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  1. Yes..the real Xize(Lord Xixe from Dreamverse aka Aranya Dream)play by another actor whose live in seclusion area Mount Qinan and freezed by Donghua's magic. The reason I said Vengo play 4 characters (Donghua. ChenYe .Crown prince .and Xixe) was bc Donghua steal/borrowed Xixe identity to lives amongst Biniyiaos as Lord Xize so that he can taking care of Fengjiu's soul which he mistakenly believes that Fengjiu's soul was inside Junuo's womb..
  2. I think you are right..side couple most probably would be Liansong /ChengYu IF not ChenYe/Aranya bc in the book ChenYe/Aranya was one of the main stories beside DongFeng. As for the screen/scripts I have high hopes bc TangQi an Author of Pillow Book herself was one of the script writers in this drama..
  3. Vengo play 4 characters as Crown prince, Chen Ye, Donghua and there's also Xize Reba as Crown princess , Aranya, Fengjiu..I think it really interesting bc I wanted to know Vengo/Reba's credibility to play every each characters . @midnight_museI feel so relief Vengo play all characters since Reba also play all the characters especially Aranya bc I didn't want to or have to watch lovey dovey scenes between Donghua and Aranya who isn't Reba..
  4. Hello to All DongFeng's fans ^wave^ After watched a few videos clips of L&D ..I kinda agreed with @midnight_muse it is really look good especially CGI. Not familiar with the main leads tho.. since I only recognize Chinese actors if they're Reba's co-star.. @rapo65 Definitely Agreed..Pillow Book will have a better story ...being bias here..place high expectations on TangQi the author and also script writer. As for L&D Maybe I will take a look first..maybe not so much into love story .depends on how good the chemistry ...I will focus on martial arts how powerful the Male leads .since his nickname was "God of war" so I can compare it with Former "Master of the Universe" Donghua Dijun Been watched a few CDrama which is less love story but more to martial arts such as Fight Breaks sephere .Heavenly sword slaying dragon saber. The Untamed (on going).
  5. In actual time yes very minimal appearances but if combined with FJ's flashback/memories ...Zheyan got guite a few in the book. As for the plot, I'm not sure what's to say..anxious? ..just hopefully it didn't change too much..since Tang qi herself directly involved as one of the script writers I kind of felt relieved..I was a little bit bothered by Mortal orc( which is totally NOT in the book for DH''s character) unless he was Dreaming while recuperating in his hundreds yrs sleep. My thoughts for now.."this is DongFeng couple that I love so much and Vengo/Reba that I'm so in love with ..their chemistry..so I might be will be still enjoyed this drama"..
  6. Indeed..he does look good here..just watched him in Fight Breaks sphere bc I wanted to see his acting..which is guite good and fun.
  7. One of my favourite part as well Two walking encyclopedias in Heaven Donghua Dijun and Lord Siming Donghua known a Walking Buddhist Manual while..Siming..Walking Bagua Manual aka gossip monger I love Siming character..one of FJ's good friend like a brother..very caring and also a saviour.
  8. These conversation between FJ and Liansong got me...LOL'ing.. "Although the bet is guite fair, thinking of your situation, I'll probably win". He(Liansong) tapped his fan and said " Actually, it may not be very good if I win. If I eat your sweet and sour fish, with Donghua's jealously, it's be strange if he didn't make me spit it all back out" ps : I love jealously DH
  9. Love your recommendation/suggestions..as for the cure " only time will tell"
  10. I feel you sister..I really do...the excitement the wonderful feeling..I remember when I know that Vengo/Reba reprises their roles as DongFeng couple..it was like "over the moon" kind of feeling. DongFeng-itis we have been "infected".
  11. Because..come on ...I am easily imagined how wonderful DongFeng in the book..and for me to get to watch my favourite couple DongFeng ( Vengo/Reba) on my HP screen would be blessed since I been waiting for This drama like...forever..
  12. @rapo65 @Sisca_TVXQ @midnight_muse I'm also binge watcher..and for this drama I will do as follows: 1:Live Streaming ( anyone pls do tell or share the links... Very much appreciated) 2:Watch it Raw( once or more while waiting for subbed) 3: watching it multiple time once it was subbed
  13. @ivanice hello! Welcome on board! *wave* @midnight_muse IKR..it's awesome if it true and agreed on 4th quarter bc most likely the productions was more prepared on whatever's involved such as Dubbing..CGI..etc etc...for better impacts. let us..just wait and see.
