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  1. Its really proof that YSH is such a nice person, his love of cats! he is a wonderful person! but lack of ambitious if I may say.. I am really disappointed until now.. no news of his new project! so many people said.. while all the big names tooks the time off to MS! is his chance to shine!! but the last two/three years he only has IANAR and MSH! both not a success!! I know.. I know!! I shoudn't moan.. this is his choice! I am speechless! As @Berou suggest! I watch Hotel Del Luna! I never really get into YJG! but he is really good in this drama! just wish YSH took the part! its a good drama!! something different! when JHI took away the NH card cf from YSH! I really think NH card choose the wrong person.. who is better than YSH for the CF! then... JHI really good at his latest drama and his new movie!! I really like the Movie! although KGE shone brighter in the movie! I wish she will get a nomination for her acting skill! everybody is working hard and doing well.. apart from my YSH! still playing with his cats at home!! I am so anxious!! he usually start filming in Autumn.. now.. Autumn almost gone half way!! please.. time to do some works!! I try not to say too much... I knew I couldn't say anything good at this moment!!! but... I still hope! I still have faith!! he will get a good project!! soon.. oh very soon!
  2. That's very true!! I manage to watch and finish the whole -Ruler, IANAR and MSH! Ruler was really messy!! just watch first 5 and last 5 will be good! actually I quite enjoy watching IANAR! dispite with lots of flaw but you kind of expected when the drama base on a robot!! can't be too realistic! but the worst of all is MSH! he doing a really good job but the drama in a whole just not good! but I keep wacthing the whole drama.. Dont want to miss anything!! but you are very different! you skip it! first I dont understand why.. how you can skip it and not watching his acting and his drama.. but I guess you love him so much you cannot watch any bad thing about him! hehehe maybe I am wrong!! but any how.. glad that you have move on!! hopefully it wasn't a big bump next time but a wonderful rainbow!
  3. Oh @Berou please take it on light heart! I use to get very upset too and said a lot of negative things! you point me out not once but many times! Its not finalise yet! if its true.. we still waiting for the female lead! maybe all will be change from bad to good! let we all pray and hope! as for YSH! I think he cannot say too much and refering too many detail! I do see him a pure and innocent person! please keep our faith! I do hope your wounds will heal very soon!
  4. Hey @WoozyPrincess did you paid for your train ticket!! Story J inst, the first thing they upload is YSH fan meeting! seems YSH is the most important property for them! if this is the case!! they will make sure YSH in Super Star Miss Lee likeable and success as I wish! And.. Yes! he cut his hair!!! ( I hope this video clips is the latest one)
  5. Oh! Dont get me wrong, It is not my ideal he taking part of SSML! I am one of the few person who really againts it at first! and I am still very much dislike MSH! but the truth is.. this has been (rumour or not!) dragging for a long time! I think YSH and his Manager ackowledge that a lots of his fans not happy that he is going to take the male lead role of this RomCom! but after all that put into account! he and BS/SJ company still choose SSML as his next project! so.. that's nothing we can do apart from dissapointing! but now I want to be more optimistic! I has been moaning all the time! Nothing will change! so just accept it and hoping for good thing will happen! And no.. I personally dont see YSH can be sexy! and personally I dont really like his latest photoshoots! his long hair doesnt suit him!! and the moody sexy look doesnt suit him very much either! ( my personal oppinion) I like YSH as he is in Imaginary Cat! boy next door! a good little brother.. neardy but extremely good looking nerd! or the super handsome Seo JinWoo! and I dont really want to see him topless either! he too skinny to show off! ( maybe I am wrong!).. I said playing a cheesy sexy role is a new challenge for him! going topless and bed scene is something new for him too.. maybe he is refer to this! I am not saying I want to see him taking his shirt off! I am too.. want him to proof himself in acting and archive higher with his acting skill! and I am so much hoping he can win some awards from Grand bell/Blue Dragon etc! I am just trying to find something good about him if he really going to take part in Super Star miss Lee! Yes, I understand the female centric drama will benefit more onto the female lead rather than him! but if he play his part right! he can shine! just like NKM shone in remember rather than YSH! if he make everyone taking point ( even how nasty he is) in that negative role and get people attention on him! he won!
