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  1. I am so excited to learn of the wonderful and surprising results for 'My Ahjussi' at the Baeksang Awards! We were all hoping that our beloved drama would get recognized but with the popularity of some of the other dramas most of felt that even a nomination would be a win. Then when the nominations came out I felt that winning would be great but would that really happen? I can't believe they actually won! I guess the voters did recognize the beauty and greatness of MA. Now that our show has been recognized as the 'Best Drama' I couldn't be happier!!! Except I did agree with @sadiesmith I was so proud of 'My Ahjussi' but I was also disappointed that LSK didn't get recognized for his portrayal of Dong Hoon. I felt disappointment just like I was not initially happy with the ending of the drama. But after reading comments about the ending and thinking about it I did come around to think the ending was the best we could hope for considering the audience. Just like then, after being upset about the non-award for LSK I realized that he and everyone else who participated in MA all go home as winners! As the 'Best Drama' of the year everyone was recognized as being Best. The director, writer, staff and actors (lead, supporting and background) were all essential pieces in this production. It wasn't just one actor that was recognized. The whole team was recognized. Every person who participated in MA was deemed worthy of being named as the Best. The drama wouldn't have succeeded without everyone doing their part. So in my eyes and in the eyes of this awards giving group every person involved in MA is considered a winner! I think this is the appropriate result for our residents of Hugye. A group effort. And that brings me comfort. How about another round of drinks. Some celebratory songs. A nice meal for our special pair at the their special restaurant. And please more fanfic!
  2. I'm sorry that I missed the 1 year anniversary celebration here. So many exciting posts since my last visit (I skimmed the last few pages). The nominations for the Baeksang are exciting and well deserved! "Daebak!" For me the one year anniversary was some time this past week or so. I didn't start watching when it first started. I wanted to have a few episodes to watch before I started. Can't believe it is already a year. Can't believe I can't re-watch it since DF closed down. I wanted to say that I watched 'Touch your heart' and the way the lead characters finally expressed their like for each other was how I wanted our DH and JA to express their feelings for each other. I kept seeing DH's and JA's faces over these other characters. I also saw 'The light in your eyes'. I almost gave up on it. I actually said to myself that if the younger version of the main character did not appear soon I would stop watching. The younger version showed up again so I kept watching. But it was only for one episode. I understood the focus on the elderly and the message but I felt 'come on give us the relationship of the young leads'. Finally the big reveal occurred in ep 10. Everything made sense. I think 3 or 4 episodes could have been cut to make the same point but the beauty of how everything 'connected' reminded me of MA. In MA every episode (except maybe half of one episode) was crucial for the story to fulfill us. TLIYE was close. The acting was great but a tighter story would have made it better. I guess nothing matches our MA. MA spoiled me. Now no other show has really satisfied me. The search continues. Just have to wait for a LJE and LSK reunion!!!
  3. Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year!!! @Yana Mujay Thank you for posting all those video clips! I really appreciated the video of IU singing the Christmas song. I thought of the lyrics "in your eyes, in your face, in the way you hold my hand". It reminded me of the ending of MA. How DH smiled so brightly and how tightly he held JA's hands. That song was very nice. @widala Thank you also for all your clips! I don't know where you find them but I really get my MA addiction fed by all your hard work. That clip of LSK singing 10 years ago is priceless! @oldschooler your observations are always mind-blowing. JA's wind-swept look does look like the young orphan in Les Mis. Thank you for your words regarding my attempts at being creative. I was hesitant to post them but I love you guys and MA so much that I felt comfortable in sharing. I thinking of writing something from DH's perspective next. I knew I could write what I wanted yet feel safe in this sanctuary of MA love. @Joseph Lim Thanks for sharing IU singing 'The Station'. I like the song. It really grows on you. @sadiesmith Thanks for finding and sharing all these articles. They also help to feed my MA addiction. Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Can you believe it is almost one year since MA started airing? I can start watching 'Sky Castle'. It has started to show on Viki. Hooray!
