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  1. It would have been convenient for non-asian subscibers if it were on Netflix. I am still hopeful that the drama will appear on Netflix after the expiration of it’s contract with Viki. Though,if only Viki gets their subtitles promptly, then I don’t mind it not having it on Netflix. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I wonder if Netflix help worldwide buzz though. Maybe for the Americas/Europe /Africa/Australia but kdrama market of these regions even combined still hold the minority. Well I could be wrong maybe things have changed and kdramas have gained more popularity outside Asia.
  2. Why did you say the drama is not getting many hypes? a. The drama was no 8 most buzzworthy drama even before it aired. b. Lee Joon Gi and and Moon Chae Won & the drama were consistently on most search even before the premiere. c. Lee Joon Gi and and Moon Chae Won & the drama were consistently on the top 5 most buzzworthy actors and dramas since the premiere. d. Lee Joon Gi was no 1 most buzzworthy actor for 3 weeks in a row. e. Lee Joon Gi was no 3 and Moon Chae Won was no 5, drama actor brand reputation for the month of Aug
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