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  1. Wow more posts since I last visited ( I will have to catch up on the last few pages). I was happy to see that our show is now on Netflix. More exposure!!! I haven't watched on Viki yet but I think I will rewatch. Not sure if I should watch on Viki or Netflix. Has anyone noticed a difference on the subtitles between Viki, Netflix and long gone DramaFever? On another note I wanted to make a comment on chemistry in dramaland. Sometimes the casting and writing is not right so the chemistry is non-existent so I won't watch (5-10% of the time). Other times the writing is so good it creates chemistry between characters and although the casting is so-so I decide to watch (60% of the time). At times the acting and writing makes everything click so I am invested regardless of the casting (20-30%). On a show like MA the writing, the casting, the acting and the directing was perfect. I was totally invested. The chemistry worked. The drama still resonates (1%). Very, very rare! One show I am currently watching has such chemistry between the leads that I'm not sure if I've ever witnessed it before. The story is not special but the interactions of the OTP are so pure, refreshing, often funny and very romantic. It is a situation of good casting and probably good acting but maybe just good natural chemistry. Their interactions just make me smile. I shouldn't be talking about another show on this site but 'Dinner Mate' makes me happy. MA was emotional and thought provoking but it wasn't always a happy watch. I wish JA and DH could have this playful magic in the future. I guess it does exist in fanfic. I just want to see it on film.
  2. Hi to the last few who still post on this thread! I've been watching 'A Piece of Your Mind' and it reminds me of our drama MA. This is a 'quiet' drama. It is shot during the same season as when MA started so the characters are wearing similar clothing. I could imagine LJE and LSK playing the lead characters in this drama. The male lead even has his hair styled similarly to DH. The female lead lives in a hilly area like JA. There is a device where you listen to someone's voice similar to JA's wiretapping. There is talk of 'everything is fine' and 'it's nothing'. Not quite like 'it's not a big deal' but close. Episodes 2 and 3 really gave me these feelings of similarity. Episode 1 was a bit like 'oh no, not another AI drama' in the beginning but it was interesting enough to keep me watching although being somewhat confusing. It is not another AI drama if you keep watching. Well, I wish tvN, the writer and PD had at least considered casting LJE and LSK for the roles. I just picture them instead of the actual actors sometimes in certain scenes (boy am I crazy). The lead actor can be a younger LSK although he doesn't have the voice. Still hoping for a LJE and LSK reunion in TV drama or film. Anyhow, stay healthy everyone!
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