  6. Maybe He doesn't seen MSH a romcom!! a Rom mix melo!!?? its either Melo or Romcom to choose if he dont want Joseon era! No Doctor no Lawyer!! ( Why not Police story, a mole!! )! not too many choice he like! He is kind of consistant with his words.. a cheesy sexy new role! not something he play before! a new challenge for him!! he may even have some top off scenes!! all something new to him!! his latest photo shoots is kind of showing that kind of sexiness!! I just have to be optimistic! If this production really get a super star female lead! the story have to be good and strong to attract a top female lead! if the drama is good! YSH doesn't need to be the main focus to shine!! if he play his part really good ( Its a drama! dont mixxed up with his realself) and make people see a different side of him! is a good thing! I think this is the new challenge for him! he have to drop his goody goody mommy boy image! he seem to be wanted some change! good luck to him! As a fan.. we give him our support! no matter what charecter he choose to play! that is just a charecter! he is still the person we like! I rather he works than spend his time playing hard or hide himself in his own cave! I find myself dissapointed when he choose to play MSH! but much worst when he choose to do nothing and wasting his talent! so.. If he come out to work! I wish him luck!
  7. Yes, Hopefully a big name!! who will she be? I wish Han Hyo Joo but very unlikely! maybe PSH! just wish!
  8. Haha.. Its cool but maybe he will not keep it for a long time!! actually I think shorter hair suit him more!! And... and... and and.. from Chinese Weibo! YSH seems very likely to take part in Super Star Miss Lee!! Surprise! IF this is true! I wish the story will be different from the webtoon! give us something new and good hope! another news.. BS company will become Story J company!! I am not very sure about how and everything.. they just mention breifly about it!! will let you all know if i read something new!! Umm.. some one may get very upset about the news if its true!! for me.. I kind of take it now.. just hope it will be much better than we hope for! if both YSH and BS (SJ) choose it.. it might be good!! finger cross! P/S Story J company is merger with another star agency!! so its become bigger!! hopefully more power to choose a good project!
  9. There is something so special in him!! and that's why he is YSH! you can always feel the 'Mood' when the camera focus on him!! even he is smiling.. there always a hint of sad in the air!! that's YSH air... only another actor have the same vibe... WB!
  10. Its a wonderful interview and I am so glad that he has an interview! which allow us to get a glimps of him and understand him more! I have read it and have a good think about what he said! the more I think about it the more I see he is very consistent what he want! not a bad thing but not a good thing either! he dont want to repeat a role which is understandable! but a role has similar aspects will not be consider is a bit too hard! he is already very picky! Its wont be easy for him to find a role he like to play! he think he is too young for prefessional role too!! tricky tricky! He sound like a wise 50 years old! somes I agree but not all! he sound 50 and I believes yes because he was in the business for so long as a young adult! but not for a young soul who still unsure what he is really looking for! he still searching what he want.. like trying new cloths and see which one suit him more! trying mountain bike to know what he want! I am sorry he lost all his childhood that he need to learn about life and grow from the experience! you can tell he really hate it when he is young but he know he has no choice but back into the acting business! he hate it but learn to accept it and get happy from it! but inside he still want to keep a distance if possible! that's why he dont work as hard as we wish him to be and get into the stardom he should be or he can be! some said let do whatever he want and we happy to see him one drama per year! yes.. that quite right! but dont moan when he pick up a so so project and the drama nothing special! because that's the business! if you don't get the buzz like the latest trending actors get! Big writer Big director will definetely looking for a Big actor! simple like that! his offer will be less if he carry on laid back and don't care about being popular or not! he does care about how is fans reacted to him! he cares about how his project being popular or flop! but he just dont have the desire to get there! which I find myself frustrated! If he just spend a few years working hard! try some reality show! few more CF! few more TV show!! a Big movie... just a few years of his youth before is too late!! he will be on top listed! a recognized adult actor and he can slow down.. like GY! Like HB! they can pick whatever they want! create Buzz whenever they appear to the cloud! but that's just my wish.. not his!
  11. Wow.. @Berou That's wonderful good news! from everything you post above it give a BIG confidence to me that YSH still very popular and loved by many people not just his fans! most people leave comment for 'Amber' ( I have no clue who is he/she? female name but I am sure is he!) and YSH in the singlesmagazine Inst! and the one minute sold out FM! all good news! hope this will give him confidence he need and move him to come back quickly! and the best news is... sound like he fed up of of Rom-com and the same old character he play before.. trying something new! oh Yes, please. Umm.. will he sing for the coming FM! will see!
  12. Wow.. That excellent photos of him! really beautiful shoot! Singles August issue.. I just happen to know LJH London pictorial will be on the same issue too! Just wish that I can buy this magazine!
  13. @Berou Thanks, I do wish BS going to find him the best role he deserve! make him the Star he should be! maybe that is why he is still waiting for the right one! maybe that is the right choice, wait for the best one rather than rush for the wrong one again! BS want to make the first and the right choice for him too! I think I have to keep my faith to BS and to YSH! That is excellent news that The Way Home back to cinema! that's will recall why the Korean see him as Nation little brother! he will be loved again by millions of people!
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