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  1. Yes, we still have that WG fever on the last episode and I still do, I love how whipped Jwon was, anyways, I just hope the best for the writing of WG as in seriously, hopefully, they will be able to overcome hurdles. Cause we know that it's not all lovey-dovey though I love how professional they are at hospital and, I love how they say that Gyeo-ul is not the type who makes mistake, was very telling especially that double checking thing. That was telling that in spite of her coldness you know that she is a great doctor and that Jeongwon could her especially when it comes to how will she become
  2. D-1 today and tomorrow will be the start of HOSPITAL PLAYLIST After a year or more waiting... here we are again!!! hoping for more WG scenes this season
  3. Omg!!! How are you fellow wintergardeners ... I can't believe that we will have a live stream of PDSHIN and the lacking 5 tomorrow and hadeutori ( I am not sure with hadeutori) but hopefully if there will be hadeutori... they will show the BTS of WG kiss, but anyhow I am so thrilled with the WG ending of the teaser related to residents Almost a week to go before the season 2
  4. Oh that's the thing Seokmin will be a fellow neurosurgeon that is why he will be back he passed the certification exam.. Yeah! Nice catch Actually, the reason why I said short staff is because the department will have less people even if they add new character in S2, which hopefully they will do cause if not The professors will share some load on what the chief resident will do, chief resident can't do what shwa is doing because she is a professor, but songhwa can do what chief resident is doing minus the teaching part ... actually, duties and responsibilities of the c
  5. NIce @kokodusI love that ALL OR NONE theory I do think that it is plausible that they will be in SOKCHO, and even Ik-Jun (who loves city) loved the place, or possible they will be dispersed on that place because of COVID -19 since there would be lacking in doctors there. also, I think, if ever they are not in SOKCHO, Songhwa's decision to go back to Yulje will be affected by the fact that Chihong will be gone in Neurosurgery Department. I'm just trying to figure out but, here's my reason on why chihong will be out in YULJE (from: https://academic.oup.com/milmed/advance-article/doi/10.1
  6. I agree with that, DAY 1 they are thinking that their oppa is the lead and, if you analyze the theories they rejected everyone on day 1 expect of course for their oppa! that is why when that sudden twist happens they can't let it go! and still push it
  7. @Ima Imo @leftphalange Well, my sister just finished watching Hospital Playlist S1 and, her perspective allows me to be certain about the 4-ships, look, in s1, there are a lot of questions left unanswered and, even in the case of WG, we haven't seen how Jwon developed his feelings to Gyeo-ul, but, we knew that they'll be together and they are an item now, the thing is for WG I think S2 will focus, and, should focus on how JeongWon developed feelings for Gyeo-ul and, it the series will be such a trash if suddenly he will developed feelings to Shwa, for it will be like going back to square 1...
  8. True, I really wish that IKSONG would have more screen time huhuhu but, YYS is really promoting WG biiiggg time and loving it !!! But, are you going to have a re-watch on May? hopefully we have a re-watch to refresh us!
  9. So here's my rant! and, I'm sorry if it's going to be a long post But, to clarify I am not hating them as a person, because who am I to judge or who are we to judge? Right? and, also, I've read some of BOD's write -ups on other dramas, and, it's fine. I just don't know what happened to Hospital Playlist. I just felt uncomfortable reading it and, I just don't like how they are pushing Flower Garden --- BIG TIME I know ... I know they will say it's not yet ending and, as Chilbong once said But I would like to make this post by points
  10. True ... that is why i hate those fg i mean not as a person but the way they write its like they make the general public dumb as in!!! Grrr...huhu but I will make a rant about it tonight or tomorrow
  11. Oh my, bad! Sorry I'm such a noob here... thank you, for that and yes, If I will be replying to someone, I will not put a picture... except only, if I am going to reply to the main forum, just like the others
  12. here check this link Go to that soompi forums and you may check some theories
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