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  1. I was referring to Snow Flower (Yuki no Hana) if that's what the Japanese fans claim she sang? But I see how it could get lost in translation in that maybe she sang "Wildflower" after all ... Regardless, her efforts are much appreciated
  2. I think (?) the song is originally Japanese and it went on to be covered by a Korean Artist (PHS). PMY is honestly such a sweetheart for constantly striving to experiment outside of her comfort zone for the sake of her fans. Discussions revolving around her ability to hit the correct pitch, etc., frankly feel irrelevant when it's really her heart that matters I know this has been shared before but imagine stanning a celebrity (queen) so pure and genuine
  3. Kim Jae Wook was just offered the lead role! https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002874513
  4. Ohh, I was under the impression that the true lead was the new museum Director (Ryan Gold?), but I may have misinterpreted .
  5. WOAH. PMY is already considering her next project? A rom-com supposedly???? https://www.soompi.com/article/1273755wpp/park-min-young-considering-offer-star-new-romantic-comedy
  6. I'm really sorry if you felt targeted! This should be a space that allows everyone to safely voice their opinions without the fear of being met with hostility. As a friendly reminder, not everyone ships in the same way, and so someone being more cautious in their approach does not invalidate them as a PPC shipper! I think we can all exercise some more patience with one another - that would encourage everyone to contribute and keep the atmosphere more light-hearted too (Just as a side-note, I hope you didn't take anything too personally! In our earlier days of the forum, some 'antis' masqueraded themselves as shippers and urged everyone to stay 'level-headed', etc., and so I think it might be a conditioned response of a sort to 'protect' the integrity of this forum Hope that made sense!)
  7. I still think /part/ of the 'hovering' had to do with 'manner hands,' (it's especially clear to me when she's pressing his face down to hers near the end and he awkwardly continues to hover, lmao). At the same time, 'seductive' is honestly subjective - I'd personally want my partner to end their hovering at some point and come down to earth eventually, however, we can agree to disagree respectfully . As for the bulldozer part, the 'punishment kiss' and the 'closet kiss' both felt ... (tastefully) aggressive to me? But that might just be what the actual scene required of them, and PMY and PSJ, both being so skilled at their craft, just delivered it so organically (which goes back to your original point about performance ). Although, PSJ didn't realize his hands were ~roaming in the BTS for that 'closet kiss,' (was not in the script or part of the directors' call) so make of that what you will! But I do mostly~ agree in that everything was probably meticulously calculated - having followed PSJ for quite some time now, I understand that he respects his lead's boundaries! I don't think either of them were doing anything that the other party wasn't comfortable with! I'm just trying to communicate that there might've been times that they both went above and beyond what the script asking for (as evidenced in the closet kiss BTS). In fact, we had a discussion about this in the earlier days of this forum about how PMY being comfortable with PSJ's roaming hands spoke volumes about their (budding? ) relationship.
  8. Woah, good catch!!! I remember that Namoo heavily filtered the first batch of interviews that came out for PMY, and so I wonder if they blocked these kind of questions too? I guess it would make sense because of the timing of the dating scandal, but man what a missed opportunity! And that's very fair! I guess I'm just on the fence because there were times when PSJ did 'hover' (for instance, during the bed scene, he made sure not to actually press his body against hers), and other times, when he went full bulldozer mode The 'mixed signals' had me feeling inclined that they were probably lost in their feelings for one another ~
  9. Hmm, that definitely makes sense, but I still have reservations because there's a very distinct culture when it comes to 'korean drama acting.' I think if it was any other entertainment medium, your argument would apply, but I think his actions have to be appraised and contextualized by the culture that they belong to! I remember watching a BTS for some drama a while back and I realized that the main actor wasn't actually cradling the actress' face - he was hovering it just an inch over her face to sell the illusion of intimacy. I was FLOORED LOL. But being the veteran kdrama addict that I am, I've now come to realize that it's expected of the actors to use such 'manner hands' and be extremely cognizant of where and how their bodies overlap. Therefore, PSJ taking small liberties (although subconsciously) is a fairly huge deal (in my humble, thirst-driven opinion ). The following is probably PSJ's internal monologue :
