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  1. Chairwoman Song link with N Korea. Kang mari's husband help JDT in dealing weapons with N korea.
  2. I won't be surprise there will be season 4 and season 5 which include N korea attack S korea. The writer is going to mess up the whole drama and start with a new plot.
  3. The whole season 2 don't make any sense. Vocal cord can be repair ? Penthouse Police is so stupid that they can't tell the difference between writing note and printed note from Logan Lee ? Didn't Logan Lee know that Deleted CCTV video from hard disk can retrieve back ? Others drama i watch, the police take human death very serious but not Penthouse. JDT say what is what and is final and case closed. ???????
  4. For common cause(JDT) as we know that the writer pen is mighty than the sword and criminal Law of the universe. She can change the whole script.
  5. Sorry... not meant to be cruelty. SSR, OYH and CSJ must hire people to kidnap JDT. The Trio tie him up and sent him to a very remote countryside and bury him alive. Before bury, CSJ cut off his genital for S....ing around, OYH cut off his tongue for spreading lies and SSR dig out his eyeballs for all his actions that hurts so many innocence people. Conclusion....SSR, OYH and CSJ became best friends. Happy ending.
  6. This is how the writer wanted to anger her viewers, that is her biggest catch and she got it! That's why i just watch and enjoy laughing. This drama 'Penthouse' is mainly to entertain certain type of viewers but not those on this forum as we noticed there are many many loop holes.
  7. I totally agreed with you regards her beauty, acting and family matters. Eugene acting by far is so much better than Kim So-yeon especially when come to anger. She produced a more natural look compare to Kim So-yeon, total uncalled for fake or over reacting with a lots Facial Expressions. I totally agreed with you. I'm already off this Cork screw roller coast since the end of season 1. I knew what this drama going to be like especially when they announced season 2 & 3. I guess they are going to end soon by revealing a lots of 'Who committed this and who committed that' compared to
  8. Seojin received those treatment from JDT are very petty. She deserve far worst than this cos she is the sole B...h that created the whole chapter.
  9. Agreed. With CSJ, both of them tongue slashing and thrusting deep down their throat. Conspiracy theory...Chairwoman Song is CSJ birth mother. Mental Health Centre as she is underage and mental unstable.
  10. Yes...enjoy watching CSJ yelling and screaming. Big eye balls, moving her cheek bone with her mouth and lip tilted one-side. Grinding her teeth and tighten her neck skin. I noticed, out of 10 appearance, 9 times she does all that. By the time when 'PENTHOUSE' ended, CSJ will proclivity it. Lee Sang-woo and your parent, beware !!!!!
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