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  1. wow. I can’t add any more thoughts. I think the prosecutor girl in DJ’s office is looking the most likely?
  2. This is your post. In plain text. You just need to click on the link below when it asks. Then it doesn’t come out black AGB Nielsen rating Episode 1 (8/15/20): 7.627% (9.012% Seoul) Episode 2 (8/16/20): 6.415% (7.585% Seoul) Episode 3 (8/22/20): 7.014% (8.190% Seoul) Episode 4 (8/23/20): 6.422% (7.378% Seoul) Episode 5 (8/29/20): 6.041% (7.070 % Seoul) Episode 6 (8/30/20): 6.281% (7.487 % Seoul) Episode 7 (9/5/20): 6.502% (6.950 % Seoul) Episode 8 (9/6/20): 7.493% (8.856 % Seoul) Episode 9 (9/12/20): 7.190% (8.553 % Seou
  3. @pompyavi yeah that was a bit odd. Investigators prerogative? It was just a hunch. And it wasn’t exactly anything incriminatory. They were just getting him in for questioning (he wasn’t charged with anything). Until he decided it wasn’t going the way he wanted and called his lawyer. I am not familiar with how it works in Korea.
  4. I just assumed it was just one of those things friends do for each other. As a favour? I was of the impression that the guy threw the stake like a javelin (it was in the flashbacks) into the sea after burning through the rope. And it only washed up later. Or when the tide went out. And SM found it the next day. So yes it was the same rope. Which was why SM worked out that it was burnt through (with a lighter) and not cut. That was how I interpreted the scene.
  5. @larusAnnouncement is up top (as a pop up) - this is what it says +2
  6. @Mymindisblank I think it’s the raunchiness. And the age gap. She kissed him (An Ahjussi) when she was a minor (in high school). SBS assured viewers that the drama would be rewritten (From the original adult webtoon) so it would be more “family” oriented. The webtoon artist was also drawing naked female forms. Wasn’t this originally to be screened on a cable (?) American channel? I don’t think Western viewers would bat an eyelid. But later on SBS picked it up for local viewing and Korean audiences are a lot stricter about what they deem morally correct. Hence the public outcry. Hopefu
  7. August is a way away yet. Will need to rewatch Stranger to get me some ShiMok/YeoJin action to get me back up to speed again.
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