  11. I am soooooo addicted to this drama. Waiting for new episodes is truly a torture... I loved how they met in first episode. How he gently tried to calm her down in such a hard situation. I think the earthquake scenes were interesting , and how they all co-operate together .... and i don't easily cry with dramas but when he confessed when they were stuck down there, I had tears in my eyes. He is such a good man. It is IMO more realistic in showing their jobs than DOTS. Their chemistry is amazing and they are supportive of each other and
  12. I am watching this right now at ep8. I am so mesmerised by the beautiful sceneries in the drama. I love both leads and I can't wait to know how the story will unfold later. The ending theme song is so good too.
  13. Is this the new Untamed? Lol. Seems to be so popular right now. Both internationally and in China too. I am not into those type of dramas but I am extremely happy for its success because I like Simon so much. Glad he found such success. I mean, with his gorgeous face, I knew he wouldn't stay unpopular for a long time haha.
  14. The second male lead and the girl who loves the male lead are a turn-off. I mean, the guy is old enough to marry, if he wants to be with you he would've done that long time ago. She could've tried to confess to him or test his feelings towards her. Why do they always make love rival girls so evil? And 2nd male lead is such a stalker in Paris. I don't like his behaviour. Maybe because its different from my culture? Do they always chase girls like that in Chinese culture?
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