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  1. Can someone tell me did SBS address anything regarding Seojin ate sim card? Is it a prop error or Seojin was stupid and the video is still in Eunbyeol’s phone to be used in the future?
  2. Same here, my country viewers really thought Dr Ha was the one who killed Min Seol Ah. They gave me the secondhand embarrassment just by looking at their theories. They also attacked me for praising Bae Ro Na and disliking their Seok Kyung. There are many Seok Kyung stans here. I literally can’t with my own people T-T I can’t even share my opinions anymore coz I’m scared of them!! I just stop posting there.
  3. Seokkyung is the main character of this episode somehow. Can’t wait to see what she’s up to next week. What if Seojin tries to kill off Seokkyung because she knew her secret? Does the falling incident going to unravel next week? I can’t wait and will be insane if they don’t show it next week.
  4. Wait, OYH killed her ex-husband? No way! I remembered an episode she said that her ex-husband died because alcoholism right?
  5. I’m going to say what is on my mind about episode 2: Tbh, our Yoon-Yoon couple is still dumb, they can’t do a simple task and not thinking ahead. I can’t believe I was rooting for them. Can’t wait for Shim Suryeon return and Logan Lee full sketch plan coz rn the writer managed to give him at least one scene every episodes if not, imma throw hands lol
  6. Today episode is going to be extended 15 minutes more omg can’t wait for tonight!
  7. they literally want to claim awards for their actors and actresses for another year while adding two more seasons
  8. ️[SPOILER] [EP19]️ *main points of tonight episode* •Suryeon reveals to the people of Hera Palace that Min SeolA is her daughter •Suryeon says one last word to Oh Yoonhee who chose to betray her in the end •Suryeon tells her reason why she suspected Yoonhee as the culprit •Oh Yoonhee is greatly embarrassed by Shim Suryeon who says she is the killer of Min SeolA »»the translation isn't accurate because i used google translate, but this was what i gathered from sbs so hope you enjoy«« [MORE SPOILER] •Logan dramatically rescues Suryeon, wh
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