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  1. Oh @Berou Thanks! thanks so much!! you make my day! Yes, I begining to get worries!! he being too quiet! too quiet and that's worry!! YSH don't give up! I think he really do care about what people said about him! that's make him scared! the more people said bad things about him the more he want to hide himself! I actually trying hard not to check on him too often to avoid disappoinment! just can't wait for his news!! but I guess we have to wait till he in Japan!! only we can hear something about him! Let's just hope and pray!!
  2. Hey!! We have same taste!! Same here!! He has so many talents did not shown! and that's really hurt as a fan to see him did not shine bright as he should have been! I just read his last year FM interview! thanks to the translation and I can read it and understand more of him!! just a few bit I like to share here!! he said he dislike his eyes!! ( WHAT ) yes.. he said he eyes got deeper and he is not double eyelids, he prefer his single eyes lid look! and he said his best and his peak look is when he filming Warrior Baek Dong-soo! Oppss @WoozyPrincess will be very much agreed with him! he has a few dates before!! ummm!! err!! Ok! he ask his fans a question! he said there is so many K pop singer look so good and dance so cool!! why not fells for them and still like me? He dont watch TV and slept till 10-11am! play video games to pass his time!! he has one and only hobby which we all know,, Drifting! he said he did not realise he is already 26!! ( Yes, you are and please dont waste anymore time) he said in the interview he have no idea on how to know if the drama will become a hit or not by reading the scripts! he said he read many scripts and he will choose a good one! ( end up he chose MSH!! ?? Yes.) the more I read the more I see he is so harsh to himself and so lack of confidence to himself!! but he is so kind, so caring.. just too nice to be true!! so.. Please! give him a great drama!! make him a mega star and give him the confidences he need!! Yoo Seung Ho'ssi! If you listen.. you are amazing! you are great!! please come out and shine! you are a STAR!
  3. Hehehe It's so cute but feisty!! make me worries you will slap him when you meet him in person!
  4. Very soon we have some news about YSH! I can't wait to see what he going to do in this fan meeting! will he announce some good news to us! let's pray!
  5. Yes, as a real fan and his loyal fan, we celebrated when he archive something good! when his drama become a hit! when he recieved good receptions and better won an award or awards! we pray for his success, we want him to get success and enjoy his private life! we will not stalking him and will patiently waiting for his come back! The reason why we express our frustration is YSH is not getting there yet! he should be in the top actor list! from his look his acting skill his personality he is on top of every element! but just not getting a right project! yes, sometimes luck is very important! but a drama like MSH... you going to know it won't be a great success! get a 10% ratings will the best the drama can archive and its end up as expected at 5-6%! It's not that bad!! but not good after IANAR flop! We shown our emotion by saying we going to flip a table if he don't come out from his cave to safe his career! we going to lost our patients if he don't get another drama by August!! doesn't mean we going to give him up! It's just express we are desperate to hear good news from Him and from BS company!! the most we going to give up is give up searching for his news in order to not getting more disappointment and to get back to our regular life without focusing too much on waiting his news!! To make it clear to other fans! We love Yoo Seung Ho and will support him whatever he prefer and he want to do! but we will get disappointment if things not getting well! it's just normal.. isn't it?
  6. Umm.. YSH was in Queen Seondeok! one of the biggest 'Queen' series! TBH the last Empress is another poorly writen drama! CJH disappear all togther in the final 2 episodes was unbelieveable! but nevertheless this drama became a hit!! but I don't see which character YSH going to play?? the King brother?? If I can wish.. I want to see him in a drama like Signal! like Mr Sunshine or even like Memories of Alhambra!!
  7. Yes, yes indeed! When I watch little forest, the first thing in my mind is.. Oh! I hope she will pair with YSH one day! and I wish YSH will act in a film like that! so pure so innocent! just like him! and yes, KTR was amazing! she so natural! I like her too! I've watch Love in the moonlight!! It's good but not superb! PBG is like a new stream! a fresh air in LITM! he look differents from the typical trend! he stood out and become instant success! umm.. yet again! I am not his fan! I cannot give too many my opinion!
