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  1. I saw him and I thought that he would be Cha Min's father but in early episodes they said he had died already so I have no clue who he is now.
  2. I was crying at the scene when Namjoon being clingy to his mother. He told her his wish and I can’t stop my feeling at that scene
  3. I thought Aera was dead but no, it was Namjoon 5 minutes are enough for me <3
  4. Did anyone notice Sanha's family house is exactly similar to the house from Sunny Again Tomorrow? I just checked and they looked very identical. KBS keeps recycling their old things xD
  5. Oh Hayeong and Chairman Oh is in jail!! Hooray!!!!! I think Sandal called Sanha because of her dad is going to have cornea transplant or sth.
  6. They were already having a wrap up party. Congrats on their hard working. That was such a long journey! Can’t wait for Jin Taehyun’s next project in 2021!?!? Loll I saw him acting every 2 years.
  7. My mind is blank now. I can’t really think of what is going to happen next. The writer should extend more episodes and hire me to be a new character because I want to have a bid on Aura Group too. Lollllll. 2 episodes left = 1 hours , The problems aren’t solved yet and Sanha’s father also doesn’t get surgery for his cornea yet. @nohamahamoud2002 you are right! the 100 episodes dramas are very tragic
  8. What a nice plot to stop evil Namjoon from getting revenge. Hope the surgery went well, if not...
  9. @nohamahamoud2002 your comment was liked by Taehyun on IG. I think he noticed you! I’m happy when he posts his picture.
  10. I was busy lately. I didn’t even know he was doing live. He might have deleted the live that’s why I can’t see.
  11. Can’t believe Namjoon and Suho agreed to work together to take down Chairman Oh and Hayeong
  12. Did you guys see an upcoming drama that the lead male actor has already given two characters’ names? lol
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