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  1. That was a really good point and I think directors/writers worked with him already know how amazing he is. And directors keep working with him again and again is the reason I think they know it. He has a very good relationship with every director he has worked with and most of them worked with him more than once. Looking back I Hear your voice & Pinocchio director ( Jo So-won ) are the same ( sure writer Park HyeRyun was the main reason too ) but they've been so close to eachother since then. Then comes Doctor stranger director ( Jin Hyuk ) which I remember how much he prais
  2. That's so true about RIABB and I loved that about it, I think most of us withjs could feel that jongsuk inside EunHo. but about pinocchio, although I believe he was really good there, I think Park HyeRyun plots and characters are kinda similar to eachother ( Jaechan was a bit different ) but I find so many common things between Suha & Dalpo and I think JongSuk as Suha hits so different and fits him well. That's why I didn't mention Pinocchio. And yet Dalpo impressed me more than JaeChan. Ahahaaahaa the pic is really hilarious, KangChul was a really hard character to act
  3. Doctor stranger is one of his best acted dramas and the one made me his fan...I have a very special place for Park Hoon in my heart. Eventhough the plot wasn't the best specially the second half of it, but still it was one drama made me so excited and happy at that time. I wish more ppl watch jongsuk on DS. If I want to tell people how good JongSuk is as an actor I'd suggest them these : 1. I Hear your voice 2. Doctor Stranger 3. Hymn of Death 4. W 5. V.I.P And then I ask them how's that possible that someone act as all of these characters? And then I wanna see faces of those wh
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