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  1. Fu Rong seems very distinct from Yun Xi but LFY and Xu Jin defintely have quite a bit in common. Their status, the close relationship with their mother, their cold and unfriendly demeanor. I think even the hairstyles look similar. In any case, I don't mind some similarity in the characters if the circumstances and dynamics of their relationship is different. I think the only thing that would ruin it for me is another OE or worse SE.
  2. I think it is favours not flavour in a sense that the novel (yes it's a novel) is about how the main character named Fu Rong being able to relive her life from a pivotal point after she died. She retained her memory from the previous time that she lived her life so getting a second chance to live that life, she tried to make choices and guide others in their choices to shape events so that herself and her loved ones will have more favorable outcomes of events, like no deaths in childbirths, her choice of husband won't come with in-laws from hell or leave her widowed, etc. I am sure they will make many changes from the novel so I don't know if it's such a good idea to read it before we see the drama. It might ruin the viewing experience. I personally read it already because it was available in Vietnamese, my native language, and I didn't have the discipline to wait. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an English translation and the google translator was terrible when I tried to copy and paste to translate it from Vietnamese to English to see if that would be of any use to anyone interested in the English translation. I am excited to see ZZH and JJY paired up for this. It almost feel like their LoYX characters have reincarnated into these characters. Instead of her having her scar cured she ended up having her face slightly marred after an incident. ZZH character is a prince once again and he also has a peculiar affliction, although not nearly as grave and life threatening as the zombie poison. Maybe he won't have that problem in the drama adapted version. Anyway, can't wait to see their chemistry again and hope this time will be a HE.
  3. The first time I watched it, I had the same question but after watching it several times, I am pretty sure it was real. I think she even dressed more maturely after the wedding night when she gave LFY the drink to make him fall asleep before she tried the cure for his zombie poison. Many of us had been there and done that. It is to be expected since he is of royal origin and she just marry into royalty. Besides, he's taller so he probably looks better in his outfits anyway.
  4. In total agreement. She showed up for pretty much any event with her name in the key role and this would not have been the exception unless there is a compelling reason like an early pregnancy. Let the countdown begin!!! btw, are there still people waiting for official announcements from her before believing anything, like the announcement of her marriage after the deed has been done, minus the beautiful ceremony like that of Tiffany Tang and her now hubby? I am not planning on watching anything with her in it because all I would be able to think about is her two faced nature when I see her acting in dramas, which would not be much different from her acting like someone she genuinely is not in her real life.
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