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  1. I don't focus on the comparison between HPL and WWWSK, can you catch what I mean? and why are you very interested in receiving my reply? if you compare the story plot and the chemistry is natural, but if you have made a comparison to the individual project such as being a magazine cover and not being a magazine cover, is it a balanced discussion goal? while we know in this thread is a combination of Pmy fans and psj of course.
  2. I told this one conversation, just stop this conversation, and I think by saying the words "how dare you", you are also a very rude person, even though no one can criticize your words?but I'm not criticizing you, I just hope we don't lead to conversations that can make people who will see this thread that we are comparing the popularity of PPC an individually, Just it.
  3. Sorry but you start it first, please don't start a conversation like this, because that will start the comparison, we like ppc not because who's project is bigger and more, so stop starting the conversation that makes people who read this like a comparison. We just need to focus on our ppc chemistry and our delusional and coincidence, I think it's more fun
  4. Agree, pmy tried to show off to us that her dating rumors with psj is nothing from HPL kissing scene, i can see the diffrent of their kiss. She realy do the best but the difference is very visible
  5. I think So, PMY to thin on HPL, When Filming WWWSK all team PSJ and PMY after filming they always dinner together so pmy never skip her dinner her bf beside her to arrange her dinner
  6. I was actually surprised to read the sentence that the top hallyu was not interested go rewards trip because they were busy, so it's mean all actor and actress if they join rewards trip is not a busy actor and actress.
  7. So PSJ and PMY is not a busy actor and actress, they have many time for relax and go to trip anytime. I just found out that. Thanks
  8. isn't the budget production encounter and MOTA very high? so they should have a high rating, different from WWWSK which only filming around Korea and regular romcom stories but they can get a high rating.
  9. sometimes I think the trip to Phuket was part of the honeymoon after LYJ and KMS were married, and that would be included in the DVD,,,,LOL, that would be very surprising, because they brought all the stylish teams and production staff almost participate on that trip...
  10. Yes i create this account when i read some of you compare pmy and psj popularity before that i only read all page on this thread, sometime pps of course get jealous because we are pps, but that's not mean we are not support our couple personal project.
  11. No one get jealous here LOL, just remind with her previous drama she is never did HOT scene like on wwwsk, lmh and pmy did real kissing scene production team no doubt about that, that scene not edited on city hunter era that kissing scene we can say that's hot and many tv program talk about they did real kissing scene (rooftop kiss) , and that's first and last hot kissing scene she did till wwwsk with psj.
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