  14. @rapo65 To be frankly..most of my Favourite in Aranya Dreamverse was involved "sexy sensual time" like..their first kiss in the cave most precisely Donghua kiss Fengjiu and Fengjiu just reciprocated..Donghua was overwhelmingly happy because Fengjiu's spirit/soul returns to her own body a awhile in Aranya body... Ps : Actually their first kiss was ..when blindfolded Fengjiu's fell on top of Donghua...then she bite his lips I love your favourite list...all of them was also my favourite...enjoyed Fulings flower at night...Maiden festival.. the kissing part..Donghua's still blame the water serpent poison...for his "head over heels" attitudes...poor our naive adorable Fengjiu.. The scenes when Dijun dropped a bowl of medicine...Fengjiu's cry her heart out until she exhausted and sleep...the scene I really looking forward...sadly heartbreaking. Thank you so much for your explanations about Chen Ye cases.. I can't believe I miss the most important part...look like i have to read Aranya Dream parts again for the third actually since the first time I read PB2 I mostly skipped the parts. And how i wish my English was better...Memorial..such a huge definition. So ..after its was clearly Aranya took her own life even give up on reincarnation because she felt betrayed.. A big sigh here....how can she make such a reckless decision?? She should live longer to help ChenYe to get whatever's he wants...that's was her life are meant to be...tsk..tsk so much for.. "She might not have been for love in this lifetime. You were what she had Fought for." Aranya's grievance was so deep...her desperation..despair..eating her heart out..felt betrayed..and at end she betrayed herself by taking her own life and leaving ChenYe.. "No matter how generous she was , she couldn't bear it after all." Unfolded misunderstanding till the end..blame it on her terribly heartless mother( Qinghua) what's a shitty mother...
  15. If that the case..soo OK with it because Aranya/Chen Ye in their own world ...three hundreds yrs ago...was totally different. Different time, different world, different story. Ang also We know the current Queen in Fanyin Valley was Junuo and her son is Meng Shao one of Fengjiu good friends but How come we didn't get to see Chen Ye in the Fanyin Valley and why Donghua did not meet him everytime Donghua visits with purpose to deal with Miaoluo..did he was in Aranya Dreamverse all the time ..the world he's created to collect Aranya life essence? Come to think of it If Fengjiu didn't trapped inside Aranya Dream we were deemed to...not knowing about Donghua/ Fengjiu's shadow..especially Donghua himself..Zhonglin likely not remember because he and elder Yunzhuang was taking a sedative or anesthetics something of some sort...after he ask elder Yunzhuang to do the deed. Fengjiu's arts...OMG...super cute
  16. Donghua corrections spell already covered that part @Sisca_TVXQfor me it's a good thing that Chen Ye and Aranya play by Vengo/Reba( more precisely Donghua/Fengjiu) Because.. If Aranya played by another actress we have to see the part where Donghua almost making out part where Aranya's sisters gave Aranya.. (Fengjiu's soul in Aranya body...mean another woman body)...an ecstasy pill with hope they can slander her sleep/cheating with her teacher Su moye)...and we also have to see lovey dovey Donghua and Aranya( who was not Reba) or they slept together eventhough nothing happened..thanks to Donghua's self control..for me it's kind of disturbing just to imagined it...have to see all of that...right. One if the thing I loved about DongFeng because their love was solely theirs....."first" in everything. Comparison in TMOPB drama( I didn't read the book) YeHua wasn't BaiQian first love..it's was Li jing( wasn't it)sorry if I was wrong. @Sisca_TVXQ I wish there's another drama for ChenYe/Aranya , their reincarnation and love story..and Vengo/ Reba play the roles. @euphoenix @rapo65 thanks for the recommendation (AOL) PS: I was way..tooooo.. much posts /comments already ...sorry about that..hopefully you guys not feeling bored , mifted or something.. @chubby^green^ @redfoxprincess How are you..?
  17. From my perception Aranya was also love Chen ye..she was deeply cared. Page 324 Lord Xixe told Chen Ye : Qinghua showed your memorial to her. Before heading to the battlefield at sxi' xing she said she might not have been for love in this lifetime. You were what she had fought for. Even if she had with you was only illusory, she was fine with it. She just didn't expect you to hate her so much. No matter how generous she was , she couldn't bear it after all. When Qinghua showed Aranya supposedly ChenYe's memorial( someone who died in war)..Aranya thoughts that Chen Ye was dead already. One of the reason why Aranya sacrificed herself..just like Chen Ye did when he know Aranya was dead. What a tragic...indeed...so much unfolded...misunderstanding.
