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  1. I'm surprised that Zlying & Feng announced that they are expecting bc Zlying have been so good in hiding not showing up at her dramas press conference and so good in staying tight lipped about her pregnancy so I thought they would wait until she gave birth & then parade as a lovey dovey family of 3. Only about 2 more months of hiding & staying tight lipped before her due month in March, they could continue to act normal - get photographed in the park, in the restaurant, she at baby store with a big, growing belly and etc...why all suddenly announced they are expecting??? I guess their MingLan drama is still airing & needs higher ratings so the surprise pregnancy using their child to boost mommy & daddy drama ratings up I guess ???
  2. So that could mean Zlying & Feng went to register their marriage licenses after they found out that she is pregnant...they registered their marriage licenses in September ...I hope you're wrong about how far she is into her pregnancy because I don't want you to be more disappointed of her that she got pregnant before having a wedding & not having a wedding band to proudly show it ....this could explain how fast this couple became husband & wife and why there is no wedding for her....Don't be sad ..
  3. Exactly...I am guessing she try to deny & hide her pregnancy until near the press conference day of her drama ML with her hubby then they both will drop the "We're Expecting" BOMB . Babies are cute but they are ticking time bombs that you don't know when they will wake up & cry .
  4. ...jaw dropped emoji here for my reaction when I read the full detailed latest news of Zlying's outings from here https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404312185173074686 *Actions speak Louder than Words*...So Zlying was indeed wearing that big old plaid coat (making herself a walking water bin/rain barrel, a walking fashion disaster) while shopping & looking for baby supplies in the maternity & baby store. Clip below shows she is carefully looking at baby diapers...Baby Diapers, does she need them for her & Feng or for who?? .... Apparently she was pictured on the same day with some man, I guess that man is her/his/her and Feng's assistant or her/his/their mutual friend. I find it so ODD...that her coat size and belly area keep getting big...the bigger size coat probably is to accommodate her growing belly area as I could see her belly side photo above and the yellow circle area in photo below. What extra ODD is that she had time to go shopping in maternity and baby store, eating & spending time with Feng but she could not make time to be present at Our Glamorous Time press conference, this drama has not even reached 1% in viewer rating...Well while she has time to shop, why doesn't she shop for a better looking coat that accentuate her body shape because photos of her wearing big coats that are many times larger than her body size isn't helping her at all, it raises rumors, speculations and as if she isn't proud to show her body, she is hiding something.
  5. OMGEEE please tell me this isn't Zlying , what has happened to the fashionable Zlying!!?? Gosh her fashion has gone out the windows ever since she announced her marriage......usually after women married the love of their life, most of them will dress extra fashionable/sophisticated not only for themselves but for their husbands after all image is very important...but Holy Moly Zlying is just the opposite .... Her big old plaid coat makes her looks like a water bin or rain barrel below ...what in the world is she hiding beneath that coat?
  6. Hmmm...well I sat back, waited & didn't comment about the news of Zlying staying overnight at Feng's residence twice alone or with her staff, I really thought they were making news to promote MK 3 and MingLan drama and photos on two occasions of them holding hands but what did I get - 2 big BOMBS dropped by her....my XingYue couple doomed forever & forever . So I am not going to sit back, wait and have no comments about her wedding ceremony. I think she & Feng probably did plan to have a grand wedding but there must be GOOD REASONS for them to not have one because having a beautiful wedding, marrying to the person you love is every girl's dream. Zlying is no different plus she was a village girl, worked hard to become an A list star, I'm sure she wants to have a beautiful wedding & having her family and close friends there to celebrate with her but instead she had them announced that they are married. It takes lots of time & dedication to plan something big but it just take one word No to have everything cancel (good reasons). I do feel pity for her for not having a beautiful wedding back to back with her wedding announcement like Tiffany Tang because who knows if she will ever have a wedding later and if she will then it would lose its spark. I think Zlying will drop another big BOMB soon .....I can't wait to know because after the first 2 big BOMBS from her, I am not surprised of what she can do .
  7. Seriously I never care of Zlying's words straight from her mouth. I look at her actions because Actions speak LOUDER than Words for me. Just like how she was photographed holding hands with Feng on 2 occasions (if I remember correctly) or way before she was photographed leaving his place twice, I think news stated she spent the 2 nights at his place alone or with her staff (if I remember correctly) then BOOM they showed off their red marriage booklets but NO WEDDING BANDS . The rice is cooked already no need of words straight from her mouth; I'm not sure if she officially said anything about her marriage to Feng or not. Their dating timeline was short, their marriage was very rushed that they DIDN'T HAVE A GRAND WEDDING like Tiffany Tang & Luo Jin. Then another BOOM right after their marriage announcement, photos of her with gained weight on her belly out of all parts of her body, she has weight on her belly since she hasn't been active for a while. But then she rebutted pregnancy rumor twice on her Weibo as #cenching stated. So I don't want to imagine the impact if she is indeed pregnant, what this would do to her loyal fans especially her young fans who look up to her .
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