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  1. @Sisca_TVXQ The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre is not really a Tencent production. I believe they only bought the show after it was completed. Moreover, it was helmed by a director who believes in using less expensive, lesser known actors for leads so as to have more funds for other aspects of the production. Also, he prefers to use less CGI.
  2. Nirvana in Fire is really excellent. It is one of those rare dramas that appeal to both men and women.
  3. Fan made ending with the deleted flashbacks during the gift of the luminous pearl and the boat scene.
  4. A Promenade Through The Tang Dynasty sounds like a literal translation by Cfensi. In the official news source, they used Court Lady so I'm going with that for now.
  5. I know quite a number of young viewers who expressed strong adversion to the enhancements used by cdramas (not just in the film but also publicity photos) to make their actors' complexions pale and flawless. I don't normally notice this but for this drama, it really struck me because everything was pale, not just the people and I was fresh from viewing The Legends which has a darker palette and sharper images.
  6. Going by the standard of Jiaxing's past big budget productions (TMOPB, Fuyao), I think we can still expect subpar CGI though.
  7. Is anyone interested to discuss Yin Xiaochun? I find her relationship with General Bai quite baffling. Did she plan at the very start to toy with his feelings or did she get the idea later on because i)he caused the death of her first love and/or ii)he intended to rebel against the Emperor? Such a plan requires a very long time to execute and she seems to me a forthright person who lacks the kind of guile or callousness to do so. She started out wanting to to join the military because she hated the general and wanted to kill him but then she kept saving him from dying from his wounds even when he caused the death of her first love. She lived at his residence for many years while taking care of his sister and allowed him to gainsay her wishes. Did she develop any feelings for him at any point?
  8. If you scroll back 1-3 pages, you'll find posts discussing the ending. It is a very abrupt and unsatisfactory ending in my opinion but there are some who like it.
  9. There was an incident where she commented on his Instagram post but he didn't reply then some rabid DL fans started attacking YZ. It became quite bad. He just kept quiet on the entire issue. I don't know if she blames him at all but I think she wants to avoid antagonising his fans.
  10. The producer has already said the original cast will not return for the second season since it is about their children. Moreover given the current relationship between Deng Lun and Yangzi, I think we are unlikely to see them collaborate anytime soon.
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