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  1. I cant wait for Bodhi fate to be released!! It sounds so interesting and shaowan is definitely an interesting character! I heard a rumor that it might be more 18+ than the other three lives three worlds series since it's more bloody and has more sexual content. I cant wait to see moyuans and the other celestial's character development since the story starts at the heavenly father school where donghua, zheyan,shao wan, fengjius granddad and moyuan are all around 70/80 years old! I find it so interesting that shaowan is donghuas best friend and mo yuan's first love, she must be a very interesting person to get these two stonefaced guys to be around her 24/7. The novel sounds so crazy since it's common knowledge that moyuan eventually kills her in the first demon war, I'm so interested on why that happened...tang qi release this novel asap so I can see all my favourite characters to come back!! But I know that wont happen since lotus steps has to come first since bodies fate is supposed to be the last story. But I think lotus steps will be kinda boring tbh since Chengyu and liansong aren't characters that I can watch a 60 episode series on..maybe like 20 max.
  2. I love shao wan already. Can tang qi just release the bodhi fate already!! I want to see 'dark' this story really is
  3. Guys I'm sooo curious to know what feng jiu's high goddess trial will be about. Baiqian basically had to live such a miserable life as a mortal but I feel like fengjiu has already gone through alot of heartbreak. I wonder if it will be mentioned in the bodhi fate or the lotus book with liansong and chenyu
  4. Omggg that scene where hes panicking and looking for fj is going to kill me! Vengo is such a amazing actor!!
  5. Father lord never let's me sleep with mommy alone anymore. He said when I get older I should look for my own pet fox and shouldnt let others sleep with it.
  6. That ost gets me everytime! I cant tell if I like yisa yu "missing you" in TMOPB or zhang bi chen's "the heart wishes for calm waters" in the pillow book better. I love the overwhelming feeling it gives me.
  7. Guys I have this weird feeling that ending with everyone together again is still a dream. Like something donghua imagines as the camera then shows fengjiu still in a coma state. Since fengjiu injuries basically killed her, if zheyan didnt get to her quick enough her body and soul would have disappeared right there and then. It must of been very serious since even zheyan was like fengjiu must have amazing luck to still survive. But its important to know that nobody knows when fengjiu would fully recover. It might be in years, thousands of years, 100 thousand years into the future. That's why it was such sad but beautiful ending. She spents thousands of years waiting for donghua and now he will wait forever, never stop his eternal love of her. It goes well with title ' Eternal love of dream' with fengjiu in a dream like state and the love between them will forever be eternal. I found it really poetic. But then again they could just give the happily ever after version.
  8. Please pretty please can I have the scene where fengjiu dances for actual donghua in the blue sea and that scene where he tells her that he doesnt need zhonglin(his taichen palace servant) and wants fengjiu to take care of him only forever. *sigh* I didnt mind the anti climatic ending of fengjiu being in coma since all of the other scenes were enough to compensate the bad ending. The mortal episodes could have 100% been shortened, we didnt need all those episodes, they weren't even a central part to the book. I get why aranyas dream is longer but there was alot of parts that didnt need to be added. Just pointless since we only have a couple episodes left and the other half of book 2 hasn't even been explored yet!! I need more novel and less fanfiction especially for random characters where interaction isn't needed.
  9. We know that's what donghua was planning the whole time.. he got her all to himself in his palace in blue sea. This old man..
  10. You know, I cant pinpoint the exact scene where dh and fj actually make bai gungun. When they get back to fanyin valley, they're literally all over each other. And I'm not gonna complain about that consummation scene either since there should be alot of other smexy scenes coming up. Fingers crossed that's not all we get.
  11. At this point, if I dont get the scene where fengjiu dances for donghua at the blue sea and they make out afterwards, I'm gonna lose my mind
  12. Fanfic cause I'm bored waiting for episodes. Bai gun gun: I wonder how it feels like to be a handkerchief.. *sees his mom* Bai gun gun: jiujiu can I sleep with you tonight Fengjiu: of course my baby Later on that evening, fengjiu and gun gun sleep together. He sleeps soundly , resting his head on her chest. Fengjiu in her sleep reaches for donghua and in a sudden realisation, noticed the body laying on top of her became extremely heavy. Fengjiu opens her eyes and see donghua teleported gun gun to his bedroom and took his place. Fengjiu slowly pushes his grip on her waist. Donghua: Xiaobai, take responsibility for me. I'm your first baby. Fengjiu: Dijun, your too old to my child. And your too heavy. Donghua: my sweet and sour fish will be really nice to have for our picnic tomorrow. Fengjiu: My babyyyyy---- Donghua: *sighs in happiness*
  13. I disagree I think fengjiu was very naive in the beginning but I think compared to all the rest of tang qi's characters, shes the best person who handles problems in love. I think shes mature in the way she deals with donghua emotions towards her as she thinks that shes just a back up for jiheng. I think what she meant in that scene with su moye was that she wanted someone who at least loved her. I think she feels donghuas " love" for her isn't healthy because if your truly loved someone you would protect them or defend them whenever they're cornered. But I think all fengjiu sees is donghua going and coming back for her like a toy whenever hes bored or doesnt want jiheng anymore. So in a sense she appreciates donghuas concerns and care for her but what she wants is a devoted,secure love. That's why she references to baiqian in that she has all these guys coming to save her whenever shes in trouble and fengjiu is always the one defending her self and even donghua at times. I dont think it's too much to ask for him to do the same.
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