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  1. Episode 11 was....seriously underwhelming. It’s not even about the lack of a kiss scene or sleeping arrangements. There was ZERO relationship development and the story just went round in circles. But episode 12 was back on track. Sweeeet! I loved that they brought back the comedy. And the gaming scene was gold, something I think Korean audiences will love and really identify with, especially gaming’s effect on relationships Redeemed! Now if I were editor... I would have cut out 80% of 11 and gone straight to 12. But then again, maybe all the intense product placements (like @africandramalover said to me, who the heck goes for coffee after reunion of the century?? When she lifted that coffee mug right in front of the camera I groaned really loudly.) were needed to fund those filming trips to Switzerland and Mongolia... I reckon we won’t have a time jump after all, with four episodes left it’s just enough to tie up the Cho Cheol Gang syndicate and Seri’s family problems. Who knows what the writer has up her sleeves but with S Korea and N Korea possibly opening up individual tourism, that’s my wager for the ending. With Seri owning the Seoul Arts Center. And Ri Jeong Hyuk finding his way back to the piano.
  2. On CLOY's filming delays... This is just a theory, but any other screenwriting/film studies friends out there? One of the golden rules of screenwriting is to "cut in and cut out", meaning don't waste time telling me how Jeong Hyuk gets from A to B. Every scene has a purpose; just go ahead and tell it straight and cut out once you're done. Park Ji Eun is a master at this, look at how few seconds she spent on Mu Hyeok's funeral. It was powerful, emotive--and less than thirty seconds. The flashbacks are perfect, not draggy and convey the point immediately. But this also means that each episode has many more scenes. I'd reckon that CLOY has at least 15-20% more scenes than your typical drama. Many of the scenes are short. That's also why the story moves so damned fast. But it also means...the director and production team have a lot more scenes to shoot... Anyone else noticed...? @stroppyse I saw your comments on the conservative backlash and I've been discussing this a lot with my friends in S Korea. My friends in the film/artistic industries roll their eyes and say "normal, what did you expect", my conservative friends say "this show is delusional" and "this is why I never watch local dramas". So, I don't really think this is bridging the huuuuge divide much at all...
  3. I just read TVN’s caption on the Youtube video, it says “Ri Jeong Hyeok makes his debut on South Korean social media for his impossibly dashing good looks”? OMG I can only imagine....this is hilarious
  4. Actually if you read the article again what it says is that South Koreans have always seen North Koreans as humans, but it is the rest of the world "more precisely, the US media" which sees N Korea as an international rogue state. The article is saying it isn't South Korea but us international fans who are getting a whole new perspective on North Korea. Preview--Omo, the scene with Hyun Bin in a suit was just shot late last week! Cutting it close! Quick translation of the Seri/JH parts... Seri: make yourself comfortable, would you like to wash up? JH: I know how that works... Seri: Go inside! Take your clothes! Seri: Someone like RJH who must win all the time is really dangerous. JH: What is this...this 'face genius' Seri: Well, it means good looking Seri: Do you know where is Cho Cheol Kang? It looks like Jeong Hyuk got his photo taken! Tbh...the preview tells us...not very much...it does look like it's going to be funny though. Can't wait to watch more of F4 + 1 in Seoul...reminds me of my own surprises adjusting to life in S Korea
  5. Well did anyone hear what the #1 NAVER search term last night was? ”Crash Landing Episode 11 preview”
  6. Daebak! The last ten minutes of the show was probably the funniest so far, I just couldn't stop laughing. I am so stoked to watch more of "North Koreans in Seoul" in a lovingly humorous and for once, non-political way. And Kim Soo Hyun's cameo, just fabulous. Yup, no preview. For all of you who celebrate, go and enjoy Lunar New Year this weekend and forget all about CLOY, just like Seri-tongmu and Ri Jeong Hyuk-daehwi have to try and forget each other Go and spend time talking to those relatives and family you rarely see, meet up with your old friends, disconnect (from CLOY) and connect with your real life. That, I believe, is the director's Seollal gift to us
  7. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet....but the boss is back tonight! (source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=202001190100131450008402&servicedate=20200119)
  8. If anyone here follows South/North Korean politics you may have heard that Moon Jae In wants to introduce individual tourism to North Korea (but the US is not happy about his idea). So a non-reunification scenario but where people between the two countries can move freely may actually be a reality in our lifetime. Ha that would be hilarious! She looks so different from Stairway to Heaven days tho. Apparently Pyo Chi Su and Seri have done a lot of filming together in Seoul. Korean fans: “I can’t wait these are going to be the funniest scenes ever”
  9. Ju Mok’s life is fulfilled Article also says Choi Ji Woo is 5 or 6 months pregnant (due in May) so that should be interesting...!!
