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  1. Wow this is so unlike you, you used to be the expert and master of discovering something sekseehh , how can u missed it
  2. I just saw that BTS on Instagram , and about to asked if anyone here knows about that gestures, I wonder what that means, cus the editor team put love when she started blowing ..
  3. Idk why, i 100% believe she won’t attend the premiere cuz of the rumor or whatever reason , but then I remembered PSJ once said “nothing is certain in life”, so i was expect not expect to see her walking the red carpet tonight, cuz we never know what gonna happen in the next seconds of our lifes right Anyway i guess didn’t attend is the best way for them, cuz if she attend I’m pretty sure the headlines for the news tomorrow morning will be PPc and not the movie
  4. OMG during the red carpet the fans were screaming like crazy and the MC calls the next guest, i was so surprised cuz I thought the MC said PARK MIN YOUNG , but when the guest walks in, it turned out to be HWANG MIN HYUN not PARK MIN YOUNG Anyway Banso PMY’s buddy who travelled with her last june in LA is also attend the premiere tonight
  5. You guys should see the 3rd slide, i’m not lying his legs are prettier than my face , his skin OmG looks soft and smooth like a baby skin ..
  6. We have MyLog and Record Park’s Uwuwuwuw i think I can see the final destination of this ship now..
  7. Or maybe she just changed her Username, cuz she has 20k+ followers, if me I wouldn’t delete my acc if i have that much followers ohh u’re right @Matilda_Anne she’s the 007 agent, She needs to hide her identity so she updates more bout idol now..
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