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  1. She looks beautiful But just my thought, she is getting dressed like more elderly! IDK just my feeling! Maybe her stylist should change. There are a lot of lovely dresses to match her, even though now she looks good, I want her to glow!! She's young come on!!! As a Christian myself and believer, I feel she thinks not to expose herself more and I 100% agree on that. But she can wear colorful dresses without exposing! Just my cent. Anyways whatever and however she looks, I love her
  2. We all are in the same boat friend! I completely understand your feeling's. I am Frustrated as well, she's the reason why I am connected with Korean dramas and all. One thing for sure, she's facing things! And we should be together and supportive. I keep checking to see any drama news of her. People who took advantage of her popularity and tried to make her down, will face the consequences. I believe it! I think she will do a action drama and she's probably waiting for the perfect script. Let's not hurry! She will come back with a bang. Pretty sure :-)
  3. Why do I feel like salt is not promoting her much..? It's rare to see her nowadays.
  4. If it was "Call", she would have told please support it something like that. But she said I would like to play.. So I guess a new project is on the way... Just guessing
  5. I will greet you with wonderful stance and wonderful work from now on. Wow.. Queen Please come back soon
  6. OMG OMG so many countries.. Wow.. Our girl back on track, I'm soooo happy
  7. Is she hinting us that her next role will be a badass one?? I'm totally in love with those looks
  8. OMG just look at her eyes from those airport pics.. Looks so scary and attractive, just image if she gets a badass role.. She will kill it.. So freaking cool it will be
  9. Feels good to see alot of us over here are thinking the same. It's sad, really sad to see until now our girl hasn't got the attention she deserves. I don't like anyone so easily, til now I have only watched PSH works in Kland, and I get to know people from her. Someone like call director, who saw the potential in PSH should come up and create a PSH story. I bet the ratings will skyrocket. Just wishing... I love her alot! Fingers crossed and waiting...
  10. Hello chingus! How are y'all?? I'm doing good. Just wanted to share my thoughts. I saw the new drama news of LMH and everyone asking PSH to be paired again. Hmm my thoughts if her role is bigger and her importance is high, then please do it. If not, no from me. Though I was a minshin shipper, and so badly I want them to reunite. It's a definite NO from me,if she is used again. I want her to do a drama like doctors, I mean her role was main and she showed her different side of her. I prefer to just see her growth in a small production rather than a high production drama where her role is less like MOA. I pray that she will choose wisely and I know she will comeback with a BANG.. Love to y'all
  11. Just dropped here .. I hope everyone is doing well I love shinhye so much that I pray to Lord Jesus to give all the happiness to her. I want her grow tremendously, the whole world should turn to know her. But I want her to focus more on herself , I want her to rest well, there are people who takes advantage of her popularity. She deserves more.. She shines in everything. I hope she will take a long solid break, refreshes herself, yes I badly want her to comeback again. But I want her comeback to be a strong one.. Something huge!!! I don't mind if there is no lead hero..i just want her to be the main role.. Something different!!! I pray that she will grab the right project which will be her biggest comeback till now.. Just love her so much. - from a crazy PSH fan everyone be well until next time
  12. Okay all the best for the new couple.. Bye bye binShin.. Didn't expect that so heartbreaking ..bye to HB to
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