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  1. The first time I watched it, I had the same question but after watching it several times, I am pretty sure it was real. I think she even dressed more maturely after the wedding night when she gave LFY the drink to make him fall asleep before she tried the cure for his zombie poison. Many of us had been there and done that. It is to be expected since he is of royal origin and she just marry into royalty. Besides, he's taller so he probably looks better in his outfits anyway.
  2. In total agreement. She showed up for pretty much any event with her name in the key role and this would not have been the exception unless there is a compelling reason like an early pregnancy. Let the countdown begin!!! btw, are there still people waiting for official announcements from her before believing anything, like the announcement of her marriage after the deed has been done, minus the beautiful ceremony like that of Tiffany Tang and her now hubby? I am not planning on watching anything with her in it because all I would be able to think about is her two faced nature when I see her acting in dramas, which would not be much different from her acting like someone she genuinely is not in her real life.
  3. I don't know if she was first. I would say they both made an impression on each other at first fall. If he wasn't struck by something when they first met and he saved her from falling off that mountain, she would not have been able to dupe the cool and calm LFY with whatever powder she used to get away from him and taking the poison manual with her and he could have used his sword throwing skill to kill her to get back his poison manual when she evaded him in that poisonous fog. If she wasn't struck by something, as she was getting ready to be a bride and saw the poison manual, she would not have reflected back on that incident and wondered where he was when she thought she was going to die from whatever poisoned condition she had. But I think it did not become love until he was able to trust that she would not betray him, which partly initiated when she took the poison dart for him when they were pursuing ZY and she in return, started to fall for him because he started to treat her nicer. @rhaps, I think YX seems more proactive because in the beginning she had to get close to him in order to comply with the ED's condition before she can see her mom. Furthermore, as their relationship developed, she shows her emotion whereas he keeps a cold outward appearance while paying the closest attention to her every comfort. It also add to the perception of her being more proactive that she has to do everything herself while he has people at his disposal to carry out the wishes that he would like to be done for her . I would say, they were each other's equal in everything except maybe towards the end when he was not willing to see her suffer being with him given his bleak future then she had to be more persistent in saving their relationship.
  4. Omg, you are my other other lost twins, look what I was about to post: Add me to the can't move on club. I was rewatching some happier episodes and this was the moment I know he has fallen for her. He went to bring her home after she had been at the palace treating the princess's condition. He must have missed her and thought to asked what else she missed about home and his face says it all when she was oblivious to his bait and did not named him in the causes for her longing to go home. Asking like a hopeful man in love: Cold shower of disappointment: Forgot to mention, I have found so many lost twins through this drama that I have lost track of all the names and the how I can identify them.
  5. How did I get so lucky to be among these three? I feel I have won a mini lottery. Of the fifty or so followers of the ship, I am among the five invited. Roughly 1 in 10 chance and I got one. That's kind of rare especially considering I just recently posted again because of all the moon and stars ZLY kept wearing at events like IQIYi that has nothing to do with the maker of those jewelry pieces she was wearing so she didn't have to pick those particular XingYue reminiscent pieces. Anyway, given those kinds of disingenuous sentiments or misleading actions on the part of these entertainers, I feel CP shipping is the wrong business to be in since the facts are often manufactured so I have retired from that business. I wish I could wish your ship good luck but that would be spouting the same disingenuous sentiments. The most sincere thing I can say is to each his own and it ain't over until we see red or white, whichever kind of tradition float their boat.
  6. Somewhat off topic: I looked for a post someone posted asking about the drama starring JJY called Mr. Swimmer and can't seem to retrace it. Anyway, it will be aired on MangoTV of the HuNan starting the 5th of September, Wednesday to Friday, 2 episodes each day. It also has the emperor in HYX in it. According to this site: http://www.fansyes.com/Content/20180831/kpjghdrlqdrjk.shtml, In the plot, the hard-to-find Song Cha meets the swimming genius Bai Yongze, and the two sparkle in the fight, but Song Cha is a childhood friend of Bai Yongze's good friend and opponent. How to persist in self and pursue the heart in the test of friendship and love. In addition to the romantic love, the TV series "Mr. Swim" also has inspirational swimming elements, which focus on the pool and tell the story of the swimmers' hard-following dreams. I might check it out purely to see JJY in a modern drama and nothing to do with checking out those abs at the pool.
