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  1. The drama started airing on 10 Jan 2021. It is available on Youtube. Special on completion of shooting: MV:
  2. Happy New Year @CDVK! Four of his works (Royal Nirvana, Royal Nirvana Season 2, I Will Find You A Better Home, A Land So Rich In Beauty) are listed in the poster for his win so I think the award is for his overall performance in 2020. Thanks for the heads up about A Land So Rich In Beauty. Just watched one episode of it and I think I need to read up on the hierarchy of the civil service in China to better appreciate the story.
  3. Luo Jin won Talented Male Actor of the Year (my loose translation) at the 2020 edition of “China TV Drama Awards” organised by Anhui Television. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4588697049367248 我记得我在10年前,是第一次到《国剧盛典》来,虽然中间因为工作的原因,有几年没来,但是我看到“国剧盛典”几个大字的时候,我依然会觉得特别亲切,特别的熟悉。所以我特别特别的感激《国剧盛典》以及安徽卫视能够这样的肯定我,以及那些可爱的观众们。还有就是想感谢我们的周群老师,余声老师,虽然你们现在没有在台上,我每年那个时候我都会听着她们的声音,走进我们《国剧盛典》的红毯,包括刚刚在下面的时候有很多工作人员,都是那些年能够看到的人,今天还在那儿为我们做着服务工作,因为有你们的努力,有安徽卫视的支持,我们的《国剧盛典》才能一年又一年精彩的举办下去,所以,希望《国剧盛典》能越来越好,也希望未来我可以带着更多好的角色和好的作品站在这个舞台上,谢谢大家!——2020《国剧盛典》 My translation: I remember I first atten
  4. Congrats to Hyun Bin and Yejin on confirming they are dating. May their relationship grow from strength to strength in the road ahead and bear the most beautiful fruit.
  5. In the novel on which the drama is based, the protagonist is a young patient who time travels into a different world (fictitious historical period) but such an element had already been banned by the censorship board so they had to come up with this convoluted way of introducing the storyline (a student created a story to convince his professor of the relevance of his proposed thesis topic).
  6. cr mydramalist Details: Chinese title: 乌云遇皎月 English title: My Deepest Dream Genre: Supense, Romance Episodes: 24 Director: Yu Zhong Zhong, Cai Cong Broadcast Period: 2021 Streaming Platform: Tencent Cast: Li Yitong Jin Han Zeng Ke Ni Wang Zirui Synopsis: Based on Ding Mo’s novel of the same name, it tells the love story of a top university student turned car mechanic and a female author of suspense-mystery novels. Wu Yu meets Tan Jiao on a cruise and the two fall in love at first sight. After the tour end
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