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  1. Ditto. I doubt they will go to the expense of doing an English translation unless the drama becomes super popular or a fan picks it up (which will take time).
  2. From what I understand, the hundred day restriction began in August and applies specifically to dramas broadcast on TV.
  3. Unlike other dramas adapted from a novel, this is an original story commissioned by Yu Zheng’s company and they have released a novel with the same title. The DramaPanda article got it the other way round.
  4. Warning: The drama is pretty tame but some parts of the novel are not suitable for minors.
  5. Yu Zheng wrote that he had to cut out something in the plot for the drama to get the approval. Those of you who can read Chinese can read the novelisation of the script at iQiyi to find out what was cut. https://wenxue.m.iqiyi.com/book/detail-18l2hmamtd.html
  6. @glodmacspynter002 It is a HE. @NataliaMedella You may not be aware but we are not allowed to post links to illegal sites on this forum. Maybe you can share them privately with the one who asked you.
  7. Only VIP members who pay extra can get access to the final episodes early. For the rest, the episodes are still released according to the original schedule.
  8. Latest BTS https://m.bilibili.com/video/av61065754.html?from=search&seid=6060581263734775948 https://glb.m.mgtv.com/b/328378/6121902.html
  9. This is probably to increase the number of episodes for commercial reasons. I have begun to tire of such tactics in dramas that are picked up for broadcast on the TV channels as they seriously dilute the quality and disrupt the pace of the drama, not to mention the ending may be edited until it makes no sense.
  10. The preview I saw does show romance between the two. I didn’t like the long wig she wore though. It looked very unnatural. And it seems his character knows she is female. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4398262255449609
  11. The drama broadcast was supposedly cut short because of an order by the censors.
  12. Did you read the novel in its original language? There isn’t such a thing as half a core. He transferred his entire golden pill/core to JC.
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