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  1. Absolutely right, thru his eyes and actions we can see his love for the woman he cares and loves, and once he talks,everything is clear... a truly gentle man He is our Captain
  2. I personally love the hug when Vp Lee get jealous, and the one when he told miso he will be there no matter what her decision is, his hand was massaging her , it looks so awe. For PMY, i love the one when she was wearing the gown, she really hugged him with both her hand n caressing his back, but we can only see that shortly at the very end .. that’s unusual hug of her to VP Lee..
  3. You forgot about the proposal scene,when VP Lee sang for Miso.. his face was so sweet during that scene,especially when he says “Nae Sarang” (my love) , he was looking at her with eyes full of luv.. please make a gif for that one.. Btw that sofa back hug was juicy spicy mushy, That was win win situation for them, she sat on his lil bro, and he puts his hands on her dangerous area!
  4. Twitter citizens are always funny and they have a lots of unexpected idea.. beside the 63 billions dollar wedding, i also read something funny on Twitter, so somebody is complaining about the 77 minutes that they cut on dvd n blu ray, she said “ Is it because PMY is wearing a Shiseido lipstick back then and now she's not their endorser anymore. We all know that PSJ ate it all so you have nothing to worry.”
  5. Anyway What I believe rn is PSJ n PMY just starting their relationship for just few months now, and taking it slowly .. And In the meantime while observing one another,they are saving money for the 63 billions dollar wedding.... 63 billions dollar wedding, and she is going to wear a 2.3 billion dollar gown which is take 700 hours to make it. that’s what i read on Twitter
  6. I’m too scared to save those yummy videos in my devices. i only have their wedding photos saved in my devices, all the rest are saved on my Instagram, I usually don’t use passcode, but rn i have to use passcode ,because my instagram are full of those videos.. i don’t want my parents find out about their daughter is a pervert..
  7. That was delicious,thank you so much! @twoparkcouple his lower body and his right hand , also when he moved his body , so breathtaking!
  8. I rather enjoy this masterpiece video than fighting over unnecessary things! @quietobserver please prepare this for my late dinner.. add some light and slow it a bit , and also a side of sixpack Thanks
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