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  1. And I got more support.. hehehehehe The one positive thing I get from this link the Ms Superstar Lee possible casting is the buzz surrounding his name. Usually he is talked about only during his drama. and then you see occasionally mention here and there. With BS also posting his photos from his FM from earlier this month, his name is buzzing about town. It is good. Even with the slams over the possible choice of drama. Because it means he has fans.. who are vested and care about him and his career. I agree we should wait for the confirmation. My only hope is that the link was to create the buzz.. to culminate into a frenzy when he finally chose a drama or a movie ala Mission Impossible and Bourne.. A girl can only dream.. and sometimes dream do become reality... And my boy...
  2. I loved Secret Garden. ANd you are right, there are similarity to it. There would be an added comparison to that highly successful drama and another unnecessary pressure to it
  3. I agree it is unlikely PSH or HHJ would do it. I'm also not sure I like these pairing. Although I love the chemistry between PSH and YSH, but PSH looked has matured over the years whereas our by still has this youthful look. Having said that, I am not sure which actress I want him to work with.. Maybe cos I dont really care.. since I'm really not keen on this overly cliche drama. If he does do it, I hope he proves me wrong Well.. it seems the majority of his fans are against it. Lets see.. I hope he focus on his strength
  4. Oohh.. another Yeo Woon fan!! Yeah.. there were plot holes but it still work over all. I was tuned to it until the ending.. And then I went.. WHAT???? But loved, loved the character, and he execute it so well. His eyes, spoke volumes. There are many things I don't get with it. I truly hope he decided against it.
  5. Yeah.. I didnt like his death. There wasn't a need for his death at all. It was unnecessary. I'm still waiting for a different news..
  6. yeah.. definitely sounds like it. Com'on BS.. guide him to a better drama!!! Hey.. you love my all time favourite character.
  7. I was excited that he is selecting his next project.. but another rom-com!!! Jebal.. anything but rom com I'll join you...
  8. I want to see him in several roles but suited for his age such as 1) troubled young man (Uni or a couple of years out of school) - could be a biker, a gangster, a rebel chaebol - 2) Arrogant chaebol maneuvring the cut throat biz world 3) A detective/spy ala mission impossible/Bourne 4) A soldier BAsically all those manly hawt roles The genre can be thriller, crime, romance, angst .. just not romcom
  9. That was the father's fear... but oh well, you only live once.. (says the mother who encourages the daughter because she sees it as an opportunity for the mother to go korea again!) I think he prefers to work in winter because he can then play in summer. His hobby seems to be a summer kinda hobby..
  10. LIke everyone, I love YSH unshaven look. SO hawt. I also like how he looks in the photo spread under HIgh cut for Adidas (I think it was for this)
  11. Yes it was me!! moi!! I'm going to Seoul this summer.. a short trip cos my daughter will be going there for summer school (she is a kpop fan, hence pick Seoul), I hope I have another chance to bump into him.. heheheheh PS. DId I just divulge how "youthful" I am .. **running away in embarrassment.
  12. Actually I had the same thought. Such long fringe.. is he considering a period drama? I thought he doesnt want to do one for now I had same thoughts too! OOhh... I'm so excited for this!
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