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  1. If they wrapped up filming Decibel (which makes sense cause I think it's been 3 months already??) Then maybe SOON big mouth confirmation news as they gonna start filming in mid agus and they need to do scrip script reading meetings as well/, sooooo CAN'T WAIT
  2. Hiii there Here to join the " Missing JongSuk So Much" club. He's the only one I stan this much and knowing he ain't enlisting anymore yet I have to wait so long to watch him on my screen, is painful. Specially that he's back to his anti social media mood and barley updates his IG and he's no where to seen. And there's no fansign, fan meeting or any other event due to pandemic I guess. I need to have so much jongsuk content and see his warm & shy smile again! And specially I'M SO EXCITED FOR HIS POSSIBLE CHANCE OF CASTING WITH YOONA. This been my dream s
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