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  1. I'm currently watching the show (I'm only at episode 6) and I'm enjoying every minute of it! This is a really refreshing and different tv series. I'm so much in love with the main charachter and looking forward to seeing where he will lead me. I hope the story will stay as interesting as it is now. Just to share my happiness!
  2. On this we perfectly agree although I also undestand all of the criticisms raziela pointed out. I understand them because we usually don't see that kind of acting in a drama. I mean, the male lead is often handsome, tall, muscular but on the other hand he acts poorly or doesn't give any depth or intensity to his character (except very few actors). I found Chen Kun's acting more theatrical in that regard. It is all focused on the gestures, on the miming. With a single look, you know for sure how he feels, he's able to change expression in the blink of an eye. That is the reason why he seems too extreme at times. Most of the scene could have been staged in a theatre. In my opinion, that is a plus to watch a show when you don't need nothing more than the acting to be completely absorbed by a story. Let's also say I don't find Chen Kun particularly attractive as a man but at the end of the show I was in love with Ning Yi. Well, to me this is a win win situation for the production. That said, everyone is different and so we can have divergent opionions... in order to discuss them on soompi! ^____'
  3. Hello guys! In these last days I've watched the most interesting episodes of our beloved show and you know what? I wrote a different plot for the beginning of episode 25 ('cause I'm crazy, I know it!). My romantic side cannot stand the absence of a little skinship!!! So, just to share, please read my attempt to make our main couple a little more straightforward and make your comments.
  4. I have a question: in ep. 63 Prince of An of Dayue wants to marry ZW. Is it a political move or did he really fall for her? After she loses her memory, he seems affected by her. What do you think?
  5. Great video, thank you! I don't know if you remember that I was not too much into it at the beginning. Well, now I'm totally crazy about this drama, I don't even understand myself... Now I'm re-watching it for the second time and I love it more than the first. I'm in awe over the terrific acting and at the moment I cannot watch anything else! ^___^
  6. It was my favourite romantic scene! I loved it so much but I wanted a kiss, even a light, brief one. ZW is for once speechless and NY is bolder than usual (and than later). We don't actually know if he'd had other experiences with women, the series doesn't show anything in that regard but I would find it strange otherwise: he was imprisoned at 18, an age already considered suitable for marriage. The statement "certain things must remain in the dark", I also take it as a warning. I read it as "don't let others know or guess about us" for he has a specific agenda, he cannot be distracted or hindered by anyone. As a matter of fact, we have to wait until the Minhai arc for them to lose all their barriers and finally admit they love each other.
  7. Good Day! I've just finished the drama and I can say that overall I did like it. As others have said, Chen Kun and his portrayal of the Pince of Chu is alone worth the watch with his outstanding acting. Let's say that all the main actors/actresses did a remarkable job and - in my opionion - should be awarded with a prize. About the ending, I totally understand Zhiwei's choice. She couldn't bear to leave him yet she couldn't be with him either, with all that happened (oath apart). They were different people at the end. She wasn't the bright and genius girl anymore and he wasn't the dark and scheming Prince of Chu but the Emperor. An emperor who eventually would have to make difficult choices, let her suffer, maybe marry a pair of consorts and four/five concubines. Zhiwei would have liked to travel the world, maybe with her lover, with a light heart and no worries at all safe for learning and explore different countries, different cultures. The palace was a too constricted place for her, she would have felt suffocated. So thank you for reading my thoughts. I have to go know, read you soon!
  8. First of all, thank you for all your responses! I am currently ill at home so from episode 37 I'm already at 44... Well, It got really better in terms of pace, romance and action. So I think I'm gonna watch the entire series, even if I read spoilers on the ending. I love the portrayal of Ning Yi, the acting is superb. The intensity of some of Prince of Chu's looks is worth my time I guess. The actress playing Feng Ziwhei is also very good and has a very warmth smile. These last episodes have been showing more chemistry between the two leads! One thing in particular made me wonder though: the translation of some dialogues. I mean, does it have a sense between adults the word "like" in a confession? "I like you" is a bit childish or for a teenage first love, imho. In the adult world, I'd rather say "I'm in love with you", "I've fallen for you" or simply "I love you". What do you think? @morganian Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favourite love stories. You are right, not even a kiss, yet you keep dreaming about it. Well, about Legend of Fuyao (that I recommend), it is an entire different show and maybe I am a little biased by...ahem... a shirtless main lead? I will update my final opinion as soon as I finish the show!
  9. Hello to you all! I’d like to let you know my opinion - so far - about this show. Unfortunately, I had great expectations for this drama and now, that I’ve almost finished watching episode 37, they have all been disappointed. First of all, it’s too slow paced for me. If they had reduced all the sequences regarding bows and the phrases with “Yes, Your Majesty”, “Thank you, Your Majesty”, “You can rise” etc, it would have been a very wise thing to do. The scenes with all the drinking too and then we hear so many times the same project explained, said to a different person and said again. Ok, we get it: in a world similar to the ancient China, you had to have the utmost respect for the Emperor if you didn’t want to lose your life. We know it: all that the main character wants is revenge and absolution for his lost brother, then for his mother. Plus, I can count the episodes worth watching on the fingers of my right hand. They are really a few and I will avoid spoilers. The setting, the costumes, the cinematography are top-notch and also the acting but it gets frequently too boring and I have already skipped many parts and still I know what’s going on without losing much. As for the romance, the male and the female lead are very good with their acting but also their story is underdeveloped: I don’t really see this great love blooming. Most parts of their scenes are deceitful and, even if they are interested in each other saving the life of the other one many times, it doesn’t feel like a romantic sentiment at all, they lack chemistry. Even if full of clichés, I’ve loved Legend of Furyao and the portrayal of the protagonists' profound love. As far as political intrigues are concerned, I adored (and watched twice) Nirvana in Fire and its outstanding cast. Where does that leave The Rise of The Phoenixes?Is it getting any better in the remaining episodes? Please, share your thoughts!
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