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  1. Finally some good news after such a long time! Uhuuuu thank you Sisca_TVXQ you made our day! Imagine...if we get so happy with this, imagine how it will be when we will get the trailer! OMG!!
  2. This is what google translations is saying to me: "love deep, the pillow is not complete. Tencent Video VIP #520 Love's official announcement day #勇勇说爱爱!". Boring...it's not like we were expecting the drama to be ready now. What a disappointment! At least they should have posted a picture of Zheyan or Liansong, if they didn't want to post a couple photo..meh
  3. I absolutely agree with you. The director is one of the best and i trust her decision in choosing Chang Chen. She knows what she is doing. Imagine how good the script must be, if Chen agreed to join the project. And honestly, how a god of war, old of thousands of years is supposed to look like, if not like Chen?
  4. OMG, OMG i think it's true . as you said, no trailer, no news, nothing new recently, which is very suspicious. I definitely remember that previously, on the Tencent account, the date was 2019. I can swear! For sure they will air it in 2020. The people are looking forward to this. I am sure they moved this because of Love and Destiny...so that LAD will not steal all the spotlight. Girl, what are we going to do?
  5. https://v.qq.com/detail/v/vooy2m9hi5p1jqm.html Now i realize this is the official Tencent account for Pillow book, the one midnight_muse posted before. Soooo, I think it's a great chance for this to be true, that they moved the releasing date to 2020. It's the official account in the end and Pillow book is produced by Tencent
  6. Yeees, indeed. Now that i'm thinking about, Sesshomaru looks really similar to Dijun. Same white hair, same elegance, but different personality...and his relationship with Kagura was so sad. It wasn't even a relationship, but anyway. I remember Sesshomaru was one of my favorite anime characters ever Now when I am older, he was replaced with a chinese god with the same color of hair
  7. If you want to familiarise yourself with the actors, you could watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Brotherhood of Blades, for Chang Chen and Rise of the phoenixes, for Nini. These 2 movies and drama are amazing projects
  8. Let's hope Viki will pick it up. I am spamming that request form of viki every day I am also waiting for subs, like you do, and I usually start the drama when almost all episodes are subbed....terrible to wait so long. Someone suggested in a comment that chinese drama producers should hire foreign language students to sub the dramas in english, while in postproduction, which is an amazing idea
  9. Chang Chen is a God in chinese movie industry. He is known in Hollywood also and has a lot of quality projects under his belt. He worked with the best movie directors in China. He made himself known in Crouching tiger hidden dragon, which is an epic masterpiece. He is my favorite chinese actor and a very, very good one. Buuut, let's be optimistic about our Pillow book. Maybe Vengo it's not so talented as an actor as Chang Chen, but at least he is more handsome
  10. hmmm...on douban they didn't change the airing time to 2020, so I don't think it's true. Anyway, the information on these sites can be edited by anyone, so it's not too relevant. If we could check the timetable on tencent, to confirm the approximate airing date remains the same it would be great, but unfortunately i never could do that i think for this you need to have an account on tencent. The only reason i can think of now, in case this information it's true and they really changed the airing date to 2020, would be the airing of Love and destiny in the 4th quarter, so they want to avoid airing the dramas at the same time. Ooor, it could be that the producers knew from the beginning about Love and destiny, before we found out, and that's why they settled the airing date to the 4th quarter, when they could have chosen to air the drama in the summer, when usually the audiences are high. If this is the case, then Love and destiny will air in the summer and Pillow book in autumn/winter. Anyway, this is only suppositions. we can only wait and see. What do you think?
  11. All the articles I found on the internet about Love and Destiny are saying the airing date for this drama is 7 november. If this is true, then is terrible, considering Pillow book it's supposed to air at that time. Imagine...to have 2 dramas of such a caliber airing at the same time I think though that Love and destiny will air sooner, maybe in 1-2 months. Croton is usually releasing trailers, teasers etc.very close to the airing date. At least this is what they did with Rise of the phoenixes and TMOPB. Imagine what a competition is now between the 2 dramas. Me personally I am looking forward to both of the dramas and I will not compare them.
  12. I watched a taiwanese drama with him called Bromance. He was very handsome there and he is a good actor, so I think you will like him. Can you imagine he is 41? He looks waay younger. In comparison to him, Chang Chen (the ML from Love and Destiny) looks older, but in fact they have the same age. Taiwan gave us a lot of good actors
  13. Amazing!!! I think this will be epic! I don't like that a lot of netizens say Chang Chen is too old, ugly, doesn't fit in the decorum etc., but for me he is the perfect choice for this role. Considering he chooses only quality projects, I am sure Love and destiny will not disappoint.
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