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  1. 18 hours ago, Na NeNi said:

    OOT ..( sorry)

    i have a crazy thinking ...hehehe

    i hope there are one/many brave/crazy korean celebrity, say this ...


    (cha tae hyun - kim jun ho case ..)

    "i had winning bet for dinner with my friend in the past, i will quit all my program" or

    "i play bowling and betting in the past, the one who loose ..pay the game and expensive diner, i will quit all my program" 


    (JH case ..)

    "in the past, i had sex with A, and i tell my friend about it .... i will quit all my program"

    "in the past, i had comment about men/women ... i will quit all my program"


    what do you thing ...hehehhe ...


    They just need a reason to hide a big thing. Small fish compared to big fish. Small fish will be a scapegoat anyway. 

    I choose to be a woman rather than being a loyal fan. Immoral & illegal are different things. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Tasia said:

    First scene on ep 29: I feel like kissing Mr. Jang!!!! :wub: He's somewhat look hot there..... Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for giving the hope to SY:heart:


    Best sentence for ep 29-30

    "He's the only man for me..."


    Seriously.... I got ticklish butterfly in my stomach when SY said about the sleepover... 

    Oh gosh!!!!

    Next week is the LAST episode??

    There are a lot more to solve!!!!!


    Why Yae Romm~~ aaaa ?? You should stay with him that night. 

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  3. Annyeong my chingu in dramaland hehe another drama which can beat my current drama Where Stars Land, anyway i love TVN ; they are generous with so much teaser & clip. I love Moon Chae Won , hope this drama will make her rise and rise. Gud luck for this drama, hopefully TVN will success with another fantasy genre after Goblin. 


    42 minutes ago, hazelyeot said:

    - Tale of Gyeryong Fairy will premiere on 22 November in Malaysia on 8TV, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30pm. 


    - The cast will be live at 7pm on Tvn Vlive Channel, doing a Drama Talk!!


    Woww i can't wait !! Kayanya 8TV hehe

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  4. :wub: Chill chingu @ck10z hehe Me also facing the same problem with you in my office plus my manager was super self centred and selfish. When YR ate ice cream during working hours, i said What? hehe this kind of attitude annoyed me sometimes. But chingu, drama is drama. We were in dramaland, full of fantasy and creativity. Anyway chingu, we were in a same boat, hope we will always success and happy in our life . Saranghanda chinguyaaa 

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