  4. Sorry for the continuous posting but I wanted to put this out there before the start of the new year. It gets kind of busy at work during this time so I'm not sure if I will be able to post this later. Here is my musical version of the relationship between JA and DH. No other characters involved. Done in four parts. Done with the idea of the traffic signals. Some of it is kinda funny whether intentional or just from knowing the show (sorry, but I have a strange sense of humor). It's been a while since I have seen the drama so the sequence of events might be a little off. My apologies. JA = Ji An thinking, conversing, singing DH = Dong Hoon trying to do the same. Part 1 - Signals flash yellow. Caution JA - It costs to be nice. To be cold there is no price. DH - It takes effort to try. Won't back-stab and lie. JA - Make some easy money. This loser doesn't care. Interest payments don't stop. Life just isn't fair. DH - Under-dressed for winter. Takes the coffee too. But she made the chaos stop. Why I have no clue. JA - Have no shame. Not to blame. I'm just here to eat. DH - Stuffs her face. Has no grace. I'm just here to treat. JA - Spying on the sadness. Hearing that mesmerizing voice. Feelings begin, but they must stop. There is no other choice. DH - My interest has been piqued but I know what I must do. Block these thoughts like a crossing guard although it feels brand new. JA - There is no confusion. The signals are so clear. My heart is pounding frantically when that voice I hear. JA and DH - We are living in the wrong time. In the wrong place. The yellow lights of caution slows our pace. Part 2 Signals flash a faster yellow. About to turn red. JA - Attempted a kiss. Didn't miss. The reaction was disgust. DH - That's so bold. It must be told. It only fosters mistrust. JA - He fights to protect his family. DH - She's responsible for her family. JA - Is he like me? DH - She is better than me. JA - He called me a good person, but to us he was so nice. DH - She is a good person, but has lived paying such a price. DH - Is she like me? JA - Can he like me? JA - The slippers were a mistake. They surely won't be worn. DH - Buy me another pair. Without them I am torn. (or without them my feet aren't warm). JA - My heart aches when you are hurting; when you look so down. Must tell you hang in there. Fighting! Please remove that frown. JA - He fights for me. DH - She speaks for me. JA - He hurts so bad. DH - She is so sad. JA and DH - We are living in the wrong time. In the wrong place. The yellow lights of caution slows our pace. Part 3 Signals flash red slowly. JA - It's me. I had to call from this booth that is so small DH - It's me? Is that all? Did you think we're all having a ball? JA - It is best that I'm not around. I have a job. I am fine. DH - I hear you but can't make a sound. I mustn't cross any line. JA - I must hide alone but I really miss his voice. DH - She tapped my phone but she had no other choice. DH - You don't have to flee. Please Ji An. Call meeee. JA - He found out what I did. Have to run away. Who am I to kid (or he must have blown his lid). Can't be caught today. DH - Where the heck did you go? Why do I run so slow? JA - You're a fool. That's what you get. DH - You're a jewel. There's no need to fret (or won't hug you yet). JA - I did wrong. I listened in. DH - You protected me. There is no sin. JA - I missed his voice. DH - She had no choice. JA and DH - We are living in the wrong time. We must stop when we hear the wind chime. Part 3 The signal stays red. But after red the signal turns green. JA - You told me to call. Grandma has died. DH - You turn then fall. You loved and cried. JA - Don't want to be sappy but grandma would be so happy. DH - Flowers more than a few. It's all thanks to my brother. JA - I'm thankful more to you. More than any other. JA - I have to go (or I have to leave). I will miss the bar. DH - I feel so low (or I can't believe). Why go so far? JA - I'm so sorry. DH - No need to worry. JA - For you to be happy is my wish. DH - Live up to your name you must accomplish. JA - Before I go can I have a hug? DH - Embracing so. My heart does so tug. DH - He asks how is she doing? Is she alright? I answer, why would she call me? Do you want to fight? There is no news to tell. But chairman says she is well. JA - Back in Seoul. That was the goal. DH - No longer low. Now a CEO! JA - I hear his voice. I have no choice. It's been awhile but I see that smile. DH - There is that face in this curious place. Missed her so. Thus my smile does grow. JA - Back in the city. No need for pity. DH - Back in the city. I feel so giddy. JA - Gotta run. Will call you soon for a meal. DH - Let's shake hands now to seal the deal. JA - He holds my hand so tightly. He is smiling so brightly. DH - She confidently said she'll call me again. A clear signal that our new life will begin! JA and DH - We are living in the right time. In the right place. We'll stroll the green gardens at our own pace. Walking hand in hand the curtain comes down. Happy end to the year everyone!
