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  1. Wow.. This thread is hot right now It's been two days since casting news, but till now I keep seeing new new articles about it. I never doubted salt agency and PSH relation. Whenever I feel to, I remember that's the agency where out girl shined. That's the agency which accepted her when she was zero. Salt * PSH = Family. I may not be so active in the coming week, I have an important exam. Have fun girls, I will join y'all later
  2. Cool!! He looks versatile and matured. He's 34 right? Haha I'll watch his burning movie to know his acting. Also Alone is written by an American writer and director? Matt naylor? I have a feeling this will be a challenging role to PSH and a fresh one. My thought : she will do movie's this year and at the end of this year she will accept a drama role.
  3. I opened my eyes. And came straight to this thread and booom PSH in a new movie.. Woow The story is so refreshing, and an action movie? Wow yeah yeah common girl Time to slay for real!! YAI - I haven't watched his acting, is he good? But he looks real good hahah So happy
  4. That's nice to hear than!! That's the reason why you are here.. For me doctors is like a big slap to everyone who said "PSH always plays innocent character" Say now? Haha That starting scene, Idk how many times I watched it. When she put the doctors coat in a flying style, wow I was clapping. Common girl. Then her fight scene. I was like OMG OMG.. Literally I was so happy with tears. She pulled it of so well.. And that shows the ratings. Give this girl a proper role, she will prove to y'all. She slayed in doctors. So pretty! So confident! So intelligent! So emotional! So brave! So studious! So friendly! So in-love-with-grandma-not-with-dad-for-good-reason So in love! And what else? It proved that she can pull of any character. All in one role.
  5. I was seriously confused when I wrote that. I remember hyejung expression clearly, but I didn't remember what she said in that scene lol. Yea you watched doctors repeatedly. It proves hahah! Good job
  6. Scary!!! But good to know there is someone who thinks same, at the same time like how? Hahahah But yeah, let them use, and let them rise up. One fine day, the deserved one will be there up and others down. I don't know why I'm so much into philosophy today .. Less of seeing PSH is making me go nuts. How do y'all are surviving this difficult phase? Love to y'all lovelies here
  7. Very much There relationship was very special. I saw different PSH in heirs, and I loved it. She liked him, by she didn't want to agree. If he was not pursuing her, maybe they wouldn't have been together? I kind of relate to heirs, that's why it's special to my heart always
  8. Yeah! I do agree with your point of view. But what I'm trying to say is it could have been much more awesome, these two couple pairing is like a bomb.. Both are good looking, emotionally good at acting, charming, they drew so much attention just with few scenes together. And I'm sure we all watched it only because of PSH. My point is if there were more and better scenes it would have be awesome.. Out of the world. And I myself would have shipped them hard. That's the only thing which is stoping me from shipping. For me MOA is like a hidden/lost/forgotten treasure, I was hurt by the ending, Just like you. I expected more, but it's okay. I don't want to go back to it. All I wish is they both staring together in a movie. and yeah just myself I feel that our girl was used in MOA. And I'm sad that I'm saying this, at the same time it's just what I feel I'm sorry, I know many of you here like MOA and won't agree to what I said. but it's somewhere I feel like that. Just my opinion
  9. Wow.. Even though they had less scene, this is the result. Just imagine if they had moreeeeee... Gosh I would say writer or who ever it is. You wasted romance between such hot couples. You had diamond in your hand, but why... I hope these two will get to pair in a movie together. Someday
  10. When will our girl comeback..?? How long?? I know I know I should be patient.. But it's soooo hard I don't want to see her drama airing right now. Just a news of her casting will be enough. That is what happened to MOA. Waited from May 2018 till December 2018 just with the casting news.. Just one small hope will be enough.
  11. Are you reading my mind?? Actually I have noticed few times, your thoughts is similar to mine haha I too like KWB but no not for our girl. I didn't feel anything between them in heirs. They are good friends maybe a big brother.
  12. Amen! I am in a mindset, where I'm ready to stand strong with our girl. Whether it is positive or negative, like many of you guessing ..dunno how to put it in words.. Let it be She's a warrior. Remember she's been in the industry for so long. She would have definitely learnt how to deal these kind of situation. She's eagerly waiting to show herself again brightly on screen. Just want to give her a hug and tell it's okay everything will be fine. There may be many people who are judging you and maybe trying to put you down. But it's okay, at the other end there are loyal fans who are standing with you tightly. All I wish is you to shine brightly, be yourself, not to be afraid of anything. God is there with you. I dunno why I'm telling all this, just wanted to give her strength if at all she's reading this.
  13. No idea!! But whatever it is. I am sure she will come back with a bang. Whoever is trying to pull her down, hold on she's coming Praying for her inner peace
  14. Sometimes even I feel to strangle her stylist But somehow I liked this outfit maybe as you said SH gave justice to the outfit not the other way round. But final outcome was good. Hahaha She has short hair now, maybe she should try these kind of clothes which are funky. She looks so good lol
  15. I go with LMH and PSH. They look made for each other couple on screen for me hahahah.. I like HB to, just less scenes between them makes me not to choose him. Why? If at all, they had more scenes between them, gosh!!!! To bad!!! Also I heard a news that our girls call partner, she got a chance to work in a Hollywood movie as a lead. Woah!! It's huge for Asian to act as a lead! I wish her call movie is a HIT, goes to Cannes festival, catches some Hollywood directors eye, and casting offer comes to our girl. How I wish!! Hope it comes true
  16. Just why whyyyyy I stopped dreaming about these two a day ago.. I thought OK let me not keep to much hope in these two He looks so good lol I wonder if our girl contacted him when he came back from military P. S I'm not shipping them I just like the way the he treats her
  17. OMFGADCJUYFV....NO WORDS DREAM ROLE IT IS.. Shinhye will be far more than happy to play such a role as in a interview she told Audrey is her role model
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