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Does Your Face Fit The Golden Ratio?



  • lovejyklovejyk Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ParisPosts: 4,582Member
    I did this on another Angelina Jolie picture...... and its really shocking how well it fits her face.

    And I think I found another one! Hilary Duff! The picture was taken at a slight angle so that is why the mask is a bit off to the side.

    I don't know, I think this is like one of those fun things to do when you're bored or something... like, "Lets see if this mask fits on my face!"-kind of thing. I guess its not really something to really judging beauty with but its interesting nonetheless.
  • RussianButterflyRussianButterfly Patience, young grasshopper Posts: 544Member
    I always get 1,26.

    God, I feel kind of ugly now.
    damn you Golden Ratio.....

    I've always been a fan of Angelina Jolie's beauty,
    Now I know why, I guess.
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  • michelle smellsmichelle smells ???; ????. Posts: 1,518Member
    Gawd, this is depressing.
    My face will never fit that...
  • vandalizevandalize Posts: 467Member


    edited June 2008
    a = Top-of-head to chin = 24cm
    b = Top-of-head to pupil = 11.5cm
    c = Pupil to nosetip = 4cm
    d = Pupil to lip = 7cm
    e = Width of nose = 3.5cm
    f = Outside distance between eyes = 10.5cm
    g = Width of head = 15cm
    h = Hairline to pupil = 7cm
    i = Nosetip to chin = 9cm
    j = Lips to chin = 5.5cm
    k = Length of lips = 5cm
    l = Nosetip to lips = 5cm

    Now, find the following ratios:
    a/g = 1.6cm
    b/d = 1.6cm
    i/j = 1.6cm
    i/c = 2.3cm
    e/l = 0.7cm
    f/h = 1.5cm
    k/e = 1.4cm

    from what I face shape should be an oval...but gah! The rest is so confusing! I don't think I have a "perfect face" but I guess I'm normal :-) anyways... lol

    edit: oh shoot, I didn't know you have to measure from the PUPIL LOL! I just measured =from the corner of my eyes to anywhere in my lips, lmao. oh well, it was fun. it's also nice to know that my face shape is symmetrical. But I don't think the face ratio really matters...people who don't fit it are still as good looking lol. no one's face is perfect...
  • .Demy.Demy MichiganPosts: 820Member


    edited April 2009
    We saw a video about this in my Sociology class and I've been dying to try this.
    This is so much fun XD Haha.

    I think you really need a frontal view of your face, no smiling, no faces. Just your regular relaxed face for this to work.
    I think the lines also outline our features to make it look like we fit it perfectly. Your eye thinks it fits because the outlines are boxing certain features in. I also think that it's easy to make it fit your face if you do it the photoshop way. It's easy to re-size it to make it fit your face. In order to do this 'accurately' you need a special tool, and it helps measure proportions on a person's face... Yeah I have no idea what it's called but I saw it on the video. lol
    My hairline, eyebrows, and lips are off.

  • DollyDolly drove through ghosts to get here. the middle of nowhere.Posts: 575Member
    edited April 2009
    i think the golden ratio is, for the most part, a bunch of bs.
    i mean, i can understand how it can possibly prove that someone is beautiful...
    but even if someone does fit the golden ratio, they could still be ugly.
    it works the other way too, if someone doesn't fit the golden ratio, they can still be beautiful.
    take for instance kate moss or audrey hepburn, they probably don't fit it, but that doesn't mean anything against their looks.

    i really detest how science tries to theorize everything into simple little formulas...
    qu'est-ce que c'est deguelasse?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • The Pink PandaThe Pink Panda The 21st century cure Neverwaking DreamPosts: 815Member
    edited April 2009

    lol, I look so scary.
    (excuse the camera phone photo)
  • sugarlessgirlsugarlessgirl the here and now, but occasionally i go back in tiPosts: 546Member


    lol i totally didnt just spend like an hour doing this to different faces... image

    heres mine:


    lawl my chin is too long, bottom lip too thick, left eye off, etc. etc.

    this is fun and all but most people fit baaaasically into the ratio...thats why most people find a mate anyway.

    and there are people who i consider extremely beautiful but who dont quite fit the ratio

    Audrey Hepburn: chin a bit short, eyes a bit off but shes still very pretty

    Olivia Hussey: eyes waaay off but shes pretty much my favorite face ever. EVER.

