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  1. Hahaha what? Really?? You are awesome!! I am SO HAPPY I got to see it just in time. Lol now I know who to blame for my current condition hahaha jk it is cuz of it that I joined up here and meet all you cool people. Thank you!!
  2. I am currently reading your fanfic now!!! so SO good. I have a feeling that it was not your intention to write ZM=YC and WJ=JZ but when reading it...the interactions feels and remind me so much of them. It is so cute. It gives me a feeling that I am continuing YC&JZ journey as ZM and ZWJ. I can only imagine the couple (2019) . And your ZZR= 2003 version( ?)cuz it is the only one that suits. Other than the use of too much "beautiful as goddess" phrase to associate with ZZR it is a beautiful fic. I love the plot and layout of the story so clever, smart and realistic and happy:) Please keep up the good work!!! Thank you for writing it and for sharing!!:)
  3. Awww.. thanks so much! I love love all your picture post. So cute!! Too cute. Make my day:)
  4. Awww.. hairpin scene is so cute!! Cartoon so so cute:) thanks for sharing What did he write in the sand on the beach if you don't mind me asking:)
  5. Love!! My favourite holiday and those two is a gift lol That sword scene is one of my favorite. Wish there is a series of that pics. I am kinda late. May 2020. But thanks SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFORT!! Gosh I thought there was something wrong with me after watching this show and just can't let it go. I am so glad I joined this group reading some of your and everyone's comments help me feel normal hahaha Thanks for still trying!! For real? They are in a relationship? Would be so cute. Awwwww.... What do they say if anyone don't mind:) Lol too cute!! One of my favourite. ..but what am I talking about??? he is good through out. Camera angel are amazing. Is it only me or I really love the hairpin part. He looks so cute when he gave it back to her and when she return it hahaha Wow thanks for update The Vietnam dubbed version might have the best cut. It suddenly disappear from YouTube so sad Only thing is ZM voice. Would prefer different voice actor but I am still too happy:)
  6. LAST POST OF OLD COMMENTS! ! Almost up to date. So excited. Will go back to filter out and delete repeat post once I caught up. Sorry for so many repost:) Did you make up about him riding to meet her or is this something that did happen? Can't read Chinese where on graph is HsDS? What show is this???
  7. Please keep writing. So good!! Hahaha at page 170. 20 more pages till caught up. Hope to catch all the wonderful comment and fanfics for new comers. Sorry too many good comments can't quote all. I love-hated HSDS for same reason. Don't think the author knows how to write an innocent like Wuji and don't understand a woman like Minmin. Being a woman I can testify for myself that I can't love the book Wuji. It is too exhausting to love that deeply and truly such an unworthy weak wishy wash man as book/different versions Wuji. I have always find it kinda insulting and offensive that ZM who have it all can give it all up for such a weak and dumb man like how Wuji portrayed and written in the book. Only a narrow mind/shortsight/shallow (have your pick lol ...please don't be offended just stating my opinions and many years long of pint up frustration finally here;)) MALE can think a smart woman like ZM can continously make all those sacrifice if he is just like all the thousands she was exposed to (her father is a general so that # is possible) I hated it cuz in my opinions he and everyone (author, screen writers, actors) messed up this amazing character big time. I honestly believe you can come up with an amazing idea/concept but doesn't necessarily can make it great/masterpeice because people can tend to stick to what they know while writing about what they don't hence can mess up the intention or concept that glory the factor thus causing it to fail the final mark . I believe some fanfics are great examples of this. Why there are so many versions of products....we improve as we learn. Thus 2019 version master the Wuji and Minmin and YX characters maybe next version the rest of the story (or it is hidden in the 20 missing eposide's lol) but I am good with leaving my HSDS journey with JZ and Yukee:) Make me wish I can read Chinese::::( Love 2019 Minmin. Talk is cheap action speak louder...lol this wuji showed this in all his little deed. Silently sit down next to her so she can lean on him and get a better sleep lol xoxo Sorry to annoy anyone with all the quoting. Wanna collect all fanfic to read at once instead of going back to sear
  8. Well said. I hate this character cuz of everything she does but most of all cuz she got away from it all scratches free. Most versions treat her too well. I hate the pitiful look and act. I love that this version Zhao Min made sure to voice her little suicide attempt for what it is. Love how she called out the people in the room. Basically saying a "demonness" like her got nothing on such a "pure" and "virtuous" goddess like the gentle miss Perfect in the wicked department and everyone in that room is to blame for her being spoiled to get away with it. Remorse isn't enough for this kind of people to never fall back on her nature to do bad again. Especially when she could continuously get away with it.
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