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  1. Because their chemistry will be soexplosive and will make us so crazy in love with them. I am waiting for their photoshoot since CM promotional time. But sadly... anything yet.
  2. Hi again. I am reading silently all you write here and waiting for premiere of FOE. I understand why MCW fans are so frustrated. It's really disaapointing how Namoo promo this drama. It's not a secret I am die fan of LJG, but I love Che Won too and follow her works. I noticed that during Mama Fairy Namoo posted once ot twice her photos in their naver blog while they post many times for their other actors. Even for me, as Joon Gi fan, this doesn't look good. But... i really hope you won't chanels your fruatration to Joon Gi. He is not the one who publish Namoo post or write articles about FOE. Let's keep support both of our leads. Because i think the both are really great screen couple. Can't wait for their emotional performance.
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