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  1. I just watched this 9 yr old music video with YSH: Don't Go, Don't Go by Brown Eyes. Have you watched this? Soooo dramatic! And YSH was so young! Another old Music Video with YSH. In the first MV, he was obsessed with his girlfriend in a destructive way. In this MV, he is cheating on his girlfriend. https://youtu.be/U7qJMC5TLV8
  2. After reading dramabeans IANAR commentaries and viewer reviews, I realized all the more why I love this drama soooooo much, and more specifically, why I became fascinated by the depth of emotions I witnessed through YSH's acting here. I wrote the following at. IANAR thread. Can I post here too? Let me know if not, I will change. On the surface, this drama sounds silly and UNREALISTIC. About a man falling in love with a robot??? But the more you watch, you realize its not about a robot. No, this drama is about a human monster who falls in love and starts healing
  3. Hello. This is my first post here. I watched this this Spring during covid lockdown because of Yoo Seung Ho, and became even a bigger fan of his. I watched most of his adult works and I must say that I like him most in IANAR. Hi @Bojun you wrote that you found him overacting, which I am surprise to hear. He started acting when he was 7 so he is a natural. He used to be called Korea's little brother. Can you specify which scene felt overacting? As for me, after reading dramabeans commentaries and viewer reviews, I realized all the more why I love IANA
  4. Good morning. I just watched this clip. Actor Jung Gwal Ryung went to a Tv show named MARITEL. In there, the senior actor called Yoo Seung Ho! It was fun and cute hearing YSH caught in live program. Edit. I believe this clip is just 8 months old. Let me know if you want me to translate. Or give you a summary of the conversation.
  5. Hi @Berou Thank you for sharing the articles. I especially enjoyed reading Jenny Kang from Koreaboo.com Btw. As promised, I did finish I MISS YOU (using ff button 50% of the times, watching YSH parts). Maybe if I watched this before Memorist, I might have enjoyed it a bit more. I couldn't help but compare the plot with Memorist, where you see even darker and more gruesome crimes. So IMY didn't move me. Many scenes felt unrealistic. (Funny, I felt the characters in Memorist, which is a webtoon story, reacted more realistically than those in IMY. The pace was super s
  6. Hello @rahma92 Thank you for sharing the billboard. Is that for real? Was that Times Square? No way! I used to commute there... It says that actor Yoo Seung Ho ranked #1 in May. But what kind of ranking? According to whom? Sorry for asking so many questions. As mentioned in my intro, I haven't been following kdrama for many years. Just came back during the lockdown. And was awestruck to find the cute boy become such a handsome man.
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