  10. I was trying to remember who was the one who said this...you called it!!
  11. Park Ji Eun is a master I totally forgot all the doubts I had after Eps7-8 and enjoyed this episode so much! Every strand was pulled together so well: —We all knew Jeong Hyuk’s mother was a softie and would play a major role, but actually, so is his father! They both understood Seri’s role in helping Jeong Hyuk find his way back to himself —the watch. It had to be found by the Rat, watch him redeem himself sometime in the near future —the path to South Korea: watch the band of four chase Jeong Hyuk to Seoul —very strong hints about fantastical reunification Yes, they do. Now that Jeong Hyuk’s path has been partially fulfilled, eagerly anticipating Seri-tongmu’s character arc as she discovers she can no longer live her old life again...I have a feeling Jeong Hyuk will appears by the end of 10 (as per spoiler we saw earlier) and we can all go and enjoy our Seollal. P.S. Saw some questions about Korean formalities; yes it’s very common for good friends and even lovers whom you get to know in adulthood (20 or so?) to address each other as —sshi, especially in public or with friends. But as you can see Seri totally dropped the formalities this episode: she calls him “tangshin” more than once and her 사랑해요 리정혁씨 becomes 사랑해 리정혁 (the book titles)
  12. Hello!! Sorry I've been busy working on my own stories, and Seollal (lunar new year) is just around the corner so it's busy busy times! I've been hanging out on the Korean forums tho and OMG there have been so many spoilers, sightings, speculative theories etc I haven't checked out past posts here but I think there's wide consensus amongst the Korean audience that Ri Jeong Hyuk's father was the one who kidnapped Seri...and this morning's piano photos are probably....his childhood room?? Although if they get separated then reunited in a single episode then well, this show moves fast! From my perspective as a screenwriter, I am in two minds about episodes 7 and 8. While I was utterly taken by Hyun Bin and Son Yejin's acting, I'm fully aware that it's their *acting* that moved me, not the story. And if I try and trace the development of their relationship, yes I'm convinced they like each other a lot. But to the extent where Jeong Hyuk says "if she dies my life would be a living hell"? I understand what the show is trying to do, and someone from DC Inside posted a fantastic essay about how Yoon Seri is for him, the way back to his past life, his blissful 'life of few losses' before his brother died. But I feel the jump in their emotional development was too abrupt and imho, it's because the shootout scene was too dramatic and manufactured. As was the gunshot at the ending of episode 8....I mean, everyone knows she's not going to die.... That's all from me now. Got to get back to work! Looking forward to more drama tomorrow...
  13. I agree, to a certain extent. I don’t usually watch dramas like CLOY but this has been a surprise, a mainstream drama that is both fun/entertaining and yet thoughtful at the same time. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for this discussion thread (and I’ve been in many Soompi threads). Does this always happen with star powered (rather than story powered) dramas? It’s a pity, because this drama is that rare combination of both. There’ve been so many translations, deep dive discussion, scene analysis I wanted to do but there doesn’t really seem to be an audience here for a deeper level of engagement. So I’m mostly hanging out on the Korean boards instead.
  14. More spoilers from said eyewitness account who has calmed down from her shock of seeing them hugging... And I totally agree with the KNetz commentator who said: what they show us a reunion scene before the farewell? the farewell must be coming this weekend...
  15. More snooping around on KNetz...someone reported seeing The Two Ris shooting in their neighbourhood...it’s supposed to be a North Korean shopping street...and Kim So Hyun shot his cameo there too (not sure if it’s the same scene as the spoilers posted earlier) and...someone has posted a full description of the filming of that scene...THAT SCENE This is obviously A PLOT. A carefully orchestrated marketing ploy to get us all excited before Saturday and keep our interest going.