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  1. Finally!!! Not just the cast, I want everyone from directing to scriptwriting to editing to music to producing to be back! We can switch out the cinematographer :p and whoever does the coloring. Given the mixed success of the director and the scriptwriter when they didn't work together, I think the magic is when all of them come together!
  2. https://sarawatiness.tumblr.com/post/622270746588233728/i-will-never-be-over-how-in-the-romance-of-tiger This is my exact feeling about the show!
  3. For season 2 to be good we need all of the crew: director, producer, cast. I think the writer tanked My Girl her new drama. Maybe it was the producer that helped her edit the script, maybe it was the execution of the director. I don't know what it is but I don't trust the writer by herself, like, at all lol having seen all of her other dramas, each with its own pretty major problems, I think she needs the magic and synergy of this crew!
  4. It's now fully English subbed on iqiyi, all 24 eps for VIP and 12 eps for free!
  5. Still working on filling the hole left by TROTAR, fam and I'm not succeeding... Good news: Yuxi was great in Reset Life, a cute touching little drama (5 eps). I guess I'm at the acceptance stage of grief where I can watch him with girls other than Lusi Bad news: My Girl/99 points girlfriend, new drama from Nan Zhen (TROTAR scriptwriter), lacks the magic that TROTAR has. The writing has her signature humor, but it happens much less often. The directing is not as crisp (as TROTAR). And the acting is much greener, OTP is cute but doesn't have that synergy our Orange Banana has. It goes to show that the directing, acting and writing for TROTAR really came together, like the stars were aligned! I know I'm being unfair by comparing it to TROTAR, but I was really excited for this writer's new work! I also tried other dramas with a similar premise, like To Get Her (cute and prettily filmed, no stake, nothing happens), Fake Princess (cute, a bit funny, but the plot is not super engaging), Lost Romance (very very meandering), and nothing sticks Counting my days till they announce season 2 of TROTAR (I refuse to believe otherwise!). There is a funny little drama called "Oops! The King is in love" that is surprisingly well directed & well edited - it's premiering on iqiyi tomorrow with English sub (I was watching it with Viet sub). I'd recommend it if you're looking for something to watch while waiting for Season 2 announcement like me
  6. Started watching this (with viet sub), I'm at ep 4 and it's very cute and funny so far. Surprisingly well acted and well directed. Hopefully when it's officially released in iqiyi with English sub more people will join the discussion!
  7. Agree with @skibbies and @Isrin here. Reviews are just like dramas some people like it, some people don't. I personally watch dramas critically (as in, I do think about what works and what doesn't. It's fun for me to do so) but that doesn't mean I enjoy the drama more/less because of its flaws/or it's technical polish. Dramas have two key dimensions: the technical and the emotional. For me Tiger Rose ACED the emotional aspect: its crack and I inhaled it! The technical aspect can be better, but it didn't diminish the emotional aspect for me. Some dramas are the opposite: polished technically but hollow. We can appreciate them for the technical achievements, even if they don't resonate emotionally. So, just as we don't bash dramas for their flaws, let's not bash reviewers for their opinions
  8. He is so funny and savage!!! And he's totally in character as HS haha HS would totally say these things. I find it extra funny though that as savage as Yuxi is, we've seen him lose multiple times to Lusi's roasting hahaha
  9. This is my favorite interview of them so far! You can see their playfulness and bickering in full display! Lusi is not shy about roasting Yuxi and he takes it in strides