  8. YSH is a person focus on acting, bringing joy for people who like to watch him acted! he is not acting for fame and money! he pick Imaginary cat is base on he like it! he knew this is not going to be a commercial success! he just like it! and it's his first drama after MS! during his MS he realise his love of acting.. in real life he scare of communicate with people! he dont like in a cloud of people! he prefer spending times on his own! he said he has two closed friends from school.. with them give him a life like ordinary! and they dont treat him like a film star! now he got a new best friend KSY who is a actor too... and they might share same interested! YSH always hiding himself and not expose enough while he is not filming! that's cause him less popular less talkative and less offer and less successful! we hope that he will change after he sign his new agent! but seems like he is still the same! fame and money still not his priority! I have to admire him for this! even though I am disappointed he dont take the chance to shine brigther! he is a diamond! I dont think PBG get success because of KYJ! he is far more successful than KYJ and even YSH! he got successful on his own and his own effort! I am not his fan and will not be!! I just see the fact!
  9. Nope.. Imaginary cat is his first drama after his discharge from MS! Ruler actually got him nominated Daesang! and he won a top excellent award! Ruler really badly writen! but YSH did not suffer a big blow to his momentum! IANAR was badly writen too.. but YSH still loved by many fans! and this drama very success outside Korea! MSH is his downhill!! his personality of lacking comunicting outside is his weakness to success! that's the reason we hope he will change and come out from his cave and promoting himself and get into the mega stardom he should be in!
  10. I first notice YSH was Imaginary cat! I think he is so cute! any actor who choose to play in this type of drama must be following his heart not aiming a fame!! I start looking up for him! and found out he is very famous before his Military services! and that's gain more respect to him! Imaginary cat is his first drama come out from MS! I think he want to do it! he is a cat lover! animal lover! he has a good heart! a sensitive person! respect person! the more i read story about him the more i like him!! but one thing i am sure i wasn't too wrong!! he is everything but not very clever person! he may be clever in certain things! but not how to choose his career and how to manage himself! he is very careful what he said and learn it from mistake!! but I am sure he is not planning to get into MS at young age so he has priority in his future career! he want to escape from his acting routines and want to do something so badly he rather went into MS! but he soon regret it! ( read an interview he mention about it many years later )! the way he choose his friends is not very clever too!! PBG befriend with SJK! SJK fans will like PBG and so is PBG fans to SJK! this freindship help them go even higher! in other hand YSH has no confidence to make friends with other famous actor! the way he handle his Instagram wasn't very clever too! but that dont stop me for liking him! he might not be the most clever person but surely he is a very nice person! he donate to charity! the way he care for others included others child actors and the extras is very kind! he is very good in manners! there is so much more i can praise about him! but not how clever he is! and this is one of the reason he dont want to do any reality show because he said he dont want to look silly infront of the TV! The reason why we are all here talking about YSH is because we share the same interest! we all like YSH! and we all want to see him doing better! after so many flop projects! some of us get frustrated he dont chose the right path! some say he dont try harder!! whatever reason.. he really need to change if he still want to be more success than what he is now! BS have to promoting him more.. get him more jobs! a CF! he dont have any CF after NH card! he is still very famous and likeable! I cant see why he cannot get a CF job! more magazine photoshoots plus interview!! I am quite disappointed there is no interview in his last Daze! we all want to know more about him! I dont see any reason why YSH can't get a movie offer! if he want.. he will get one! he is still one of the best actor in his age group! make another movie! movie star has higher status! dont let the last two flop movies stop him for another one! make a success movie and let's people forget his two previous movie! ( Seondal actually very good) if not people will only remember he has only two flop movies! then there will be many drama offer he can chose! pick a good one! that's all I wish going to happen to YSH!
  11. No, not another RomCom for YSH! he need something more solid to save his career! remind people he is a grown up actor! pass this.. dont act cute dumb pretty boy character anymore!! a third one will ruin his career!!
