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  1. Oh well....as @cenchingI'm just going to turn the page too. And moove on So I thank you all for sharing here and I send to this community all my best wishes for all <3 * Huge hug to all of you!* As KJH said it doesnt matter. Feeling a little bit like BH in the end of his story arc in this drama. Had a good time laughing here and there . That's it it doesn't matter more than that. You matter, so be all well. Going to my back-to-my body and mind self experience XD. Endlessly rewriting the story plot for BH/CJ is toxic and waisting my creativity. Also happy that I will n
  2. Well, well well...if I was BongHwan and at that intense moment I saw this: I wouldn't just laugh....maybe in the first seconds of emotions going out. But I would surely, AFTER all I've been through....ended to cry an endless lake of sorrow and heartbreaking... Loved so much the male/female swaping, the open minded and reaserchfull part of characters that were finding each other whaterever it takes. It seemed complex and intrigiging. But, it ended commonly, comfortable. Grey as the sky Bonghwan is facing alone in Seoul. I think he is just ready for
  3. No it's not supernatural I have 3 kids and have always been sport mummy :D...To enlight your question, they have been many scandals in some old (50/70's) Olympic games (probably you can dig further in internet web for the matter), when few nations (like some european East countries did, one of them even shared it in interviews like Olga Kovalenko) => made their feminine champions pregnant, just because the hormones production was by then on top level...... When that came to light, it was quite a huge scandal, because of the amount of feminine athletes that where purposly made pregnan
  4. It's from the filming time they had great time with those instruments : dont know exactly what did they all DO with that?! Chenchin You made my day :D!
  5. Yeay my thoughs and hoping too! Let me cross all my fingers like a Sobong potatoe chips ring for it!
  6. They are keeping our hearts untill tomorrow....: text prev e20 My Life Without Me: CJ & SB tries to safely infiltrate the palace, and GQD & KJG strengthen their guard. And in that critical moment, Bonghwans soul is on verge of being removed from Soyongs body. Can they prevent the enthronement? #MrQueen Would they dare deceive us like this????? I cant beleive it.... if someone could share here a synopsis of "Bamboo forrest " I would be very thankfull
  7. Hmmm I would like to have that face for sure...but I'm a woman..... Oh damn...it's Ok XD!
  8. So here are my thoughts about ep.20 titled " My life witout me" and the ending: We where shown that Soyong wanted to die. And...Bong Hwan desperatly to live. Than, they fusioned as one. As a whole one. SYong echoes herself in BHwang and makes him a better man. A man in love. Was ever Bong Hwan truly in love before that experience? Experience of a woman's soul sharing his body. Not only a body to body experience. It is through her prisme of feelings that he with time came to change, adapt. Love. Not only selfishly desire. This ep. tiltle could for me just point JBH accepti
  9. Ah duck love........ One duck + 1 one duck = I think what she was thinking was more like.... ...... Tadaaaaaaaaaa!!!!....
  10. Found on tweet #MrQueen the spoil of the title of episode 20 : Just brainstorming it ....
  11. Very right! Even pregnant you fell very sportive At least the first six month...you even have such a hormone up that you are not only hungry for food ...*caugh caugh* ..........
  12. Thank you! <3 Me neither! I just wish to have a last goodbye scene with so much joy that whenever i'll be re-thinking of it, it will give me sparks of hope in our human goodsides as R.Louis Stevenson said " Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyong singing. For to miss joy, is to miss all..." ( Hopefully showritters knows that haha! )
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