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"Why do you like me?"

wat do you say to that?
I dont know why but this is the hardest question for me to answer, even if its being asked by the guy im in love with.
I was wondering if anyone else had issues with responding to this question? For me i think my problem is i dont want to give a corny answer like "youre cute" "youre smart and ambitious" etc etc, not that i think less of people when they say that. But if someone is asking me that then they're probably someone really important to me and i dont wanna short change them with some cliche answer, but because of that I end up not really being able to say anything and i start to think why DO i like them?

This started bothering me because recently my close friend/crush has asked me multiple times why i liked him and usually i say "i dont know i cant describe it" which i know probably bothers him and makes him question if i really do like him. I mean i could answer him because there ARE reasons why i like him; I like his honesty, how he acts silly in the most retarded ways but cute at the same time, the way he cares so much for me and fusses over even the littlest things like i have a cough, as well as more practical/professional things like i admire that hes hardworking and very reliable member (we work together), which i think speaks a lot about his character. But for some reason i feel like those answers are...cliche?( i dont know wat other word to use).

Do you think I should tell him that even if i feel like im being cliche? And does it bother a guy when a girl wont tell him why she likes him? does that make him question her feelings? because im starting to get a vibe that hes questioning how i really feel and generally im a pretty reserved/protective about my true feelings.

Im also just curious about how other people respond.. or how people feel about this question. I think im over thinking things hahaha.


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  • CaptainPantsCaptainPants Posts: 72Member
    edited December 2010
    Minerals are blue
    Marines are red
    My heart is walled off
    but supply depots go down for you

    its a work in progress yah?
    (sorry sc reference)
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  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,783Member


    uh oh, people ask this 'cause they're depressed about themselves- low self-esteem stuff like that.

    I did that for a time, asked every person I knew... it was retarted.

    nothing you say will comfort him, you probably shouldn't answer- and when you do, it'll be when you're annoyed.
  • mszdroopiquemszdroopique Posts: 68Member
    Girl you already got yourself a list of things to say! Just look him in the eye, say it, and apologize if you think you should for being cliche
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  • Want2LoveUWant2LoveU Posts: 934Member
    Why do you like me? because you are everything to me.
    Come, Hotaru! I Can Finally Touch You.
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  • JyumJyum Posts: 322Member
    edited December 2010
    This is what i would say:

    You make me smile
    you make me laugh
    all the while
    making me re-think about what i have
    if soul mates existed
    you'd be my better half
    i would've wished this,
    but no airplanes have passed
    you're more to me than pikachu is to ash
    And you're always on my mind like a one way track
    i'd pick you over cold hard cash
    throw it in the trash
    and spend the day with you
    cause girl(or boy) i love you
    I write poetry.
  • oOChristyXxoOChristyXx Posts: 33Member
    say: "If i were to be able to describe why i love you, it wouldnt be love i'm feeling" (if that makes sense to u :P)
  • GofishusGofishus The Reckoning CaliforniaPosts: 3,068Member


    Say the truth. There's got to be certain unique qualities about him, ie looks, smarts, humor, interests, etc that no other person possesses that you can tell him...
  • Clu3lessClu3less Posts: 590Member


    i say it's better to tell him even if it's cliche. i think it's cute when it's a bit cliche?

    i was having doubts with my relationship with my ex when we were together. he seemed like he didn't care about me or our relationship anymore. so i asked my ex the same question and all he could give me was an i don't know. i ended up breaking it off with him then and there after hearing that.
  • kawaru-chankawaru-chan Posts: 24Member
    haha My boyfriend asks this sometimes...

    I usually just go (and this is actually word for word) "lol I dunno... I just do." Then go on to list the first few things that come into my head about why I like him xD

    I don't think it's something that can be explained. It's just how it is xD 

    My friend says we have 'good chemistry' and she loves how my boyfriend and I  interact with each other.  Everyone that knows me and my boyfriend consider us to be one entity now o___o

    Sometimes I ask him the reasons why he likes me because I get curious... But it's a question I don't really take seriously.. Usually I'm in a silly mood when I ask him xP
  • fabrications.fabrications. i'm a ghost noPosts: 3,542Member


    ; I like his honesty, how he acts silly in the most retarded ways but cute at the same time, the way he cares so much for me and fusses over even the littlest things like i have a cough, as well as more practical/professional things like i admire that hes hardworking and very reliable member (we work together), which i think speaks a lot about his character.

    You just answered your own question. And in no way is anything like that "too cliche." It's the truth. Be honest with him. Maybe you could tell him it feels like the words are cliche, but you mean it, and you probably want to say a lot more. Or you could just add "more than words." haha

    If you can't do that, write down every reason why you like him. :)
  • hiswendyhiswendy one of those old soompiers from way back when Posts: 4,309Member


    My brain usually goes to the randomest, silliest, quirkiest details about them that I like, and that's what I tell them. Then they look at me weird.
  • zantac_2zantac_2 sydPosts: 3,406Member


    Want2LoveU wrote on 06 December 2010 - 02:25 PM:

    Why do you like me? because you are everything to me.

    but why am i everything to you?
  • MeilumiMeilumi Posts: 72Member


    It doesn't matter if you think it's "cliche". If those are your honest thoughts, then you should tell him. If you're still worried that it's too cliche, word it differently and don't say it so up front. x)
  • TerioNTerioN Posts: 340Member
    oh do girls actually care about this? because my gf always asks me and im just like idk i just do haha.. crap
  • evansevans somewhere behind you(:Posts: 476Member
    you already have the reasons to why you like him! who cares if it's cliche or corny. he'll probably think it's sweet and stuff. and, you get to ask him the same question back and hear his answer!
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,117Member


    Who cares about being cliche? Just be honest. I don't think he's going to analyse your answer like an english text so long as youre true and he likes the response (ie, mainly ego boost or he feels appreciated/loved)

  • daulismdaulism ! Posts: 3,131Member
    just request the radio station to play Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are" and include a shoutout.. making sure he's tuned in.

    it'll get the point across.

    but personally i would say something silly like, "i like you because you look cute when you fall asleep in class" :-D
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  • silver_moon525silver_moon525 Posts: 477Member
    yeah... most of the answers to this question ARE cliche. You should think of something that you really truly like about him, rather than taking too much care to make it sound not cliche. for example, if I think about the person I like right now, here are some stuff I come up with:

    -Tries to include me in conversations when everyone but me is a guy
    -Asks me about what I like, and makes note of it and remembers it not like most guys who will forget
    -Makes me laugh really hard without trying

    See? they all sound cliche :P
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