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Using Papaya Soap to Lighten Your Skin



  • TheTricycleTheTricycle The Wine CountryPosts: 872Member
    btw, the best brand for me is LIKAS PAPAYA. that's the Philippines' #1 but i dun think its available outside the country... >_<"

    They sell them in California. image
    A kiss for you! Muah.
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  • love_pixielove_pixie CAPosts: 1,294Friend of Soompi
    does anybody get these soap from asian market in southern california (in garden grove, orange county?). If u do, can you give me the direction/name of the place/store.
  • katostarkatostar Toronto, CanadaPosts: 513Member
    yay i went to a supermarket today and browsed around and i actually found likas papaya soap (orange) one for $2CAD+taxes......i wasn't expecting to find it....guess i'll try to use it soon
  • Dazzle and DestroyDazzle and Destroy zBanned L.A, HongKong, TokyoPosts: 5,232Friend of Soompi


    remember, you won't get instant results.. it took me a year to get the skin tone i wanted. :] but now i'm aiming for a more milky paleness.. XD
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  • simply-fabuloussimply-fabulous Posts: 240Member
    is there any side affects?! my mom gave me the kissa brand to use, but i'm still debating about using it...

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  • Dazzle and DestroyDazzle and Destroy zBanned L.A, HongKong, TokyoPosts: 5,232Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(simply-fabulous @ Nov 21 2006, 05:41 PM) »

    is there any side affects?! my mom gave me the kissa brand to use, but i'm still debating about using it...

    i don't think so, check the ingrediants.
    btw, i use kissa too.. i use it for my face. :]
    herbana for body.. i usually switch a lot between likas, kissa, and herbana..
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  • katostarkatostar Toronto, CanadaPosts: 513Member
    i finally tried the soap for the first time when i showered....for some cleaned my blackheads...surprised me...but i guess it's a it supposed to do that? it kinda dries my skin have to moisturize alot
  • daisydaisy New York CityPosts: 926Member
    Anyone knows where I can get this in NYC? Manhatten or Brooklyn?
  • sourelectricsourelectric Perth AustraliaPosts: 674Member
    edited November 2008
    my mum said that the phillipino PAPAYA SOAP IS SUPER BAD.. STAY AWAY FROM IT
    its really bad your skin,
    cos she used it before many years ago, still the same formula. It works really well, and as white as you want, BUT you can get dark again really easily, and sheds off too much skin, no not your dead skin but your skin forming cells or something. My mum used it like any normal person, as well as her sister ( she sold it and stuff) .. ( btw theyre not phillipino, but malay chinese) and they both got so white, but it looked horrible, cos it shed their skin till it was red. They used it normally.
    There are some hidden ingredients in it that may be harmful to skin.....
    Use it at your own risk!

    ... >>>> heres what i foudn out.
    Oh I have gotten that about a million times!! Sometimes it makes it hard to smile... I also feel that I just got out of plastic suregery as all the people I know that have gotten plastic surgery look like their skin is super tight........

    Also, I went to a target and I could not find any un/organic papaya soap so I instead bought some St. Ives....... I'm not worried about overdoing....

    Wuh? :-s There's like a Walmart is a every corner...they have one. And you could've gone to an Asian supermarket, they have tons to select from, like Seafood City or Ranch 99.... biggrin.gif You couldn't use it on specific areas anyways--I don't see how you can, it's a wash...Anyways, from my experience--the tight face feeling is bad news, you're stripping away your skin's natural oils, making it irritated and your acne worse. It usually means the products are too harsh or strong, maybe you should go for something more gentle. Having acne for nine years has thought me that stronger doesn't necessarily mean better, that's why I agree with Dan's regime....just watch out and keep a heads up on that O:) ....GL on the St. Ives...<3

  • ♥oyen♥♥oyen♥ Sooper Dooper Posts: 821Member
    ^I agree^

    I used Papaya soap once here in Philippines, it made my skin dry and itch... I stopped using it.
    Kojic Acid Soaps are the best, papaya soaps production here are gradually decreasing because there are a lot better soaps now.
  • mika.16mika.16 Posts: 2,295Member
    like every beauty product, it'll work for some, won't for others.
    its up to you to risk it and see if its suited for you!
  • SympatheticSympathetic Posts: 1,066Member
    Ooh I was going to use it, but I don't like the tight feeling.

    My friends say Im already white.. but I want to be pale white. image
  • goomstoomsgoomstooms San DiegoPosts: 139Member
    Well, I haven't used the papaya soap, but I've used the Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub from Kiehl's twice a week.
    It really helps in exfoliating. It must be working because my parents noticed how light my skin has gotten haha.

    Do they sell the papaya soap in the States? Is the one from The Body Shop effective?
  • freya47freya47 Posts: 180Member
    I also used papaya soap especially the green papaya soap. It's really effective for whitening your skin.
  • kpop4ever97kpop4ever97 Posts: 15Member
    I have Original Likas papaya soap. I have only used it once. It is orange. After the one time I used it, my skin looked soooo radiant. It also lightened a bit. I will have to use it on a regular basis! 
    1. So the green kind is better? I'll order some green papaya soap too, then
    2. How much lighter does your skin get? Mine is kind of medium, but it gets reeeeally light in spring (That's when I confuse people with my multiracial-ness haha. They can't figure me out :D), so will it do that faster if I use the soap regularly? 

    I'll post again once I have used it for a while regularly
  • TuxedoBentoTuxedoBento Posts: 268Member
    ^ Radiant after just one use...? lol maybe you should watch your face a little more regularly then. haha =p

    I've used up one bar of Likas and I think it's decent. It's very drying but if you have oily skin (like i do >.>) then it's perfect. My skin has gotten slightly whiter but then again I started using it at the end of summer (less sunlight). I'm debating if I want to spend another $4 on another bar because to be honest the effects aren't as dramatic as some people might be thinking. I think daily washing, exfoliation, and moisturizer/sunscreen does more in the long run.

    In case anyone's interested, if you live in Canada or in the Toronto area you can find Likas at most Asian supermarkets and for sure at T&T supermarkets (<-- for some reason I love just walking around T&T).
  • meilovemeilove For the love of Mei <3 Virginia *Posts: 8,572Friend of Soompi


    i'm using likas papaya soap currently. i've only used it 3 times but it looks like it works !^^
  • muffinx3muffinx3 Whaaaatt? Posts: 894Member
    edited January 2011
    I used it for about a month every other day. It whitened my face a bit (but that might also be because I was using bb cream and it's not as sunny in the winter) but not much.
    It doesn't work at all for my arms though, at least not from what I can see. :c
    I'm using it a lot less frequently now because I don't want my skin to adjust to using a soap on my face since I normally use the cave man method for washing my face.

    Like many other people who have posted, it also makes my skin dry so that might be something to consider as an issue.
  • sweet_love777sweet_love777 AustraliaPosts: 499Member
    Does Likas dry up acne as well as making skin lighter? I read somewhere a while ago that people experienced less pimples after using it
  • YoliePYolieP Posts: 700Member


    sweet_love777 wrote on 17 January 2011 - 07:56 PM:

    Does Likas dry up acne as well as making skin lighter? I read somewhere a while ago that people experienced less pimples after using it

    Well yeah when i was using it i think it helped keep my pimples away...but after a while i noticed they started appearing again and the soap wasn't doing anything to keep them away. Idk for some reason those soaps for me seem to work for some time then later it's like they do nothing for my skin. I think Kojie San soap does a better job though, it's the one i'm currently using but i think i'm going to stop using it for my face cause it's not making it first it was now it's not.

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