  10. Instead of 愛I think they used 我喜欢你 . I think QQ said it only twice lol and HS said it at least 3 times.
  11. @Isrin thank you so much for the translation!! Omg Yuxi is so stingy, it's adorable he should have played the stingy CEO in Nan Zhen's upcoming drama (99 points girlfriend). He has such a 4D personality I love it! What a weird and funny kid
  12. Fanmeet part 2! See part 1 in this post Fifth question: kiss scene or kabedon? both: kabedon They then proceeded to kabedon themselves lol Sixth question: sing or dance? Both: sing MC: who sings better? Yuxi: Zhao laoshi (Zhao teacher - he's being extra polite jokingly) Lusi: Ding laoshi They went back & forth like this for a while LOL Then MC asked if one of them is gonna sing, and he heard Lusi sang a lot on set [as we saw in BTS!]. Lusi: I'll sing! This was written for me, sorry to waste your time! [she laughed - this was more like a joke] MC & Yuxi started walking away to yield the stage to her, Lusi: "Ding laoshi are you not gonna dance in the background?" [LOL] [she sang her theme song in CQQ] Then all the cast came out, Lusi said she regretted not wearing high heels today lol They talked a bit about when Lusi acted her first 1:1 scene with Meng Guo, Shen Chi (Meng Guo's actor) shouted so loudly that she was scared. Then they had Shen Chi acted that scene out again, it was cute! They also talked about Shu Yuan (Bai Ji) had to slide on his knees 20 times (!) in the scene where Han Shuo made Bai Ji get fruits for QQ. They played a game where they had to pass around an orange, and when the drumroll stopped, whoever had the orange would have to answer a question, if they can't they had to drink a cup of unsweetened lemon juice. In one round, Baiji was next and had to say the line he thought was the best line his character had. He said the "Young Master, if we invade Huayuan city, not just the third princess but you can also have Pei Heng!" Yuxi: "What do I need Pei Heng for?!" Next round, Yuxi passed the orange to Lusi, but she just stared at him LMAO and refused to take it, then the drum stopped! He looked at her SUPER-betrayed "Zhao laoshi?!!" hahahaha She was all "I know the audience wanted you to have it!" He had to act out a line from the character of the person next to him, which was QQ. So he did the third princess scene where she "stole" Han Shuo: "Wash him up and bring him to my mansion!" Pei Heng's most memorable scene is when he acted to an empty coffin, crying and stuff. Everyone said oh that was because that was when you gave up on QQ, it was an important scene for you, it was sad. Yuxi: it was sad for him but I was very happy! [LOL king of petty Han Shuo] [After they all drank the lemon juice] MC asked them to act out the emotion they had towards the last episode/ending. Lusi: [looks touched] Yuxi: it ended? what ending? what? ending? no way! impossible! doesn't exist! I can't hear! can't see! can't ask! can't say! [wtf omg crackhead!] Baiji: why did they have the cover on?? i'm pissed! are you pissed? [lol legendary] Mengguo: Chen Young Master [referring to QQ]! Why did you abandon me! I'm Guo-er! [a reference to the character Yang Guo in The return of the condor heroes LOL] Asked how they would advertise the drama to those who haven't watched it: Yuxi: [I think he's using a known poem?] It was like a dream, still moved when I woke up [Lusi finished his sentence here] Lusi: [again, I think she's using some sort of rhyming poem/words here; you can tell they rhyme in Mandarin] messy hair, messy wig [she was looking at Yuxi here; they also made a joke earlier about how in the scene where he was drugged with aphrodisiac he slapped himself so hard his wig almost came off. He looked betrayed again hahaha], I think when you don't feel good, or if you're sad, please watch "The rumored CQQ", the drama will make you very, very, very happy! That's also what our entire team wish to bring to everyone Baiji: "The rumored CQQ" is a drama that once you watch, you want to watch season 2, then season 3. Do you want to watch season 2? [Fans: YESSS] I don't have the power to decide that [LOL] Lusi: then why did you ask?? Baiji: hehe just for fun! But I will tell you something,the end of this year Yuxi and I will collaborate on a film that will start shooting beginning of next year called "Young Master please love me again" Please spread the word! [Note: he's joking, implying they want a season 2. LMAO this clown! I think the entire cast would love a season 2! They're already starting the rumor themselves LOL] The MC himself brought up the possibility of season 2 multiple times. Let's hope Tencent is not just teasing us but is seriously considering it!
