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  1. good morning everyone from my timezone! i just want to share this vid because i miss them so much!hoping for good news from them soon!
  2. hello everyone!we're quite for a awhile i think we're busy with other activities but im happy that we are still here supporting our pichi couple. i doubt if YIN and LDW would be sending food trucks for each other in their respective filming site cause it might attract attention to reporters and papz. but im happy that they are doing well individually thanks to other pichi supporters who never stop posting pics from bts of their new drama. so LDW confirmed already that he'll be filming the movie single in seoul..he's working double time.i hope he's preparing these for his future with YIN.hopefully!
  3. this is the kind of comment i want to read from old and solid LDW fans!regarding his interactions with his female co stars/leads because it only confirmed my instincts the more that LDW's interaction with YIN is way above special.it's very special!and i really love it! thank u for this.
  4. hello there.i also noticed that!esp the tyh commentary..my goodness! as if he wants all of her.but i love it really!
  5. thank u for the link!regarding LDW's special interaction with YIN during filming of goblin and TYH, YIN is not just any ordinary girl, she is YIN! a good actress, a good singer, an award winning DJ and has a great body! although i am convinced that it is YIN's personality that really made LDW fall for her.
  6. i am glad you were able to watch LDW's film and you were able to compare his attentions given to his colleagues during filming and to YIN.although i never got the chance to watchLDW's bts in all of his dramas/films i am quite convinced that the way he's giving his attention to YIN is really something special.i just hope that this'attention' he's given to YIN would really end up in the altar.
  7. good morning shippers!i went through browsing FB awhile ago and the official fans club of YIN in our country is posting the pics of goblin and touch your heart!what triggers my anxiety for this post was the caption "fans of goblin and touch your heart.we are preparing something for you all.stay tuned!"my mind has many thoughts running now.could it be a season two for both kdramas or is it something more and bigger and very special event!take note the post particularly called out the fans!and the common denominators on that two dramas are LDW and YIN!i hope this "preparing something for you all"would be that "something"we have been hoping and praying for LDW and YIN!i am soooo excited with this development!
  8. thank u.can't really find the whole ep 10 of sundabang with eng sub.anyway, i think the spy who loves me drama of YIN is pushing through. im so excited to see her again.LDW has also an upcoming movie entitled single seoul with the lead actress of the drama,i forgot the title, where LDW made a cameo role.both of them will be the lead actors of that movie.so YIN and LDW are buzy right now...hope there will be news about them getting hitched soon!btw please is there anyone who could point me where to have a link of YIN's latest drama??where it uses just her voice.thank u in advance.
  9. oh im sorry..i can't really express exactly my point..anyway i have seen all the bts of their kissing scenes in TYH and re watched those too.what i meant was their actual kissing (on the lips) on each other in every kissing scene that they had.like how many takes it took just to get the perfect angles on both actors while kissing.i couldn't find any of those as compared to the bts of the kissing scenes of JJH and LMH in LOTBS. my observation is that, their bts on their actual kissing and how many takes it took while filming kissing scenes could not be seen on YT or FB, may be LDW did not allow it to be seen all over social media because he is protecting YIN from whatever it may be. and having these thoughts i appreciated more the actions of LDW towards YIN.he truly cared for her. thank u for the response..i appreciated this.
  10. i haven't watched sundabang cause im having a hard time finding out that episode with eng sub..anyway im still trying to look for it and hope you could provide me/us with the link and with eng sub.... btw i have observed that there are no bts of the kissing scenes of LDW and YIN in TYH..although i am among those who discouraged comparisons with other actors but i cant help but compare the bts of the kissing scenes of lee min ho and jun ji hyun in legend of the blue sea..almost all their kissing scenes took many retakes just to capture the angles necessary for that particular scene..i was just amazed how professional LMH and JJH are considering JJH is married and LMH has suzy that time as his gf.these bts of their kissing scenes of LOTBS are everywhere in YT and FB.but bts of the kissing scenes of LDW and YIN in TYH could never be seen/found either on YT or FB.it's not that LDW and YIN are not professionals BUT LDW is very protective to YIN esp when it comes to their kissing scenes.that's my observation although i havent watched any bts of their kissing scenes from their previous drama if LDW was also that 'protective' to his leading ladies.
  11. yeah!i've noticed that too esp her pp that has YIN's back instead of facing the camera.in fact all her posts are gone.i hope everything is all right.
  12. hello!hello there my fellow shippers!i know that this is not true but i am betting against all odds that for LDW and YIN to be true. feast our hearts!
  13. ok i'll watch QIHM after i'm done with secret garden..i really would love to see LDW and YIN in an action movie like murder in 1600, a lady cop investigating a murder because they haven't done that before or YIN could do a drama like sky castle,in fact she mentioned that that she wants to do that kind of drama or a movie like fair game.LDW could also portray a role like that of sean penn where he portrayed a retard father who fought for his daughter's custody.these are the kind of movies that i wish they could portray because it will really give their acting prowess a chance to shine so brightly on screen.
  14. hello there.good evening from my timezone.i watched secret garden, im in ep 8 right now, because of YIN.i noticed that the two lead actors doesn't have the chemistry like you feel fluttering feelings when you're looking at them but they really know how to portray their roles to the extent that i end up laughing at them.so far i really enjoyed watching secret garden.speaking of YIN she is really beautiful eversince and can act as well. she's hot and cute all at the same time.i wished YIN could be given the right project so that her acting prowess would be given a full display.the same with LDW.LDW and YIN don't just look good together they're really good actors too!
  15. it seems that TYH is a disguise of the real romantic relationship of LDW and YIN.how could they do this to us????anyway all the kissing scenes i felt like it is real the first time i saw it and i can really feel the sincerity of those kissing scenes compared to the ones i've seen before.even now with the number of times i've re watch it the feeling is still the same and i always felt the butterflies in my stomach until now.whew!if they don't end up marrying each other i just hope they'll find the one they really truly deserve because for me this is their chance to happiness with the many few times they missed each other to fall in love and were given the chance to do TYH that for me is already an evidence that they are meant for each other.as the saying goes if you truly love someone set him/her free but if he/she comes back to you then he/she is yours forever.they have done that before, the post goblin then met up again before TYH even started..then we saw almost everything how they cared and complimented each other, the bts and even TYH itself.it's all up to LDW and YIN now to rather love and lost or not to love at all! btw why is it that they have so many age?can someone enlighten me please.thank u in advance.
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