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  1. I Just checked YouTube again and there's English sub for first episode if anyone wants to give it a try: @JC's Lingxi You are right, the top two are of Wang Kai and the first one is towards the ending episodes. Not sure about how far along the second one is but it started airing before Hunting, which is the one ranked first.
  2. That would depend on one's definition of happy ending. I have low standard of happy ending for dramas of this type of setting, namely war. I wouldn't even hope for any happily ever after. I would be happy if the lead does not die in the end. If he does, I hope it is well done and for a good reason in the overall plot resolution. I watched the first episode raw and some part with Vietnamese sub and I like it so far. It moved so fast if you take a restroom break without pausing you will miss somebody meeting their fates. It's kind of funny in that the things that the bad guys used to be able to get away with is now enjoyed by the spy which is the bad guy for one side and the good guy for the other side. I am referring to the dynamics of Ye Chong(?) the character played by RJL, and the one played by the actor who play Gai Shu in UTP (I am sorry I am terrible with names). It should be interesting watching their cat and mouse game. btw, the rating for 5/5 remained third, with the same order as 5/4 but the number went up from around 65 to around 76 in whatever unit is used in that rating graph @angelangie posted yesterday.
  3. For the whole month of May! Maybe instead of Autumn Cicada, it should be called Spring Spider or May Moth. I normally watch shows through YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime and this is not on any of those yet so I have to wait a few days before somebody gets to it I think. I don't mind waiting a few more days for more episodes to come out anyway. Btw, that ultimate supporter gets my vote for most devoted fan. That is way out of my realm of thinking. I wonder if that person is under lockdown due to Covid. I can totally see a person going that extreme under lockdown with all the time on their hands and nothing to do.
  4. So true for me too. I am just glad that it's a spy drama which I prefer over tradgedies like the other two dramas that he has starred in the recent past prior to UTP. Looking forward to seeing Han Dong, the villain in UTP. However brief his appearance may be. It will also be interesting to see Lu Yi's uncle (Gai Shu?) as his archenemy in this drama.
  5. I should have known you might skip it. Something told me you were more into sunny and bright shows like UTP. I am too with exception to spy and investigative shows, with all the intrigues of potential discoveries.
  6. Aside from the view of him bringing his luggage in, It would be easy to miss the other brief glimpses of him in the clip. I sure did the first time I saw it. Anyway, we can now see even more of him in Autumn Cicada, the drama he filmed before UTP. It's airing on the 4th of May. I always love spy dramas so I am sure I will like it even if the ending is not so happy because sacrifices is part and parcel of that type of show. Han Dong, the villain in UTP, will have a cameo where he is part of the sacrifice. I will head over to that thread now that it's open to posts. See you guys there if guys want to give it a try.
  7. Check the clip above in which TSY appeared in season 3 of that show. It looks like the guests go to a rural place to join the hosts in their experience living of the lands and the fields with nature's natural resources, therefore the title?
  8. Is 'Back to field' filming done pretty quickly? Is it done in a day like HC? I think I saw a clip of an old episode with TSY in it and they went to catch fish or something and it seems that it would take longer to film an episode than it would with HC.
  9. I just read, from a site that normally doesn't post rumors, that this show will be shown at the end of April or beginning of May. It was based on the comment by Li Yitong, the one that play the sister of the female lead, in a livestream she had on the 14th of April. She said, "based on what I heard, it will be around the end of April or beginning of May." That sounds reasonable, leaving them enough time to promote it and not air it cold turkey (even if many wouldn't mind).
  10. I thought I could get over UTP sooner by not watching it again but I am still not quite over it yet. I watched a couple of other series but the acting and overall feel was just not anywhere near as entertaining. If TSY or RJL's dramas don't get aired soon, I might have a relapse and watch UTP again.
  11. Exactly right? Are we thinking too logically and there's more to it than that? I just wonder what other factors are there to consider if broadcast permit is not an issue and they have finished all the editing necessary, which you assume usually takes about a year or so. Are they trying to wait until we all get over UTP fIsrt? But then that might take forever and RJL and TSY would not be as hot for the same reason. It's all really strange how they don't take advantage of the window of opportunity.
  12. I almost got it mixed up with the name of a drama I previously ran acrossed in YouTube called Love of a Lifetime or something like that. What is the craze to change name of drama for no good reason. It's not as if the name is easier or more distinctive than it was before. Go figure.
  13. Really? I thought I read somewhere that either the poster with Iqiyi or Youku said soon. I think most people's definition of soon does not come anywhere near half a year not to mention close to a year. With all the rumors lately about RJLs works being aired proving false, I am inclined to wait for official announcements. Although, it makes more sense for YouKu and IQIYi to show his work now to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Since the content of this drama is not controversial so permit to show should not be a problem like it might be with Republic themed drama, etc. It will be interesting to see how he is in this role. It seems quite different from his previous roles characteristically speaking. More light-hearted of a character it seems from the trailer.
  14. Nope. The station that was to broadcast that replaced it with another show to promote agricultural content or something along that line. There were too many rumors about the shows RJL has yet to be aired and none of them came any where near to being true. Now it looks more likely the next work of his to be aired will be the newly retitled Love A Lifetime (formerly Love and Sacrifice?). It will be streamed on Youku and IQIYI but the starting date is not announced when they released the trailer last Friday. I haven't heard any rumor about TSY's shows yet to be aired. I wonder why (for real, not sarcasm here). @Dundee, like you, a lot of viewers find the antagonist to be well played by the actor. I think the antagonist just liked the power play in general. He has no aspiration to take over the thrown.
  15. Thanks for the Suggestion. I always thought that one was one of those where she had a wardrobe that looks like it was set in the 80's but when I actually looked it up on YouTube just now, It's pretty modern and good setting. I might get to it after I am fisnished with the 2 dramas I just started and then Face Off, which I think I might like better since it looks funnier and less drama in the drama. I have reservations about watching shows like the Summer's fox where the lead's ex is still hanging around and even worse, the ex is related to the new Love interest. I like simple, uncomplicated dramas. You can call me a a dramaphobe in love related shows. The only drama I like in TV shows are those involving mysteries.
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