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  1. hello everyone!hope everyone is okey and safe and healthy because we need to be. anyway, i just finished watching the drama taxi driver and while watching it it came to me that the ML of the drama could also make a good chemistry with our YIN.really.they are of the same age i think and he is single too.what am i saying here.pardon me. i think the ML of the kdrama taxi driver is LEE JI HOON.quite familiar his first name. that's all for now folks.please stay safe and let us all be healthy.
  2. i am so happy with this news.finally!japan would be able to see how beautiful this drama is and how exciting it is!
  3. well i don't see any difference if YIN would play a villain/antagonist in snowdrop she can slay that role easily. in MLFTS she was the antagonist that you couldn't afford to hate and that role made me fall in love with her coz she's so natural in there and in every drama that she's in. i even saw on twitter a pic of them, LDW from strangers from hell and YIN from snowdrop.the caption of the post was villain doctors. i am on it whether YIN's role would be a villain in snowdrop or not i am happy as long as i am seeing her in the drama im not complaining.
  4. hello there.i have watched YIN's new year blues movie in dramacool.i still need to re watch it coz i just couldn't get enough of YIN. a good friend of mine who is also an avid fan of YIN here in our countrt gave me the link it's just that i dont know how to share the link here. btw all YIN's dramas/movies are all in dramacool.
  5. i love this kind of survey!please indulge me.i would like for YIN to be paired again with EM.im a bit unsatisfied with their pairing with the recently concluded drama TSWLM since her role as KAR was already married.i want more of them together kicking RickRoll'D on bad guys while playing lovey dovey at the same time.they have a great chemistry and they also look good together on screen. next would be song jong ki and ju in sung..i think with YIN they,individually, would also be looking good on screen.
  6. i guess some of us here is right that it is her decision to accept a project or not. i rest my case. regarding YIN's acting prowess i think it is no longer questionable because she can always slay whatever role is offered to her.in fact some known writers and directors, and even co stars can attest to it.the one thing i saw that is lacking is her being a low-profile artist.that's probably one of the reasons why she doesn't have an sns.while some actors is riding on publicity stunt just to be talked about YIN is just so quiet doing what she's good at. ACTING.although being a low -profile ar
  7. regarding YIN's popularity in china.i think all of us here is familiar with the chinese student who happened to be among the guest panels in an episode in 7.7 billion loves which YIN was one of the hosts.the chinese male guest was a YIN fan and he was so excited to see her finally in person.then he shared that YIN is really popular in china.they loved her in MLFTS drama and love her again in goblin.that's how popular YIN is in china and if given the chance that her dramas past and present will be seen on netflix which has a broader platform for artists from different countries to be recognized
  8. https://www.soompi.com/article/1451334wpp/yoo-in-na-talks-about-her-upcoming-drama-newfound-happiness-friendship-with-iu-and-more i love all the answers of YIN in WKOREA interview.witty but really it all came from the heart.acceptance to everything that life will throw in your way is the best thing to do then everything will just follow smoothly.i agree to her that once you accepted things the way they are depression has no place in your life.ever. just move forward my queen!me and the rest of your fandom are with you all the way!love you YIN to the moon and back!
  9. i love the personality of YIN eversince the first time i saw her in MLFTS and the rest is history.unlike before where i just watched her drama with not that much gusto but after goblin i started to follow her dramas since and the latest was the TSWLM.i wouldn't say YIN is an underrated actress it's more of an undiscovered actress because whatever drama she's in whether in supporting roles she always slay them with her acting prowess and she's not intimidated either with her co stars whose got bigger names than her. but what i really love about YIN is her coolness in almost every situation
  10. a few hours from now I'll be saying goodbye to my favorite spy couple JH and AR.it has been a roller coaster ride with this drama.always anticipating the next episode. if I'll have my way i would really love to end this drama with JH and AR get back together again and for good.after all their love deserves a second chance.but hey!that's just me. anyway, thank u all for sharing your thoughts and it has been a joyride with you all.till next time.stay safe!
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