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  1. @debbiechanHehehe It was a silly joke with @WoozyPrincess compare Yeo Woon with Hwan Hee! Woozy love Yeo Woon so much and I said Hwan Hee is so much better looking! hehe both is play by our lovely Yoo Seung Ho! same actor with two different character and both play perfectly! How not to love him, he is a brilliant actor! I am once often moaning about YSH this and that! just want to see him shine brighter and became a bigger star as he should be! often get dissapointed with what he choose and why he not appear more often, why he don't work harder.. etc! All I wish is to see him become more successful and on top of Korean top male actor! If we spend a little bit more time to understand him! he often say he don't care much about fame and money! all he want is acting and acting make him feel good and feel secure! he pick up a project base on his emotionally favourite and not pick up a project want to be more successful and gain more attention! he is different and unit! and i think he is difficult to understand too! It is not official announce YSH going to take part of the Super Star Miss Lee yet! so we should really wait and see! I wish it is just a rumour! or he change his mind after all this 'fans pretests'. Let hope and pray!
  2. Wow.. fifthy shades of grey! I don't mind if he taking the part of Korean version Christian Grey, but only if this is a movie! not a tv drama!
  3. Oh! I thought it was two female swap body? my mistake! Lately Korean drama like to go quite sensitive issue like you mention.. suicide, school bullying! like the recent drama Beautiful World, or even the very popular Sky Castle! From the very begining I do not like the idea of third Romcom in a row! and the plot was too outdated and silly for me! I am really againts it! but if this already happen and settle! we just have to accept it and hope for the best and wish him luck! and give our very little support to him! I truly think this is not a bright choice for him to prove himself all grown up! or try difference character! but I hate it more if this drama fail badly! so I can only choose to wish him luck and hope for the best will come out from it! of course if this just on the talks, he should listen to the wave of his fans for asking him to reconsider.
  4. Yeah! I think we should open up our mind to accept his decision! and give him our support! he may make a good choice this time with BS guiding! we may not know the whole story about it! After very dissappointed the last few days! I think I should learn to accept it! apart from wishing him well there is nothing we can do to stop it if this already sign up! and he is really happy for his next project! if he choose another wrong project!! Then we should all cry... wait for another year! anyway.. he still young and he got telent and he look perfect! he will get there if we believed him! saying that.. I felt better just to wish him luck and give him a teeny weeny support from a far distance fan!
  5. After calm down and think about it again! maybe Its not that worst! I remember the Japanese Anime City Hunter! he is a real pervert! but still love by millions of people! Maybe the drama want to bring out this type of character and YSH think he can make the character loveable! TBH I am sure he can make a villian likeable! and if this is true, he might think it is a new challenge for him to play a pervert!! and a lots of shirtless scenes! which is a new challenge to him too.. Maybe we should give it a try and support his decision! If he is really confidence to take this part! So.. we can only wish for an excellent female lead to make this drama alive!
  6. I actually quite like to see him paring with HHJ unnie! yes, I agree PSH looked really matured lately especially in MoA! she match nicely with Hyun Bin! after read what Rachel98 said! I really don't think any big name actress will be interest to play part of this drama! I do hope he did not sign up yet! maybe he see his fans really againts it and he will change his mind! lets hope!
  7. Thankyou for all these information! now.. I am more confusing than I was! What make this webtoon so popular in the first place when the male lead so disgraceful! and why YSH want to play this hateful character! I don't see any funny or romantic about it! If he choose to play this character just to break his good boy image and surely this is not a very good move! If he pick a wrong choice why BS company didn't guide him!? or BS helping him to make his choice! or did we all miss out something good about this project!? or this webtoon is very popular within boys! within all men group they might see this as macho! so they pick it and feel very manly! just my thought!
  8. Oh! very well said! Yes, I am one very supported and a fan of his unit personality! at the same time, some times get really dissappointing with what he chosed! hiding himself is one of them! choosing another romcom is another! for us, his career looks bleak if this drama really going to happen! but for him, he just do what he like to do! like his hobbies! can be very dangerous but he loves it! as a fan, we give him our best wishes and best support! just hope that his bad choice ( for most of us here, and now we know many of his Korean fans too ) will not ruin his chance for his future! a bad drama after another.. who's going to give him so many chances! TBH after found out he change his manager I am very happy and have a high hope! I thought he will come out more often or even do some reality show!! now... I am shredded! I think this is his choice! BS didn't influence him very much!
  9. I feel the other way! Korean tend to be persistent with what they decided! like YSH, he do not want to appear in reality show and he never did! he decided no more film/movie after his last two has flops ( I still think Seondal wasn't too bad on box office) and he hasn't have any movie yet! I think If he has decided what to do next he won't be easily change his mind!
  10. I hope the deal wasn't seal yet! I guess both of them agreed and choose this romcom together! BS will listen to him if he really don't want it! he may see something different from us! anyway it is a bit different! Its fantasy romcom! He already said he is too young to play a doctor! I think he already know what he is going to do during the FM. Just wish him luck if he going to take this project! I know you will be very very dissapointed!
  11. Seems like many of his fans really againts it! yeah! I am like you too.. I will give it a try! I might be very dissapointed or I may be feeling interesting after few episodes! as long as no red lipstick that put me off straight away! Still have many questions.. did he not said he will not want anymore Romcom after IANAR! then one and another! maybe he finally fell in love with romcom!? or BS guide him and advice him it is a right choice? Yeah.. Just wait and wish for a big name for the female lead! this drama title already said it all.. the female lead!
  12. Most of us really worried about he will be stereotyped! Why BS company not seeing this! Is BS have some others plan? make him a Kpop Idol type! Did anyone know which TV Channel taking this project? He might have been forgotten! He said no more Romcom after IANAR too!
  13. Romcom plus fantasy! he is a rich, perfect looking young highly education man, this is like mix freaky Friday with IANAR! umm Is BS targeting more teenage fans for YSH! If this really happen.. I am sure many teenage girls will scream! and surely the drama will focus on YSH good look and make him look cute again!! Don't know why he want to choose another teen style Romcom again! just hope they will get a 'top' actress if not this drama will be another chessy one! just hope it will not be as bas as MSH! I still cannot immagine PSH,HHJ will be interesting to taking part of this type of drama!? if only this is a super big project! but no matter what! If YSH really take this offer! I will still wish him luck and will give it a try!! but quite sad... I want something very different! something serious! I guess he think he still too young to take something too serious which most of us here do not understand! maybe Peter Pan inside of him! If this drama get a good ratings he will be safe, if this drama flops.. he will be category as a worst drama picker! which he is already seem picking all the bad choices!
  14. Yes, I really wish he will decline it! He said no more Romcom after IANAR.. then MSH! now another Romcom!! no.. get something different! If he accept it! then I will begining to believe he don't get many offer! but if he accepted it, I will really worried his future! third Romcom in a row! It will not give him any favour!
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