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  1. @Yui. There was a technical hiccup at Tencent recently so they released one more episode to make up for the inconvenience caused.
  2. @aprincessofmars I don't think you can find any TV version without subs as Chinese subs are a requirement for the benefit of the hearing impaired. The closest version you can find without cuts and subs is the DVD version as it is the one usually licensed to regions outside China. I would be interested in your re-edits of the last few episodes as well.
  3. Mon to Thu, 2 episodes each (VIP members get a headstart of 8 episodes). The official YT channel is now at Ep16. So far, there are 25 episodes released.
  4. That's probably canned music. That is the director's style of late. I'm ok with the hand gestures, which are often used by other directors too but the closeup on the eyes can be quite jarring. He tends to zoom in too close (omitting the nose) and for some actors, this doesn't work so well (too much mascara, eyes that are not so recognisable or don't convey emotions well). I must say Qin Junjie's acting is really good. His eyes are distinctive and emote well.
  5. Hi @Myokie Nice to meet someone who has watched the original. The writer said in previous interviews that he had regretted on hindsight not giving the drama a happy ending. I wonder if it will end differently in the reboot. Initially, I wasn't sure about the female lead as she is a relative unknown but she subsequently impressed me in The Legends. I think she can do justice to the role despite her youth. If any other Soompi members here have watched the original, do chime in with your thoughts.
  6. it's a forgettable movie. The ML doesn't really fit the look of the character. Angelababy is beautiful but her acting was superficial and overdone in places.
  7. I don't think this has been posted here before. Wu Lin (the actor who played Ah Da) also sang a duet with Hu Sha Sha.
  8. Veteran actress Pan Yingzi plays Imperial Noble Consort Wan. (to be updated when photo is available).
  9. That's probably my favourite too. I read that they took 168h (one week) to film that incredible sequence. Original Chinese article: http://www.hengdianworld.com/NewsDetail.aspx?id=4932&channel=
  10. I'm not ready to make a judgement yet as many of the stills are taken from a distance so you can't see the details very well. They are quite bold in mixing prints (some make me think of Japanese fabrics although Yu Zheng has said he doesn't want the costumes to look Japanese). I don't really care for the grey geometric print costume of Xu Kai. The choice of fabrics makes the ladies' skirts more puffy compared to another Tang dynasty series I watched. The colour palette is inspired by the tri-coloured glazed pottery of that period.
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