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  1. I hear from some of pps, one of pps open group by Phone Number and discuss about pps over there, can you please stop that group? I know you are joint this forum too, i want share your Instagram account here but i think that's no need coz you pretend to be pps and i hear from other pps who join that group not only pps but some of them pretend to be pps, to get some info and make that info to be jokes. Can you stop that group?
  2. Yes the point is, PSJ is demi Kimie Friend they work for some clothing brand and Psj IG stories is V bts New Car, Hyundai Genesis GV80 i saw on pps IG stories you can check it@Lara Mane you are so funny with that convo.
  3. just want to add, so that non-pps is not misunderstood, PSJ won TOP Excellence Awards From WWWSK but ( PMY and PSJ both of them designed to not attend the ceremony) and Cosmo we love cosmo shanghai awards so much
  4. Hahaha just look at PSJ IG for cooling down your worry there is one and only WWWSK co star real Pic not cover ost on his Instagram. don't be so serious, we just enjoyed Appearance VC Lee Young Jun at his Manager wedding day if psj mention wwwsk he will shy and nervous like he did Aura i can feel he is so shy and nervous just look at his face and his ear, but when he is mention his other co star character name it is very visible
  5. Yes i think so, sometimes i think that "free pass" line have different meaning for PPC,maybe free pass for kiss his co star freely , no need to worry his co star feel uncomfortable always Grab her waist during kissing scenes and hold tight her neck Kiss her with smooth and deep. Even if pmy did not tie her hair psj always hold her neck,,all of you know what i mean he is not cover her neck with hair that's so sweet and sensual Mature couple.
  6. now updating on the same day is no longer something interesting because the couple will not do the same thing when many people have noticed.
  7. Not that one ,,i mention to twopark or who is familiar with korean culture cuz on that comment say who is hold on women waist is one of code or sign for ask someone to date with him?
  8. This is not to campare guys,,i ask you who is familiar with korean culture this is true? Why do you think this is to comparison our parkpark with other couple
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