  5. @widala @africandramalover and @justamom (welcome back) I really wanted to watch Sky Castle but viki doesn't show it in my area. I'll have to try and watch it somehow. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm glad it is a good show. @t123han Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook star in fates and furies. They were in the 2014 drama Cunning Single Lady. F/F is a Saturday drama showing four 30 minute episodes in a row. It is about a rich shoemaker but his status in the family is rocky because of the usual step-mother/brother dynamics. He meets a poor shoemaker who is enlisted to break-up his upcoming (loveless/business related) marriage to a rich woman by another rich man who used to like that rich woman. Sounds typical right? But I enjoy watching LMJ and JSW so I'll keep watching. @arctichare Thank you for your kind words. Happy Holidays to you! (Sorry but I can't manage to remove your name below. You get posted twice!) @arctichare
  6. Hi all, It's the holiday season and my mind was wandering and of course it settled on MA! So, I was thinking about what @oldschooler wrote about glass and what @h2ogirl and others wrote about all the traffic signals. I decided to write a song about both of those topics. But it ended up being more of a bad poem and a weird song from a musical. I don't want to ruin the holidays but I'm offering you my thoughts about 'glass' here and my longer 4 scene musical about traffic lights in another post. I just quickly glanced through the pages and @t123han fates and furies stars the leads that had starred together in a show several years ago. I'll look up their names and the show and post later with a synopsis of the drama. It is almost like other melodramas but it is different enough. Plus I just like the leads. Spoiler. Here goes the poem/song. Skip to next post everyone. This is our beloved Jian's mind wandering, hoping, speaking. Looking through the subway window at the coat on a slumping frame. My heart reaches out to touch your soul praying your reflection does the same. Moon bright this night but through dusty glass can't pierce the gloom from this depressing room. Cold bite of night, in open air, can't dim the fond glow gleaned from my mated soul. On the road I spy you engaged, seemingly cozy in your life. But on another day those eyes can't hide such pent up hurt and strife. At my reflection I say, "it's no big deal". But why? Oh my! This longing do I feel. Oh glass barrier if only it will break. But your earnestness and morality so impossible to shake. I long to meet. Long to touch. Long to share. Shatter this glass barrier and expose your emotions bare. In our special place we share a meal, a laugh, a drink. A sanctuary where we don't care what other's think. At my reflection I say, "it's no big deal". Oh my. Won't deny. My heart you did steal. Looking through the subway window at the coat on a comforting frame. My heart reaches out to hold you tight. We now agree there is no shame.
  7. There is a television commercial in the US for SimpliSafe that talks about 'hygge' (the Danish and Norwegian term for comfort in a family home). I immediately thought of the beautiful composition that was posted here regarding HoogyHugye by @africandramalover. Did the writers of the ad read this forum or our fansite? I was so excited when I saw that ad. I have watched several new kdramas in the past few months. Good shows to pass the time but nothing like MA so far. I did like 'The Beauty Inside'. It gave a different perspective to love because the male character cannot recognize faces (done before in another drama) and the female character changes into another person's body once a month for about a week. It was heartwarming to see how the male lead 'recognized' the female lead even when she wasn't 'herself' and how she felt that someone really 'knew' her for the first time since this started happening to her. Even if you don't watch the whole thing try to watch episode 9. It was touching and funny. The best episode of the series. The final episode was not satisfying (except for one scene at the beach) although it was the ending I was hoping for. The new show 'The Encounter' has caught my eye. It seems promising. And so does 'Fates and Furies'. 'Twelve Nights' putters along slowly and the pacing reminds me of MA. There are time jumps of 5 and 3 years where the main leads don't seem to contact each other but still have feelings for each other. Hard to believe but I keep watching to see what happens. '
  8. More awards for 'My Ahjussi'. Yay!! Very well deserved. Thanks to everyone for posting the updates and photos/videos. For those wishing to participate in a Fan vote please go to koreandrama.org They have a vote for Best Drama of 2018. Apparently 'My Mister' got through the preliminary round to the final voting of Top 8 dramas. Currently it is next to last in votes with 364 or so votes (just behind 'Mr. Sunshine'). The first place has more than 6000 votes. You can vote once a day until the end of December. Let's help move our drama up the rankings!
