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  1. They are so cute together. I swore of HSDS until I accidentally found this version. Love love Joseph as ZW and his interactions with Yukee...awww So sweet. Some fans are weird for giving them heat for this or even dating. Gosh they make our fantasy come true on screen (and I greatly thank them for Best ZW and ZM chemistry) but they do have lives and need love in real life too.
  2. OMG thank you thank you THANK YOU for the link to the video and pictures. They are TOO CUTE. video is so good. Awww....such chemistry. It is what I hope and want to believe but in showbiz it is hard to tell.
  3. Omg I am SO EXCITED. Thanks for keeping us updated! Exciting news anytime they are together I wanna see. Gosh I am having such a hard time getting over this couple. I don't think there is any Asian drama couple I have ever had a hard time like this letting go.
  4. I have read the last chapter you have on there I think. But it has been awhile. Where grandpa meet grandkids. ..lol can't say more in case I spoiled for those who wanna read it
  5. Hahaha I agree..though I like Wuji through out. can't stop watching him and his expressions and reactions...especially his reaction to ZM teasing. And I especially like when he is forced to call her "Hao Jei jei" (sorry if spell it wrong) And when he gave her back her hairpin the expression just right before he put it in her hair. I don't know. Just something about that scene of him pining it into her hair and then she returning it the same way. Both his expressions before and after is just so adorable.
  6. It is not right!! I still can't get over this Wuji. He is so cute and I miss him. Lol thanks for the pictures.
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