  12. Umm.. Most of us here has been follow YSH for a long times! and I like to read his interview and like to study more about him! I believe most of us here knew that he is very sensitive! far too sensitive and like to blame himself if something went wrong! and Nope!! I dont think it was funny when he said 'That's right! no one care!' but even though you have to look at the fact! when he said that.. the cafe just newly set up! the truth is!! there is really not many people there!! and he only stay for a while!! The link you mention about Lee Jong Suk was 2016! he has many CF after that! and he has few more successful drama follow by that! W was very success and get him a Daesang! the top award everyone dream of! after that WYWS,THoD and RIABB all quite success! the airport incedent doesn't harm him much!! We are not judge YSH because of few months after MSH he has no news and MIA! is far longer than that! after Remember! he gone MIA because he though he wasn't doing well in the drama and his two films not doing so well either! and he almost want to give up acting! when he come back many months later for the ruler! the drama wasn't so good! lots of plot hole! but that's not his faults! I personaly think this drama will give him a push! he even got nominated for Daesang!! he did not waste a lot of time and go for IANAR! as you already know IANAR did not doing well in Korea! I think he blame himself once more for IANAR not success but IANAR got international success!! he should go oversea promote himself but he did not!! he went MIA again for many months!! until he anounce he will be in the next project! this time is very disappointed MSH! I love Imaginary cat, I love Remember and I like the ruler! surprisingly I like IANAR too!! but I really not that into MSH! specially his imfamous red lip!! so... now is the question! after IANAR he said he will not go for another Romcom and he has done it! but why went for the even worst MSH! maybe you are right! he ain't got many offer! @Berou said he should wait longer until he renew his new agent and find a better offer rather than go for MSH! MSH really lower his grade! that drama should go for a new actor! not for YSH! and now!! after he sign BS company!! few months later we dont see any news any promoting about YSH! only a fanmeeting in Japan!! a new fan cafe!! a company trip in Vietnam that almost get me loathed it! umm.. now I am ok with it! You point it right!! he not in many polls and the only poll he won is the best grown up child actor which I said I am not very impress! because he always remember as a successful child actor! he need to be recognized as a adult actor!! another thing that I dont like is pair him up with another child actress!! his pass is his pass!! look forward for his adult role as a real adult actor! not a previuosly success child actor! If you think he is not satisfied with himself now! and he need to get healed!! than nothing better to get himself expose! promoting himself! not hiding himself in his cave! not healing himself drifting his car! his another moving cave! going to a reality show was unlikely for him! his interview on radio last May! he once said he is not as clever as people might think he is! and he dont like people seeing him act very silly in a reality show! he even said he might not be in a reality show before his death! then he think he might say something wrong.. he change it and say he might change his mind but not likely! so I am wishing he will change his mind as he realise his career is going down hill, and he should do anything to save it!! that's is why I am frustrated! BS not promoting him! and he still in his cave!! maybe its still in early time! so we give him till August!! if after 8 months later he still has nothing from BS company!! my patience will be gone!
  13. Oh! I am so agree with everything you said!! he has only 3-4 years till his 30!! maybe.. he is quite childish!! he not yet have the heart to get success! or maybe he think he has already been success!! he is the most famous child actor! he's not the best adult actor but doing fine!! he might be satisfied with what he has! he lost his childhood for filming! so now he is in control of his own life! he want all his freedom! this is what I can explain to myself! What I think about him is, When he is working on his project he doing the best he can and focus on his job! when he is not working.. he completely dont want to get involved with any outside things! his Instagram is the only tool we can glimpse his prevate life! Maybe.. we have to accept this is him! this is YSH either you like it or not!! me... I am not so sure!! maybe I like him too much and want him to be more success!! is this what he want!? we dont know! I always knew he want a normal life.. maybe this is the normal life he wanted! one drama a year! a fanmeeting! a magazine or maybe one CF! maybe this is his agreement with BS company!! and BS is the best company to offer actors/actress what they want!! comfortably in thier own cave! actually the CEO be friend with Won Bin is a sign!! Won Bin is the worst example of all!! he hide in his own cave for the longest of any actor can!!! after almost ten years.. he still in his own cave!! after the Man from nowhere success!! he do nothing untill now!! wasting all his talents and his look!! even he come out now he will be old!! Gosh... I may have talk too much!!
  14. I am sure @Berou fully aware of this!! I am completely agree with Berou, don't take this offer even he was the first choice! after IANAR/MSH he would be badly damage if he has another drama don't suit him!! I find it quite difficult to watch him in MSH and I found him lack of something in the presscon!! YSH should do something more mature! something like Suits/Lawless Lawyer! proof himself from his previous Remember! or Signal!! a detactive!! a character with deep emotion! no more easy drama with no dept!! he need to recognized as an actor! not an idol! YSH is a very famous actor and well love by the netizens! if he dont get many offer that's all because he don't try to get it! he should do more and get himself in the lime light!! either a guest appearance in popular show! get a CF! he should continue with NH bank!! make himself available!! that's is why we are frustrated he stay in his own cave! and wait till yearend to find an offer!! by August!! he should have a plan and chose which project! he usually start filming in Autumn!! that's why Berou said give him till July/August!! then no news flip the tables!! anway!! I have hope!! I hope he will anounce something in May in Japan fanmeeting!! I hope a big news! if not I flip my computer table!
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