  9. I haven't visited this site in quite a while so I am eager to read what I have missed. But before I do I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I know not everyone here celebrates the US Thanksgiving day. Maybe very few of us here actually do so. But I think there is some version of this day wherever you live so you might understand what this day signifies. Aside from all the usual things to be thankful for, this year I am truly thankful for 'My Ahjussi"! To everyone who made this show possible I say Thank You!! I am also truly thankful to have 'met' all of you here. Without 'My Ahjussi' I wouldn't have come to this site. I wouldn't have been able to experience and enjoy all the wonderful thoughts and observations that all of you have shared. You have made me laugh, shed a tear or two and made me think. I realized I was not alone in my love for the show. You are all so great. I am so glad I found 'My Ahjussi' and stumbled upon this thread. Yes, I give Thanks to all of you. Thank you everyone for the 300+ pages. Here's to 3000 more!? p.s. I'm not thankful that Dramafever is gone. I was planning on re-watching MA entirely or just watching bits of episodes but now I can no longer watch. Did the DVD come out yet?
  10. @oldschooler your thoughts above about glass were so brilliantly told. Bravo! I wanted to add the scene where DH looks so defeated sitting in the car after the soccer match but through the window he sees JA looking back at him with eyes filled with concern and heartache and love. I am going to use your beautiful analysis as proof for the 'shipper' group. I think we can safely say now that the meeting between JA and DH at the end of ep 16 represents a new beginning for their relationship. There is no glass barrier. We are not peering into a private space. They are outdoors in the sunshine with no dark reflections. They are outside holding hands for all to see. Their smiles are big and bright. The trees are green. The traffic signals are green. The birds are chirping and soon everyone will be singing and dancing like in '500 Days of Summer' (sorry, I'm getting carried away here). We are looking at their relationship at a very different time in their lives with new eyes. The glass barriers are moved. Have they been shattered? The official ending may say no but in our hearts it is a resounding yes!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS to My Ahjussi!!!!! Wow! To the winners at the APAN, winning Best Drama at the Seoul Award's and to LSK being awarded the Prime Minister Commendation at the Korean Pop Culture and Arts ceremony. These are so well deserved!!! Before the nominations and the awards I felt like Jian when she first saw Dong hoon at the cafe. Happy inside but a bit hesitant. I knew that this was a drama deserving of recognition and awards but I didn't know if the accolades and nominations would actually come about. The nominations for the Korean Drama Awards brought joy but not winning made me think our show would not be fully recognized. But then the APAN's!!! I felt like Dong hoon when he saw Jian. A big smile came to my face too. I felt like holding on to all of your hands and pulling everyone in for a big group hug. Thank you all for sharing your joy and excitement. Thank you @sadiesmith and @widala and @t123han for posting photos and videos and translations of what transpired at the awards ceremonies. And to whomever else posted pics and vids but I can't remember by name. Thank you @Joseph Lim for posting the translations of LJE's thoughts about possibly leaving the drama but staying after having a heart to heart talk with the PD. It shows how hard of a time she had trying to portray JA. But she hung in there and gave us a performance we all loved and respected. It was so worthy of her APAN win! Like LSK inferred in his acceptance speech. Despite the controversy, good story-telling plus great acting broke through any prejudice and brought this drama to life. I hope many more people discover our gem and enjoy it like we do. It proves that we are not alone in our devotion! p.s. 300 pages, yea!