  7. Love is over.... How does that song go? Anyway it was fun while it lasted, three hundred sixty some odd pages. Almost as long as PA thread and even added a follower or two after the ship sank . Only thing left is for LGX/WLK confirmation. We need pics with hand holding, PDA's, faces, the works. Don't leave it to the imagination because this odd couple defies logic.
  8. You must be my lost twin because I feel exactly the same way that is why it is super difficult for me to find a drama to watch from beginning to end and enjoy it. If the story is less tangled and more light hearted, then the acting is off or the leads have zero chemistry, etc. Unlucky for us, most people prefer more complicated entanglements and so more shows follow that trend.
  9. Exactly my thought too for the lack of English speakers' interest. I think they also had a small budget for publicity and promotion so the drama probably did not get as much exposure prior to being aired on Iqiyi. As to the reason why it seems to have a big Vietnamese audience, I am thinking it must be because Vietnamese like costume drama and at the time it was released, only LoFuyao was the other costume drama so many checked it out and like me, liked it because of the leads' chemistry and well written and acted and not so dark story. I think most dramas will have a Vietnamese audience but LoYX garnered special interest because of the leads, how bittersweet the ending was yet not totally sad, and the music. The ending song is very popular with the Vietnamese audience, including me. It must strike some chord in our make up or something because now all my nephews and niece (who I kept an eye on while watching LoYX on the smart TV in the background) love the closing credit song as well as the opening one. One nephew who is 10 years old even vowed he would learn Chinese by the time he is 15 because he was so into the closing song. They all hum the songs and sing the parts where they remember what was voiced even though they have no idea what was said. Until I can find a similarly light hearted, well done drama to replace it, they will continue to hear those songs when they are around me.
  10. You would think that if the relationship is serious then there is no fear to make a formal announcement so people can stop speculating and circulating all sorts of things like her being pregnant and all. If the relationship is stable and marriage is in the picture, why not announce it to stop all the rumors. Like you said, their careers are stable and won't be effected by their dating or marital status. If they haven't made any announcement at this stage after all the bad rumors, I don't think any announcement will ever be made and if they break up, as in his past publicized relationships, it would be as if it never existed because there never was any clear cut pictures of them holding hand with PDAs like he had with Ni Ni, Yang Mi or the other much younger girl.
  11. I lost track of the train of logic with all the nots but I think I get what you mean. I think it's more a matter of being a realist and pragmatic person. I too am more of a realist and pragmatic in real life but want to indulge in the impossible in drama land where one goes to escape reality. I do feel lucky that there is many Vietnamese fans of LoYX and the leads there so the subs of content related to it are pretty readily available. One of the many reasons one should aim to learn or retain a language. Too bad my nephews and nieces don't have the same appreciation for the language and whatever I telll them goes in one ear and comes out the other.
  12. You and ZZH must be drinking from the same well because I saw in an interview of his where they asked what he personally think the ending meant and he said something along what you said there. Personally, I hope he said that partly because he is of the same mind as you and partly because after talks with the producers, there will be part two set in other times where HYX come back in another life to marry her LFY in another life. link of interview where he said something like that:
  13. How many here wished he had been more proactive and devised a plan to undermine her resistance and checked YX out himself?
  14. I think his decision to hang around with her more than others on the set help them to better connect on the scenes they have together. Me too. It's hard to find C drama with this kind of happy yet not too sappy feel with good chemistry between the leads as well as other supporting characters. I have watched it enough times to know a lot of the lines and am watching it again without the subs to improve my recognition of the Chinese characters. Still finding something new each time I watched it. For example, if LFY knew to check for a wound on ZY's shoulder to prove she was the one who lured him away the day he and YX was to be married the first time, why did he not try to check if YX's shoulder had one to see if she was the same girl who unmasked him and took the book on poison from him?
  15. Since we didn't get enough kisses, would the BTS of one of those few kisses help count?
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