  18. 1)Yes..everyone in Aranya Dream includes Su Moye, Fengjiu/Aranya and also ChenYe sees Donghua's face as Xixe. Su Moye and Fengjiu forgot how Dijun looked due to the glitches when they entered the dream. 2)Same face different appearance. Since ChenYe was also effected by Donghua's correction spell..its was supposedly Donghua should be thinking why they were lookalikes. Donghua's reasons : Too lazy.. Excerptions from PB2 page 332... "When he first entered this world, Donghua never actually thought than Chen Ye could be his shadow, there had been time when he felt the the Archmage's breath was somewhat familiar."
  19. Donghua used Corrections spell....replace Biyinios's ( People in Aranya Dreamverse) memories of Xixe appearance with his own.
  20. The first time I read PB 2 I was mostly skip Aranya Dreamverse part because I was thinking " This is so confusing!"... but when I read it again.. it's was confusingly intrigued and interesting yet so tragically heartbreaking. Aranya Dream existed because of Chen Ye determination and desperation wanted to be with Aranya again..collecting her life essence to be used a Jiepo lantern to recreate another soul for Aranya ( Chen Ye even placed Aranya life essence into Fengjiu's body) but at the end still pointless because Aranya's origin was from a shadow. What a tragic..indeed Yes..according to book or according to Zhonglin to be precise..Donghua didn't go to mortal realm.. So its save to say that Mortal orc in the drama would be a "made up" or an additional story by the productions/script writters. On the side note...I am glad the Mortal orc was a Crown prince/Princess consort and NOT the Emperor who are deemed to have so many wives as in TMOPB...eventhough we know Fengjiu did become a concubine to the Emperor but they never consummated ( thanks to Fengjiu, she pretends attracted to the queen instead). Really anxious about this bc in the leaks video we know Jiheng most likely also involved..and then we got to see another version of Su Jin character. Ps: You are right there's no way the mortal orc is Aranya/Chen ye ..the timeline was farfetched.. Somehow I find "Siming's book of fates"..was guite confusing.
  21. Good day to all DongFeng lover.. Since we still on topics regarding Mortal realm or Mortal orc..I would like to share a few excerptions that was seemed to be most likely can be a guesstimate. Xie Guchou( Lord of underworld -in charge of reincarnation): " A few yrs ago I heard, because Dijun had wanted to understand of the eight bitterness of a human life, he had sought to join the mortal realm. Although according to Siming book of fates, Dijun won't be reincarnation to mortal realm until thirty yrs later. However during his retreat, he had ordered elder Yunzhuag to create a soul from his shadow and send it to mortal world for some experience. (which later we know it was Zhonglin doing Chen Ye was existed and also Zhonglin mentioned that the story about Donghua reincarnated into mortal was a fabricated only) Fengjiu also ask Xie Guchuo to make a soul of of her shadow and let it reborn where Donghua's shadow is..hopefully that her shadow can properly do a repayment..save him whenever he is in danger, help him get whatever he wants. Fengjiu : " if it's still unsuccessfull this time , I'll go and beg Siming when that time comes, I will ask where Dijun has reincarnated to, on thirty years time I see him again, I believe I won't be as useless as I am now" I remember when Chen Ye submerged into the lake to be with Aranya body, Donghua has sealed both Aranya and Chen Ye souls into a tree and ask Lord Xixe to be planted in Taichen palace's garden with hope after a millions yrs later Aranya and Chen Ye will reborn and will be fate together..( by right both Aranya/Chen ye can't be reborn since their were born from a shadow) but Dijun was a master of his own rules so... Just a random guess: could it be a mortal realm Crown prince and Princess consort are Chen Ye/Aranya reincarnations...or could it be Donghua himself really go to mortal world to understand of eight bitterness of human's life as written in Siming's book of fates despite of what's Zhonglin said. @rapo65 I have yet ...to watch AOL and Goodbye Princess..is it good? Or more precisely..happy ending? I really hate sad ending..I remember when watched TMOPB, even it's was happy ending for Yehua/Bai Qian I was so heartbroken with the fate of my fave couple DongFeng( I cursed the scripts writter)..I mean really really painfully heartwrenching...then boom!...Vengo/Reba reprises their role as DongFeng...amends my broken heart...and here I am always happy with this Pillow Books forum..practically my happy place I was quite tempted to watching it(AOL) since the male lead was Reba's co-star in Sweets Dream.