  12. I'm also excited to see that there will be a Chinese version of MA. Although, I too think that a Japanese version would be more interesting to see. Perhaps it would cater more to the shipper audience in regards to more of an obvious relationship between DH and JA. I was thinking about who might take the role of DH. Most of the actors that I thought about are too old. I think that Takenaka Naoto has the voice to match LSK. He had a role in "A Hesitation of Love/Koi no Tamerai" where he had three suitors. A past lover his own age, a younger woman he went on an arranged marriage meeting with and a much younger woman who works with him all are vying for his affection. He is not 'handsome' but he has that voice. Another actor is Sanada Hiroyuki. You might know him from the US film 'The Last Samurai' or the Japanese movies "The Ring" and it's sequel. But I remember him most fondly from the TV series "Kou Kou Kyoushi/High School Teacher" (the 1993 version not the 2003 one). He is such a talented actor. With just his facial expressions he can convey so many emotions. That program touched me so much. It tackled so many social issues. It was so much more than a teacher/student drama. It was back before Netflix or the internet so I had to wait to watch it every week on the local International station with commercials. I still remember one scene where Sanada's teacher character is standing in front of a slide projector and his shadow/silhouette is on a screen in front of the classroom. The female student who likes him is standing near the screen and she positions herself next to the silhouette of his face. She closes her eyes and lifts her head upwards. He looks at what she is doing and moves his shadow face closer to hers and gives her a 'kiss'. Then he moves his hands in front of him so it looks like he is cradling her head in his hands and 'kisses' her again. Such a moving and heartfelt fake kiss. One other actor that is slightly too old is Watabe Atsuro. He could play one of the executives though. As for actors who are the right age Takenouchi Yutaka is an option. So are former SMAP members Kimura Takuya and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi but I don't know if they have the right acting skills. Any of the three could play JY. Although I believe Shingo Katori, another member of the group, could play the role of DH's younger brother. I think the best choice might be Tsutsui Michitaka. I enjoyed his characters when he was younger. He has a quietness to his acting that fits. But he doesn't have the voice. I think he has a softer sound but that might work too. Something that is different like a whisper. I don't know who the new young actresses are although Fujiwara Sakura was good in the drama "Love Song". She is actually a singer who has gotten into acting. In the drama she plays a person who has a stuttering issue but is able to sing without stuttering. She dreams to have a career as a singer. She acts opposite Fukuyama Masaharo, a more established actor who also might be too old to play DH. Not sure if she can handle the role as LJE did though. Hayami Akari is someone I saw in the film "My Pretend Girlfriend". The character was lonely, hurt and a bit cold at first but became much warmer at the end. 'Kocchi wo muite yo' by the band Weaver is a song in the film that I really liked. MA will never be replaced or outdone by these new adaptations but it would be interesting to see the results. And if they would give me the relationship between DH and JA that I long for then it would be all the better!
  13. That bittersweet hug. I will always remember being so happy at that moment that I got to finally see a hug between these two. I was afraid that DH would reject this request too but how could he say no to that timid smile. It was also so sad thinking that it might have been the last contact that they would ever have with each other. (I kept pausing to check to see how much time was left in the episode. I did that often throughout the series. I loved all the characters but I always wanted more of JA and DH so I would check to see if there was more time for them to appear) The drama could have ended as DH walked away but I am so glad we got that handshake/handhold at the end. The hug was also a bit funny for me. With DH being much taller than JA, when they first hugged JA's face was planted right against DH's chest. It didn't bother me at first since it felt right that she wanted to hide her emotions from him. But as the hug continued I thought she might suffocate with her face buried against him like that. It wasn't the hug that I was hoping for but I got the hug. It was right for the moment. And I was hoping we would get more later.
  14. It's sad to learn that My Ahjussi didn't win anything at the Korean Drama Awards but it was nice to see them nominated. To get you in a better mood try reading this fanfic from @widala https://archiveofourown.org/works/15925955/chapters/37130174#workskin or at https://widala09.wordpress.com/ This piece titled 'Coming Home' provides a plausible ending after the 'handshake' meeting. The last chapter was completed a couple of weeks ago so maybe some of you have not read it yet. It made me laugh, get teary eyed, made me content, brought me comfort and made me happy. What more can we ask for? Bravo!
