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  1. What is that i read some comment on pmy drama confirm artikel on naver about seo kang joon it's bad comment i don't know if that wrong translate cause sometimes korean translate to english is different meaning.
  2. ah okay, thank you , I forgot to read the profil/bio, just thinking what the caption meant and ask here LOL
  3. No Problem maybe it's Just Me i'll waiting . it's ok i'll be back to visit on next page happy anniversary our Seo Joon
  4. omg this is the first time I don't want to visit this thread because seeing this cover, I hope to open a new page soon and the content is more about other drama. sorry to say, but i'm still happy for 8th anniversary of PSJ
  5. the point is she has been a magazine cover, and she is popular now, doesn't mean she must to be a cover magazine on 2018-2019 to make you not disappointed?
  6. She is not someone who really wants to be popular, she just wants to be a best actress, so it doesn't matter to be a magazine cover model or not
  7. I don't focus on the comparison between HPL and WWWSK, can you catch what I mean? and why are you very interested in receiving my reply? if you compare the story plot and the chemistry is natural, but if you have made a comparison to the individual project such as being a magazine cover and not being a magazine cover, is it a balanced discussion goal? while we know in this thread is a combination of Pmy fans and psj of course.
  8. I told this one conversation, just stop this conversation, and I think by saying the words "how dare you", you are also a very rude person, even though no one can criticize your words?but I'm not criticizing you, I just hope we don't lead to conversations that can make people who will see this thread that we are comparing the popularity of PPC an individually, Just it.
  9. Sorry but you start it first, please don't start a conversation like this, because that will start the comparison, we like ppc not because who's project is bigger and more, so stop starting the conversation that makes people who read this like a comparison. We just need to focus on our ppc chemistry and our delusional and coincidence, I think it's more fun
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