  10. I really didn't think I'd be back here after such a long time but this thread is truly wild I just wanted to chirp in my two cents and remind folks that PMY and PSJ don't owe anyone anything? I myself voted very hard for PMY and PSJ for the APAN awards, and while initial disappointment is warranted, I think accusations and slander of their character (especially PMY's) is not. She did not ask anyone to vote for her, and so she has no obligation to dance to any of our whims. Also, to be frank, a lot of folks voted because they wanted to see PMY x PSJ together - not many were voting out of pure dedication to PMY and PSJ as individual artists. Therefore, I do think it is hypocritical and laughable that folks feel 'betrayed' when their intentions weren't in the right place to begin with. Also, it's totally fair to express your opinion, but to hold individuals to a "SSC" standard and judge them accordingly is wrong and sets yourself up for failure. Phrases like "SSC was able to balance shippers' needs and their own relationship" truly make my head spin because I don't recall personally being in a relationship with PMY and PSJ?? It's not as if the ship is PSJ x PMY x All the Shippers in the entire world, LOL. Their relationship is their own and they own that space and our 'participation' is neither wanted nor needed. Finally, PMY and PSJ are autonomous individuals who are dealing with emotions and circumstances we could not know of. We have insight into like 0.02% of their actual life, and so it bugs me that folks are coming up with their own 'understandings' of why they didn't attend and then acting betrayed based on their own speculations. My point is that we're giving ourselves unnecessary grief by pretending to know everything about PMY and PSJ's circumstances. I would kindly encourage everyone to stop speculating, the bad and the good.There's no point in dwelling on something that we have no actual understanding of - it only makes us look foolish, immature and promotes unfair resentment. I think we can do better as a community Also this gif is very fitting LOL:
  11. ouu, sharp eye LOL! Also friendly reminder, please stop quoting images/gifs in your replies. We've been warned before by the moderators in our earlier days but we could get shut down if we don't stop! Simply remove the pictures/gifs/videos from the quotes in your replies.
  12. Ouu, great idea I've followed both PMY and PSJ for quite some time now, and so naturally I was already inclined to ship these two really attractive, intelligent and talented people!! But the catalyst~ for me was during the beloved ep 8 BTS where PSJ had the AUDACITY to lick his fingers clean off of what was presumably sauce that came from PMY's mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AJSJDNfdffd dfjksdnjnfdjffds I don't know if this is just me overreacting but I still, to THIS DAY, can't watch this clip without furiously blushing. Like that is just so BOLD and provocative and fdffjdgjfdgjdf not appropriate for work, to say the least LOL (even the director was shOOk lmao). At first I thought, 'wow, he really is gutsy', but having followed PSJ for quite some time, I realized that he wouldn't have pulled such a STUNT unless he knew PMY would be ~okay with it, which meant that they obviously had some kind of understanding~ between them (or as the Koreans refer to it, a 'some.') From then on, this ship has been smooth sailing
  13. Yeah! I think this is from when he was in England for a ZioZia photoshoot, just a few days before his trip to Phuket! (Silent lurker here, but I hope to be more active in the coming days. You all are so lovely for keeping this forum updated ) Also, regarding some of the 'hate' he has been getting: As mentioned before, I think we should keep in mind that the comments we're reading from the Knetz (on NetizenBuzz) come from a very specific portal site (called Nate) that is notorious for representing the more irrational/rude/awful/hateful k-netizens and don't represent the opinions of the general netizens even! A better way to gauge the reaction of the general public is to look at Naver, where generally the more ~level-headed people go. I scanned the comments on Naver and they seem to be overwhelmingly positive (sympathetic, even .. saying they're sorry on behalf of the nasty media) or at the very least, neutral So, I would say that we can take a breather and should try to avoid going on NetizenBuzz/Nate, because we're only ever going to find salty people . // also, comments like "your career is over" and "say goodbye to your image" don't mean ANYTHING because the public (not just Korean, but in the West too) has a tendency to forgive/excuse powerful males even when they do illegal/problematic/morally corrupt things (as we all know ). I can't count on my fingers how many male stars have been threatened by k-netizens, only for them to 'bounce back' unscathed. It's really gross In our case, our king, PSJ , hasn't even done anything wrong, so all this ~bashing will subside soon . I was also really concerned with the comments in the beginning too, but I know they don't hold much water. I think we'll see these comments up until PSJ comes out with a new project to meet the public with, so we just need to be a little more patient and avoid the 'hate' until then. Hope that helps calm some of our nerves
  14. I absolutely agree that we need to be careful of what we post, especially regarding speculations, but I also think it's not right to jump down one another's throats so violently. I think we should all try to exercise more patience with one another without assuming that the other person is an anti/getting unreasonably hostile. I think that would encourage other lurkers to contribute too and help keep the atmosphere more light-hearted / chill p.s. this isn't, by any means, directed at you @saved2K !!!!!!!!! Just a general comment towards all members of this forum!! ((p.p.s. if anyone wants to indulge in my pervy (lmao) thoughts that can't be shared on this forum, please slide into my DM!! I am itching to share ~ ))
  15. Yeah! I believe he briefly mentioned it during one of his interviews too. Thank you for your civil reply, I'm sure it's much appreciated by everyone!
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