  15. Warning...warning. This is going to be a very long post. It also will be a bit different because I am trying to be a bit creative. So it may be confusing. You might think that I am so crazy for doing this but I wanted to have some fun. So, sorry if this is not your cup of soju but here it goes. You have been warned. I think all friendships are generally the same. Like-minded individuals enjoy each other's company and they form friendships. But honestly, for guys when you are with 'the guys' you don't have to worry if your shirt is unwashed and wrinkled, if your hair is uncombed, if your language is a bit rough. Or totally the opposite if that is your style. The point is you can just be yourself. I think maybe some women prefer guy friends more than female friends for this same reason. As close buddies you may share the same interests in sports, music, films and books. Maybe the teams and genre are slightly different (only slightly) but you like similar things so you hang out. Like @africandramalover said Dong-hoon and Gyeom-duk discuss the heavy stuff and I find that good male friends can do just that. Ding ding ding the train rail guards sound as they come down before the train swooshes past. Dong-hoon is lying on his back in the snow. Contemplating. Suddenly his underwear comes to mind. Ding ding the wind chimes sound (taken from @justamom's fanfic I loved it so much) as Gyeom-duk sits cross legged in the temple yard as he watches the blades of grass, the sheep on the hillside. Different lives. Your close friends or your best friend is different. You became friends most likely as kids. You share the same scars, the same experiences. The highs and lows. Every free moment you spend together at school and at home. You enjoy the same games, TV shows and movies. You end up liking the same things then later maybe totally different things, but the friendship remains. You know what each other likes, hates, thinks. You fight, you compete but the friendship endures. This is why as @africandramalover says, DH can "unburden his deepest emotions" to GD. Buzz buzz. The subway doors are warning of there impending closure. Dong-hoon sits contemplating the bribe. Dong-hoon sits worrying about his wife's infidelity. He is standing trying not to make contact with this woman. He is sitting and thanks her. Later he sits and gives advice to her. DH stands close to protect her from prying investigators. Dong dong. The prayer bowl rhythmically sings. Geom-duk sits to contemplate a life free from desire. Is Jung-hee still hurting? Free from material things. Is Jung-hee doing well? Living a simple life. Actually, Jung-hee is still longing and drinking too much, but she still washes up before bed. Different lives. Best friends may end up living far away and may not stay in contact daily or weekly or yearly, but when they do connect it is like you saw them yesterday. Fixing a tire. Sharing a laugh. Consoling with a hug. Male friends actually don't do the physical contact thing too much if at all. I think having the awareness of being a monk allows GD to do this. Even DH seems to want GD to stop hugging him. But DH needed this hug. He needs a hug from JA more but this has to do for now. Smash. Crack. Smash. Crack. Dong-hoon's hammer breaks the walls. Sweep. Sweep. A clean temple helps the formation of a clear mind. It is like having a brother, but it is different. You choose to be friends. It seems as if DH and GD were friends from childhood. Like all the neighborhood gang that stayed in Hoogye for generations they are all friends. The gang who congregate at JH's bar are drinking buddies, a soccer group, a community who has each others back. Good acquaintances. Almost a family but DH and GD's friendship transcends this group. They have nothing to hide from each other. They share a deeper connection. Smash, crack. Smash, crack. Dong-hoon's fist hits a cheek. Smash. Lands on an ear. Crack. Finds the jaw. Clang. Clang. The metal rice and soup bowls rattle and pray while being washed. A daily routine. A clear mind. They were rivals in study. Rivals in sport. Maybe even rivals for the same women. They thought similarly. They thought differently. Both thought the other was better than himself. They couldn't be separated through high school up until maybe the start of college. Then Gyeom-duk decided to drop out of "normal" society because the best he could see himself being was to become just like his friend DH. Living earnestly in the attainment of material things for the appearance of being happy. So, DH lost his friend. It wasn't his fault, but for the sake of JH he didn't utter GD's name. Kept his visits to him secret. Couldn't reveal his whereabouts. DH who doesn't smile often always smiles when he sees GD. For a guy like DH it must have been so hard to not have GD around. Smash. Crack. Dong-hoon's fist pounds the bedroom door. Smash. Crack. The door is splintered. The fist is bloodied. Smash. Crack. The emotions are finally laid bare. Exposed. Silence. Gyeom-duk waits patiently. Rustle. The yellow flowers whisper as GD, ever so slightly nervous, holds them. Knock, knock. The bar is not yet open. Yet her heart is. Anticipating...hoping... Emotions are raw. Different lives. Dong-hoon and Gyeom-duk live far away. Speak infrequently. Live different lives. Yet they share a past that bonds them together. A knowing look. A slight smirk. Silence. Words are not necessary for them to understand each other. But a comforting hug. Words of encouragement. Tough words to shake you from self-pity. These are all shared by these two friends. Is GD truly happy? He must meditate for days to ascertain the answer, but he has found his peace. DH had a good cry and in the end I believe he is just starting to find his happiness. Reconnecting with JA is a huge piece to help him achieve happiness. One lives in a temple high in the hills. No hair on his head. The other lives high up in a concrete block. That annoying stubble above his upper lip. Different lives, but best friends. Okay, you can throw tomatoes now! Or persimmons! So, what do your husband's think about DH's friendship with GD? @justamom @africandramalover and @sadiesmith
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