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  1. Yes I understand what your saying but my main point was that DH was never intended to the emperor and for good reason too. DH didn't "unite" everyone since everyone was still plotting against each other and they continued to do so secretly after DH left the throne. He gained the respect of everyone through fear and war which was what father god wanted to avoid for MY up and until his death. If he "united" everyone that war wouldn't have happened in tmopb etc and things would have been a bit calmer than they turned out to be. And if DH truly wanted to unite the realms, he
  2. I kinda feel bad for DH for the fact that he had get in wars that didnt even involve him one bit- since he has no genuine loyalties with anyone. As soon as MY disappeared, all of the scheming immortals felt brave enough to try to finish him off which was a big fail. And also did DH really unite everyone? Seems like all he did was kill anyone who tried cause unnecessary wars and then when everyone was too scared to challenge him, he gave the throne to LS dad. The only actual proof of ALL of the races being united was the time of those peace treaties MY signed with other races. I'm no
  3. I feel like all of the questions we have for any of the ancient gods will be explored in bodhi fate since its literally starts with all of them at school together. I'm really excited to explore a different side to everyone.
  4. It's actually crazy how the peaceful world Mo Yuan and Shao Wan built with actual blood sweat and tears just crumbled away when both of them just disappeared from the realms. Just goes to show you how influential these two both were to all of the realms. Shao Wan to the demon realm and many of the other small, insignificant realms - was like a beacon of hope that the other bullied and pushed aside races can finally have the same happiness and prosperity the godly realm has. And Mo Yuan to the heavenly realms is example of how true warrior and leader carries himself both in war and outside
  5. Moyuan's dad - Father god definitely knew Shao Wan was one of a kind. Wouldn't be surprised if he was plotting for them to be together from the beginning and made Shao Wan sit next to Mo Yuan the first day they met. Of course the person who makes Mo Yuan fall deeply in love probably has to be special, the same way Fengjiu is described somewhere as too talented for her time. If she was born a lot early, Donghua would have married her a long time ago just like he did in the extra pillow book novel.
  6. And Mo Yuan definitely ditched his bride to be and kidnapped Shao Wan already It's because Fengjiu is literally the one for Donghua. Even though they were not fated, as long as she exists in the universe, Donghua finally has a home. I think after reading a translation of some of extracts of Shao Wan, I can see why Mo Yuan and so many of the ancient celestials have connected relationship with her. For one, she's loyal- which sounds rare for times of war. Also, very brave, more kind than many of the other celestials, sincere- if she like you, shes likes you and vice
  7. Poor guy. I hope so. This guy literally lived the longest in realm apart from his love interest and had to witness everyone finding their other halfs.
  8. Now that queen tang qi has FINALLY outlined the plot and story for Bodhi fate, I think she realised there is probably a lot more to cover in that novel than just Donghua's backstory. Theres all those unanswered questions in TMOPB, all of the other characters that have only been mentioned and not explored like the actual 'Father God' of the story/ the reasons for all of those bloody wars/ Why MY became the god of war and not succeeded his father as the god of the heavens/complicated love obsession between MY & SW,etc. Given the fact that Donghua was already mentioned quite a lot
  9. Ooh this is a hard one but if I had to pick I would want to be MY and SW child of course. I like the idea of both being accepted and respected in not only the celestial realm but the demon realm since MY and SW are probably one of the oldest and original couples in Tang Qi's storyline. Whoever they create will definitely have the best fighting skills and probably a very short temper like me lol. Somehow I feel out of all the couples they will be the most likely to have twins, I think in chinese culture boy/girl twins are usually called a dragon/Phoenix pair so fingers crossed cause we nee
  10. I really liked that scene, it felt like a glimpse into FJ's future of being a smart and strong empress. I feel like in the future stories we will see a different side to FJ through time. I can already picture her being this compassionate and emotionally strong personality who gives meaningful advice to other characters like Xiao Yan and Shao Wan with their love problems. Donghua definitely picked his equal. So I've been thinking so far that the main evil in TMOPB and ELOD was a demon so what will be the big evil in Lotus Step and Bodhi fate? For now, I've realised that Miao Luo was defi
  11. Lol! Didn't that happened already in those spin off short stories Tang Qi did where SW basically ordered MY to fight DH for her and he just picked up his sword and flew away. I feel like MY might be more whipped for SW then DH is for FJ. It's like DH still trys to maintain some control(though he still gives up to FJ eventually) and playfully bully FJ and then all you see MY basically being celibate and solo for the next hundreds and thousands of years that SW is dead. Though from the drama adaptations it looks like LS is the most whipped for CY though, he's like her own little puppy that happe
  12. It's really nice they brought back another og character even though they left out other people that were supposed to the story like moyuan, yehua. etc.
  13. As always @MayanEchoI lovee your response! SW and MY are already a perfect match thats why I'm so curious on what kind of love calamity they went through all those thousands of years. I wonder what Moyuan reaction will be when he hears his true love has risen from the dead on his wedding day? Honestly I didn't feel bad for him when he searching to revive "Susu" all those years..but A-li definitely doesn't have to deserve being stuck with such man child parents. At least Fengjiu was mature enough at her young age to raise her child and still be considerate enough to not bother D
  14. I had a little analysis going on in my head so I had to let it out. So in TMOPB, Yehua chases Baiqian until he 'dies' and Baiqian now chases him. I have to say that the saying 'save the best for last' really apply to this series. I think all the other novels are always one step ahead from BQ and YH's love story. I dont know but it was quite cliche with BQ hiding her identity and disguising as a man in kunlun gave me mulan vibes and then her second life as a mortal and her tragic love story with the immortal prince gave me rich/poor girl cliche. And then with the rest of society no
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