  22. Most definitely..not everyone can maintain youthfulness like Donghua.. It's would be great if Tang Qi has some explanations regarding this matter I was thinking it's was because of the way he lead his life..Donghua always goes in into isolations meditations to do a cultivations...he even have a gold pigments in his blood due to his lifetime cultivated. Improving health, increasing longevity growing powerful can be accomplished by cultivating Qi .Training in martial & mystical arts or even read a book sutras and scriptures ( we know Donghua was a bookworms) can increasing amounts/capacity of refined Qi possessed by a cultivator. Hierarchy...poor Ah Li always confuse how to address Donghua.. When Liansong mentioned that Donghua have to call "that brat Yehua" uncle since he was married to Fengjiu.. And Donghua said he intended to adopt Cheng yu ( Liansong's love interest)so that Liansong will have to call Donghua Father in law. Ps : Qi and Chakras( in Naruto animation) was it the same ? ( i know it was totally out of topic) but if chakras can mantain youthfulness like what Tsunade or Hatake Kakashi's does then I think Qi also can do the same..or was it not?
  23. Good day to you When the leak pic from mortal realm surfaced( in pages 30-ish I think)..there was a lots of exciting discussion here..exciting yet anxious feeling because as we know Donghua was never goes to mortal realm ( as confirmed by Zhonglin Donghua's assistant )..but apparently in the the drama we will see Vengo plays three characters as Donghua, Chen Ye and Crown Prince...and Reba as Fengjiu ,Aranya and Princess Consort...which is very intriguingly interesting since one of the scripts writer was Tang Qi herself. Likewise...Can't wait for this drama to air.....can't say "counting the days" since we don't know a specific date when it will aired/begin but...this phrases "the wait is killing me!!" is certainly accurated.
  24. An excerpts from what the little fish story..the one who accompany Fengjiu watching the fight between Donghua and Master serpent. " Master serpent is a multi-tailed serpent. His tail can regrow 49 time, its always grew back the last 49 time the moment it got cut." My perception was Donghua have to cut off the Master serpent tail 49 times and successfully done..Donghua doesn't even used his magic . Had Donghua used magic ( instead of just with a sword) the fight wouldn't have lasted so long. 2 days duel with Master serpent was indeed a great achievement. And no he wasn't bored..the master serpent was trying to destroy the coffin( Fengjiu's body in it) to get the Divine Essence from the coffin..that the reason why Donghua fight with Master serpent.
  25. @euphoenix @orenji_neko @Rouzmary @Hana Chan Welcome on board!!.. wave!! @rapo65 good to see you here..i recognize you in 3L3W pillow book mydramalist forum.. @euphoenix just wanted to share my thoughts about your questions regarding Aranya Dreamverse on Dong Hua abilities since he have to leave his fairy energy (essence).. Most of us reader think that Donghua would be helpless or vulnerable in that situation.. An excerpts from the book: "Anyone who entered the dream had to leave his fairy energy one hundred metres outside the dream field. By only using his mortal body could one smoothly enter, otherwise the dream could break"- an explanation from Meng Shao to Liansong. My thoughts on this was maybe because Donghua ORIGIN was different from other deity. Donghua had existed since the time yin and yang separated at the Blue Sea, a true spirit born out of heaven and earth. (even his blood was crimson gold due to his long life time cultivated his age - as old as time) Liansong : " I'm intrigued whether this dream can really trap Donghua, but you are saying that Donghua's magic cannot be cast inside Aranya Dream and he wouldn't have any other way. This, I don't very much agree with. The generals in prehistoric times bowed down to Donghua because he was good at fighting, but for him to sit atop of the world, it's wasn't only due to his almighty magic...but it's was also his brain( intelligentness). He was practically undefeatable/ invincible by anything except maybe A DESTINY.. How can a mere Dream that was created by Chen Ye who was born from his( Donghua) own shadow can beat the almighty..a former Master of the Universe ? No doubt about Donghua's age the description was As Old As Time..so yeah he can be categorized as a great great great grandfather to all of characters in pillow book..but he was also the most charming and powerful deity.
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