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  1. I didn't understand the whole text, because i don't know all the characters and the text it's written using traditional characters, but it's from the drama, the last scenes, when they are all together. The last 2 lines are exactly like in the drama: FengJiu (鳯九) tells Donghua (東華) that for eternity (生生世世) he will he hers, and then Bai Gungun tells them that they will be forever his.
  2. Good luck! I also decided to go to university to study Chinese, for the same reasons as you and because i love chinese culture. I can't wait for the day when i will be able to read by myself all the chinese novels i can't read right now, because they are not translated in English, and watch dramas without having to wait for the subs. It's a long way ahead of us, but we will succed!
  3. Can't believe the drama has ended...what a journey it was. There were a lot of things i enjoyed, some parts were better done than in the book, in my opinion, i am glad they followed the book so closely, but i don't know..something was missing, and i can't figure it what. That mortal arc was extremely boring and there were some parts towards the final were i found myself checking the phone or doing something else, instead of watching the drama. Is ELOD better than TMOPB? I don't think so, in my opinion, and certainly it's not better than the book.TMOPB had that extra something, that kept you wanting to watch more and more, like someone said before. But now that it has finished i have the impression that it's also the end of this genre of dramas. I don't know if there is still a lot of interest in creating good xianxia dramas anymore. I hope i am wrong..i really hope so. We will see what the future brings..i am still waiting for that drama that will take the nr. 1 spot from TMOPB in my heart. It was a nice journey, girls! Thanks for everyone that participated here on this forum for such a long time
  4. Long time no see ipohtown! what a long journey it was indeed, and what a beautiful story we discovered! Proud to take part with you all, for such a long time, on such an amazing forum!
  5. @orenji_neko @midnight_muse @Sisca_TVXQ How are youuuuu, girls? I miss the old gang. I only see around here @jimmylyne last year, around this time, we were discussing here the novel, feeling so anxious and waiting for the time to pass more quickly. Now the long awaited drama has finished and i became a bit melancholic....I hope everyone is fine and healthy! i wanted to say hi to you all!
  6. I think they will release it..they did this with The Untamed and Goodbye my princess, so i am confident! On another note, don't you think the drama was written by different scriptwriters and shot by 2 directors at least? The mortal arc seems like it was added after they finished filming everything else, when they run completely out of money, and written by a different scriptwriter, in comparison to Fanyin valley @ Aranya's dream arcs, which are a feast for the eyes. Also, the style of directing some scenes is different from arc to arc. For example one of the directors is very good in directing war scenes (mortal arc has some very good war scenes), the other one not so much. Even the style of filming is different sometimes.
  7. 东华 is Dijun's name 东 (dong, first tone) means "east". 华 (hua, second tone) means, like you said, "brilliance, greatness"
  8. Girls, have you realised how emotionally invested we are in this story, both book and drama? I have just finished Fanyin Valley arc, I am 2 eps into Aranya's dream arc and i had to stop, because the emotions overwhelmed me. Chen Ye (or rather Shen Ye) and Aranya's story is sooo sad...and when i think of all that sadness that will come, i just can't..i have to take a break. Fanyin valley arc was sooo well done, in comparison to that stupid mortal arc. It's my favourite till now What i will do when i finish the drama....
  9. True! You are absolutely right! In TMOPB i could see sometimes his black hair underneath the wig, but not here. It was really made for him
  10. I keep wondering who was the artistic director of this drama...why, like why, choose that combination of colours and materials? they should have borrowed the costumes from TMOPB honestly and recycle them..i think nobody would have had something to say. At least not me. Ok, i can ignore the cheap and plastic-ish jewellery, but those clothes are killing me... (sorry for changing the topic, girls, but i had to vent out my frustrations )
  11. I feel youuuuuu..i am counting here the episodes till the end of the mortal arc damn, still a long way to go
  12. Currently I am at ep. 11. I don't want to be mean, but it's obviously they made this mortal arc and extended it so much, as an agreement for the copyrights. But, but....why make it soo obvious? Like, praising Ji Heng all the ep. on how gorgeous she is, how everybody is an aw when they see her...come on, our FJ is so much prettier. I don't want to say that JH is not pretty, but idk, everything seems so forced Hope i will end this mortal arc soon, because i am starting to get bored..
  13. Hi, girls I started yesterday to binge the drama. I am now at ep 9. Overall, I do enjoy it, but there are some things i don't like. 1. The fact that FJ met DH while she was working as a maid. 2. The costumes look so cheap sometimes, and the choice of colors is terrible. The fake wedding of DH & JH had horrible costumes, Chen Yu is also dressed in a cheap dress etc. 3. I don't like what happend to Ji Heng...why all that drama with losing the memory? Too many telenovela tropes. Why they complicated the things? What i like: 1. FJ is absolutely adorable 2. I prefer this version of DH. He is a way more interesting character than in TMOPB. 3. All the demon lords are sexy af Starting the mortal arc now...i wonder how it will be
  14. How cute you are! after u finish the drama you have to make a review here I am looking forward to read it. Meanwhile, I was doing a mental calculation, when i should start watching the drama, considering they air the final 2 eps on thursday, so that when i start watching, not to finish before thursday first world problems, i know