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  1. Have u seen new video of vengo with Figaro magazine. There was new sugar, apple on the head. Upcoming episode of Reba"s drama, shooting arrow with apple on her head. Vengo supports Reba in a cute way. I like that he never stopped claiming her here and there whenever he got the chance regardless of all pressure public has on them.
  2. I really like the Long Ballad drama, it is rich in production and actors . I also like the main male lead. It's my first drama seeing him as an actor and his acting is very good . Besides, I saw their livestream and to me it looked friendly not flirty. The young boy is very cute and I agree Reba feels comfortable around him since he is professional at the same time. The drama gets attention and more audience gradually.
  3. It's all the matter of time. Every body needs time to cool down and accept and Reba and vengo know that. Even they both need more time as Reba 28 and few more year before to get married has to focus on her career, as for vengo which his popularity is growing rapidly. They don't seem to want to rush things now, while they are enjoying this chapter of their life they wait things get smooth . To me if I get the hints properly, they started dating 2013 March, engaged 2018, and might even got married this year secretly ( registered) as vengo looks very protective and stands strong to keep R
  4. They look like married couple , not even engaged to me more look like they secretly got married this year. Specially from Vengo side after Eternal love of dream, He displaces a mature man and has different aura. Now, almost everybody in the entertainment circle when the get the chance tease him about Reba. You remember go fighting when denglun asked Reba to advise Ms. XXXX who is getting married and his husband to be during corona lock down got fat, sounds weird and Vengo posted on Weibo he is not fat, and of course he gained weight we can see his round face ( now, lost few pounds) . How open
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