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  1. I have the same feeling too. I think the end of ep 13 was just a bluff... we have clearly seen all throughout the episodes that Hyun Soo loves Ji Won, even if they showed Daddy Min Seok telling him not to trust anyone. Also, Ji Won have stated time and again the she believes in her husband and that she will stay by his side no matter what. I believe that Hyun Soo showing that he's threatening Ji Won on CCTV was all part of a bigger plan. Both Jae Sub and Ji Won are smart, thankfully. With Gong Mi Ja's statement, that is if she pointed Hyun Soo as suspect, they must have pieced it altogether.
  2. It's kind of a bummer this show isn't on Netflix... I wish people could see this drama and know this kind of high-calibre acting, writing and directing. I am just so glad Chae Won picked this up after 2 year hiatus, her acting together with Joon Gi's (and actually, everyone on the show) is a match made in heaven. Even the way their tears fall is soooo heartbreakingly beautiful.
  3. I am so excited about that too! I wish it happens sooner so we get a scene with DO (I am certain at this point he is the dad) eating meals and spending weekends with his family like what he imagined when he thought YW was the husband. I am totally down to watch an entire separate show of them being family, it's gonna be hilarious and heartwarming with DO, HN and NJ.
  4. I don't know... but the show really needs to give me some more reasons to doubt that ODO is the father. I mean, if you got pregnant, hid away and kept it from everyone... you wouldn't want your child to meet her dad, right? AJ didn't want DO to come to NH's school. And among all the men from her past, she did not want to have any association with OD as seen in the 1st ep when she tried to run away again after seeing him. She was ok approaching RJ, she was ok even living with YW, but not meeting with DO. And I think DO's pen name will be an excuse by the show that he is actually Oh Dae O like the "Oh" in the baby book which I'm guessing was initially written with just Oh because NJ couldn't bring herself to write his name and possibly YW saw it and wrote "Yeon Woo" secretly so now the baby book has Oh Yeon Woo. I'm guessing NHwill only know DO as Cheon OK Man for now. RJ's reaction for me was more like... regret or guilt, perhaps from having a hand in NJ-DO breakup, and NH growing up w/o a dad. This show is making me wish it is wednesdays and thursdays everyday! And can I just comment on how expressive Son Ho Jun's eyes are? He wears his heart on his eyes.
  5. I think it has something to do with the AJ look-alike, because the look-alike seems rich (maybe married to a rich person?) so perhaps some time in the past, DO saw the AJ look-alike and made that assumption. I just love love love love ODO and AJ, I can rewatch their scenes over and over again. I maybe getting ahead of myself, but I bet they are endgame. Even having that thought, I am very curious as to how everything will come together in the end.
  6. The Dad is ODO, no one can change my mind, not even the writer. Anyway, I'm looking forward to characters' stories between 2006 to 2020, and also the investigation that HN will do to find her father.
  7. I am all for Sun Woo and Tae Oh going bat richard simmons crazy and chasing after each other's throat... heck I love love love it when they are trying to tear each other down, so they can go all the way to the end. But I just can't stand it when their son is helplessly being thrown into their mess.
  8. I feel sorry for Joon Young for having vengeful lunatics as parents. Is the other woman, the other one who had a cheating, bastard husband gonna help her?
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