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  1. This ship finally sink I am officially done shipping. Nice to know everyone through good and bad time. Farewell everybody. Congratulations to FSF/ZLY, I wish them the best. Cr to princressagents1
  2. After their love dovy press conference at LT's event's I thought they are done endorsing Swordsman love, but I guess not. Wow, I can't wait! look like ZLY/LGX filmed together. Can't wait for their BTS. I notice the day when swordsman released the trailer of XINGYUE and at the sametime ZLY at her event's, she wear moon/stars accessories all over my favourite one is her moon/star ring. Obvious ZLY. The day of chinese Valentine's day (tanabata day) since it's a very special day, the only accessories ZLY is wearing is her moon/star on her special day...( I am not talking about the watches bec she endorsed that). Add: she have a lots of choices to choose from, why is it only her moon/star on Valentine's day..so obvious ZLY..This month's ZLY look so happy and radiant. I am glad look so healthy.
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