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  1. Hehe.. Welcome to his party! I think he is still a very shy person! umm.. maybe not quite an awkward person! but I am sure he is one of the most kind person in this industrial! spend some time serching his good works! you will be amazed by him! and he don't say a word of what he has done.. what a super human being. he has so much we can love about, but he is very low profile! you have to accept not seeing him and no news whatsoever of him for many months! he will be totally out of lime light after his drama has finish!! I think he is very sensitive person! he blame himself if his works not getting success! but I think he is much let go now.. that's good for him! just focus on his acting and hopefully we will see him in a movie this year! let pray!
  2. He used to have quite a few cf! not much at the moment! I want him to get a real deal too.. but I don't think he himself care so much about the money and the big deal!! he just love to act.. other than that he is simply hiding in his own (cave) world! I begining to like the way he is!! that his life and he know what make him a happier person.
  3. Good luck to Memorist! Yes, I begining to think YSH not suitable to be on live show! he get nervous on life.. I wonder why! he is a very experience actor! In one of his interview he did mention he don't want to look silly infront of the camera! specially on live show! umm.. no matter how much I love to see him in reality show! I will respect him for not taking part! but still hope he will change his mind! sometime a little silly is cute! I still hope that he can be a guest on show like 3 meals a day! some actor being a little silly on the show!! like LJH! but I find it really funny to watch and think it is cute! I bet he can't cook well!! will he? haha
  4. The first episode rating at 3.272 Nationwide and 3.811 in Seoul! not too bad!! but I actually hope it will get around 6-8 then moving on to 10-12! that my wish on Memorist! over 20 is only my wishful thinking!! hopefully the drama get good review and get higher rating following weeks! I think March winner will be Hospital playbook!! I still think Memorist is a bit similar with He is psychometric!! I cannot believe I will be watching the drama days later! Can't wait!!! :)
  5. I did not see any different! tbh i did said he look a bit chubby in MSH.. for the first two episodes!! :( but soon after he is ok and back to his usual good look! I think this is the same with him after long period of break and back to works! :)
  6. I have watch BF, SC and ED but gave up half way... MoA is good but not too capture my heart! I actually love Beautiful World!! but it didn't get many good reception as well!! to be fair.. MSH wasn't a very good drama!! if YSH not in I properbly not going to watch it at all!! the few drama stand out for me last year is The Clown Crown, Hotel Del Luna both with YJG! quite like Spring night! really like HJM!
  7. Thanks... I am actually do not care much about the psycho or the King! i guess KSH will get more attention! maybe.. and I am really dissapointed with JCW come back drama Melting me softly.. can't even watch it... umm! 14 days pass for 2020 already!! very soon you will see more of YSH.. in late Feb I hope.. and hopefully some Magazine shoot as well!! yes.. I have watch some trailers of other drama! is that 'Welcome' drama with Kim Myung Soo is the one rumour YSH will consider taking part!! something with the cat!!?
  8. Haha.. yes over 10% will be wonderful! Sky castle way over 20%!! just hope! but to be honest.. Did you watch PJY He Is Psychometric! I just worry will Memorist a little bit similar with it! OH!! a few big drama is on the same time! biggest one is Psycho but its ok with Kim Soo Hyun!!! The most beautiful moment in life! Half of half with JHI! March 25 – Welcome/어서와 [source] March – Rugal/루갈 [source] March – Nobody Knows/아무도 모른다 [source] March – Memorist/메모리스트 [source] March – Vacation in My Own Way/제멋대로 바캉스 [source] March – 365: A Year Against Destiny/365:운명을 거스르는 1년 [source] March – Half of Half/One Fourth/반의 반 [source] March – The King: The Eternal Monarch/더킹: 영원의 군주 [source] March – Na Rae, Kicking Out/나래, 박차오르다 [source] March – Kingdom Season 2/킹덤2 [source] March – The Way He Remembers/그남자의 기억법 [source] March – I’ve Been There Once/I’ve Returned After One Marriage/한 번 다녀왔습니다 [source] umm.... hopefully Memorist will stand out amoung all of this!
  9. Yes, 20% rating on TVN! it will be amazing and records breaking for a TVN/JTBC drama! hahha Its might be imposible but we can dream! p/s I just finish watching Reply1988! It was a fantastic drama! I love it! so good! it got 19.6% rating at it best.. so Memorist may hit it!! just wish it was as good!
  10. Let's hope this drama get high attention! get over 20% rating.... wow! if that happen I will be over the moon!
  11. Happy new year with a happy news! yes, all of us knew he won't get anything from MSH! I am more than happy he got nominated to be honest! but I am truly looking forward to his new drama. its what we all hoping for! I am so scare of dissapoinment it was another rumour.. but now I am so happy!
  12. Oh! I am so worry that I might get dissapointment but now... I am over the moon! 11th March! yay....