    Kuroki Meisa fits pretty darn well i must say...

    but the eyebrows are just bugging me...who the hell has them down there?!?!?! i think its geared more towards a caucasian face...but still it...

  • BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


    edited April 2009
    How are you guys getting this to work? I thought you were supposed to print the mask out and actually place it over your face (but that sounds liek way too much work)

    Like how is everyone getting this to be placed over their images? I fail with Photoshop and the layers and whatever. FML
  • winterofdiscontentwinterofdiscontent Sydney AUS. !!!Posts: 2,062Member
    Hmm, KTH has the "golden" face.
  • Kiwi BirdKiwi Bird Posts: 159Member
    edited May 2009

    I tried it for the heck of it too. Some things line up but over all nothing actually fits. image
  • c'erinec'erine in a land far, far awayPosts: 446Member
    edited May 2009
    sugarlessgirl: i totally agree. i'd sell my soul for Olivia Hussey's face

    and no i don't think i'd fit the "golden ratio" i don't even want to try.
    it's just one of those things that ppl come up with to make some
    ppl feel more superior and make others seem substandard
    kinda like eyelids and white skin ...

    and where does this ratio even come from?
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  • BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


    Can someone please tell me how to do this with Photoshop? I forgot everything about Photoshop (I last learned it like 4 years ago, no joke). I wanna try this.
  • KeHAEaKeHAEa Kris! <\3 USAPosts: 1,210Friend of Soompi


    Haha, I tried this on me and my bf. x3
    Seemed to fit...ok.. o_O'


    X: ~ <3 ~ :D FourOneOne~! :D ~ <3 ~ X:
  • __XOXO__XOXO in his arms &#9829;Posts: 209New Member
    edited May 2009
    ^ LOL, THAT'S HILAROUS! image he must be pretty freaking pretty, hahas. (whoah, weird wording, image )

    i tried, hahas. my eyebrows are like WAYYY TOO HIGH. do people even have eyebrows down down ? really ?

    my face shape actually fit pretty well, except my chin is just a bit longer than the mask.

    i realized one eyebrow goes into the centre more than the other one - time to pluck! image

    MY EYES FIT PREFECT. *O* so does my jawline & nose bridge. image

    but the tip of my nose fails. >:/ a bit too big. :@ the bottom of my lips align with the mask, but they look TINY compared to the mask. i always thought my lips were pretty big, image

    hahas, in conclusion, my face fails. image
  • minwoo012minwoo012 Vancouver B.CPosts: 1,079Member
    im reading a book on the golden ratio right now
    its pretty interesting

    thanks for sharing ^^
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  • Lily.Lily. Posts: 976Member
    wow theres a formula and diagram for beauty now o_o
  • yummy.sushiiyummy.sushii liilyyyyyyy sydney honey ;)Posts: 1,246Member


    Can someone please explain to me how to calculate the ratio ?

    a = Top-of-head to chin = 18 cm
    b = Top-of-head to pupil = 7 cm
    c = Pupil to nosetip = 5 cm
    d = Pupil to lip = 6.5 cm
    e = Width of nose = 3.5 cm
    f = Outside distance between eyes = 9 cm
    g = Width of head = 13 cm
    h = Hairline to pupil = 8 cm
    i = Nosetip to chin = 6.5 cm
    j = Lips to chin = 5 cm
    k = Length of lips = 4 cm
    l = Nosetip to lips = 2 cm

    a/g = cm
    b/d = cm
    i/j = cm
    i/c = cm
    e/l = cm
    f/h = cm
    k/e = cm

  • LavendereLavendere laff AustraliaPosts: 275Member
    edited May 2009
    yummy.sushii - hmmm I think you divide the value you got for a by g (and the rest they say)
    Your aim is to get a value as close to 1.61803399 as possible

    I didn't have any photography software so I just used paint and microsoft word


    Awww it doesn't really fit *throws a tantrum* (eyebrows too high, nose too wide) image yuck I look bad anyway =P
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