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  1. There are plenty of dramas out there which I don't mention by name but actresses are 10 to 12 years older than actors and even married but audiences look at them as the portrayal of the characters and praise them. I don't understand the sensitivity of the knetz or some audiences toward the OTP's of this drama.
  2. @stroppyse; I have a question from you please let me know why KYS has not a single photo of KYJ in his ig? Is it normal ? I have been into korean drama since 2009 and I have never seen such a thing. Mostly actors post their photos to promote their drama in a professional way. At least KYJ has few of them posted with others and one with KYS. From btws I assume OTPs are in a good term. KYS also mentioned in his interview that he is a fan one KYJ.
  3. I think the grandpa gonna turn out to be a cool and nice character, and mostly misunderstood.
  4. Maybe this is much better as she does not know who is he. YJ told him when she promised to marry him as a child " you have to marry someone you love" then now she is dating him without any feeling of obligation from the past and she loves him as he is; and not for him being her savior.
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