  13. Great news the fanmeeting was subbed in my native language...so I did a recap here. This is up to about the first 15 minutes. If this is helpful I'm more than happy to do the rest. I had a huge grin on my face the entire time! They're really fun people to watch anything in the brackets [ ] is my commentary. Not a 1:1 translation; I paraphrased some for brevity. Lusi: my friends commented that QQ is "a fool who doesnt know the way of love" Yuxi: my friends said Han Shuo is "a fool who falls in love based on his imagination" Minigame: They have to answer the same way w/o looking at each other. If they give different answers they have to act out their answers. First question: Aegyo (act cute) or finger hearts? (make a heart with your finger) Yuxi: act cute, Lusi: finger hearts He looked at her clearly betrayed LOL then changed his answer to finger hearts (while laughing). The MC didn't let this go ofc, and asked them to act their answers out. Lusi told Yuxi "you go ahead, (acting cute) is your specialty" MC: who acted cute more on set? Lusi pointed to Yuxi lol he looked betrayed again LOL As he was gearing up to his ageyo, Lusi prodded him to add "chu mi chu mi" (a cutesy saying?) and he gave her an extra-betrayed look (while smiling & half protesting) [LOL I love her]. Then he did this super weird aegyo omg; Lusi died "what the heck? lols" [Love this part where they looked at each other & laughed] MC: are you satisfied with this Lusi? Lusi: 10 points! he really tried lol Second question: Pick up or get picked up? (i.e. flirt/ask someone out) Yuxi: get picked up Lusi: pick up [LOOOOLs just like in the drama except QQ didn't know she was picking up HS haha] They had to act this out. Lusi: [already started laughing] Yuxi: [acting arrogant] Lusi: Give me your wechat. Yuxi: Do I scan your code or do you scan my code? [LMAO do these kids date? I can't] Lusi: [speechless...then made the cute high pitched sound that you've heard her made as QQ while whining lol] Yuxi: ???LOL??? Third question: acting goofy or acting cute? [these 2 words sound similar in Mandarin] both: acting goofy MC: who acts more goofy on set? They both started stepping back (as in saying, "not me" LOL but both of them walked all the way back to the panel on the stage, refusing to lose to each other!) MC: in current internet slang "acting goofy" doesn't have a bad meaning. It means someone who can be themselves, and different from what they portray on screen. [he then asked them again who's goofier, asked Lusi if she thought Yuxi was goofy] Lusi: Because Yuxi's role is "dark", if he said something wrong, he would look like this [acted shocked/surprised]; he also liked to tell me, "Lusi, look here, look there, look here here here". I thought I was goofy but he was even goofier than me! MC: I saw on weibo that you said if the shoot didn't go well Yuxi liked to make jokes to make it less awkward right? Lusi: yes! He has a cute soul but had to play a "evil CEO" type of role (laughs) Fourth question: Carry from behind or princess-carry? Both: princess carry Then they talked about the scene in the drama where Han Shuo lifed & carried QQ from behind, whether that was the script or improvised, and they said it was written in the script, and that the writer is very creative. MC said then Lusi must have paid attention to her weight (UGH!) and Yuxi said no, it was very easy to carry her! He was worried that he'd embarrass himself but it was super easy. She said she held her breath and was nervous because some male actors weren't able to carry her before [how weak were those guys??] She said she didn't eat breakfast that day, and the day before she only ate cereal [poor girl!!!] [Basically 15 mins of Lusi betraying or roasting Yuxi haha]
  14. What??? I mean, if they just saw the script, I can see why they had doubts. Execution plays a big role in the success of a show. But they've seen a few episodes and still concluded that it wouldn't be a big hit? lol wut I haven't seen 3000 crows but by all accounts (reviews) it seems like your standard fantasy period drama. What I love about Tiger & Rose is that it's so different and creative. Maybe that's why people didn't believe in it anything new comes with a big risk. Still, I'm glad that they decided to make this, and release it even if they seem to have such little faith in it lol I think the birth of many streaming services allows us to find little gems like this - it's a good business strategy (like Netflix) to just make a lot of shows, from low to medium and occasionally big budget shows to fill the catalog.
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