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  1. Hi chingus!! How are you all?? Sorry for being Mia.. But but I didn't want to control myself from the excitement. After seeing KSH and PSH rumored news, I came running here haha. But I don't know, if it's a very strong female role then I'm okay with PSH accepting. Ah, there are a lot of rumors news around our girl lately. I just wish she chooses the best.
  2. our girl will be busy with alone movie soon.. I wish she gets proper rest with family and friends before that..
  3. I think that was her most active season? Back to back dramas movies from 2014 to 2016 When will we see her active like that again??? Damn I miss her so much..
  4. Hi Chingu!! It's my first time talking with you I have seen a lot of posts of yours, and easily I know you love PSH a lot. We all here are wishing the same as you are wishing. Don't worry our girl is very clear, she will not choose someone bad. Even if .. If,.. Our girl is brave, she will know how to come out of it.. Be strong and keep supporting her And my humble request, I am sure there will be people(antis) who may look into our thread.. Your post is not negative.. It shows how much you care.. But it may be turned negative and showed negative by chance.. So let's chat privately regarding this? All of us who have a lot of worries to share, we all can do that privately by creating a group chat? I think that's better than posting here.. We shouldn't allow anything for the antis to take from here.. Its just a request Chingu..i know much how you love her.. Please don't take me wrong. We all are with you I'm much worried than you, so I can understand you well.. Hugs!!!
  5. Heirs!!!!!! That's where I fell for our girl hahahah.. Heirs is close to my heart.. I have no idea how many times I have watched it.. Yes, I to felt cringy a lot of times and I skip such scenes even now when I'm watching.. But later I realized, I follow PSH not because shes perfect. She has flaws to, but she improves everytime. Just like a normal human. Just like someone I know.. Ah it's hard to explain. Pinocchio was like wow her acting in certain scenes where too good. I still remember, I used to force my friends to watch her dramas and my friends are not crazy about her. But in Pinocchio, my friends agreed her acting was awesome and started following her IG.. I felt proud hahaha.. But how many ever drama it is.. Heirs is my favorite
  6. Hahahah I meant "no, hang on!!" It's a typo. A single thing can lead to a negative thing..omo But as always you know me well..
  7. My heart is heavy.. Hmm I said this before because I'm confused, worried, wondering, little bit tensed..we humans feel It when something is going to be right or wrong.. I'm more worried about our girl.. I have loved her from 2014..from then she's been my everyday energy tablet.. I have been through a lot of bad days, struggles. Whenever I feel low I just search about her, and then those bad thoughts are gone.. Strange isn't it? I have seen her very active, also lowkey..she's a very private person. She never wants to take away anything from anyone.. She's someone who wants to live simple. That says it all.. As she is growing older, I'm sure she wants to work harder professionally as well personally.. That being said, I'm pretty sure next year it's gonna be our girl's year. Whoever took advantage.. IDK I strongly feel there are hell lot of people trying to bring her down or take advantage of her. I pray that our girl will never ever fall again into that trap. Just wish she will roar again. Until then we all here should be together and please I know it's hard, we may feel negative.. But no hang on.. Message here or private.. Let's go through this season together..
  8. just hang on... Such a tough thing to do.. I will wait for her.. My heart Is heavy.. But all I wish is she is happy.. I feel industry playing dirty on her, but with God she will overcome all of it.. Chingus stay strong and let's encourage each other until she's back.. Love y'all
  9. I miss PSH alot.. Not watching any dramas..nothing exciting to watch.. Ahhh Even though she has 2 movies.. It won't be like watching her every week.. Miss her badly
  10. Thankyouuuu my pretty sistahsss @rori0711 @Iduc @alcides14ahjumma I'm having an awesome day, thanks to all your wishes..love y'all
  11. I wish to see her in a cold, sexy, intelligent CEO role. Maybe a dual role? Like she is a world class CEO of the xyz company. World famous. Once she is out of work, she is a gangster, she has a dark past. She fights for justice. Then she meets her love. Even he is a gangster. They both will fall in love.. But she hides from him that she is a CEO? Later when she is pregnant with his child, she avoids him and they breakup. Then she gives birth to her child as a single mom.. She's a strong lady, after 10 years she meet's child father again. To be shocking, he has become filthy rich. And again there starts hot romance between them. Hahaha I can go on and on.. A CEO, gangster, single mom.. I want to see her badly in these kind of kickass roles
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