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Korean Skin Care Secret?

etoileeetoilee Posts: 4Member
edited December 2012 in beauty & fashion
share your thoughts/tips
Has anyone wondered why koreans have the best skin among asians? I've hardly run into any korean girls with bad skin. I've guessed that since koreans live in the cold climate area, eat alot of veggetable, and go to sauna often, they have the perfect smooth silky skin? Anyone knows any secret/tip of their skin care ritual?



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    all i can say is WOW to that^
    that is amazing O_O i cannot take that long for that stuff...
    but i love masks :x like i just like putting them on for the fun of it XD;
    even if i dont get any benefits :x they're just fun. i'm weird.

    Anyways there was this thread on some celebs i though you'd like to go to image
    natural masks for beautiful skin from Korean celebs image!

    My mother and I are trying out the milk masks right now XD;
    goodluck image

    ...of course it's only for your face O_O;
  • Mikiko-xoxoMikiko-xoxo AustraliaPosts: 298Member
    gah, i reckon, i went to melbourne and everyone has perfect skin there. it's not fair! LOL. and they're very pretty too.
  • amarynthisamarynthis Posts: 616Member


    QUOTE(Mikiko-xoxo @ May 2 2007, 04:48 PM) »
    gah, i reckon, i went to melbourne and everyone has perfect skin there. it's not fair! LOL. and they're very pretty too.

    You mean the Koreans living in melbourne? Or people in general?
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  • lilpinkheartslilpinkhearts Stuck in Kpop fandomPosts: 1,759Member
    Hahahaha wow Korean women really take care of their skin A LOT huh xD

    I guess it's their lifestyle. They just take the extra effort, that's all.

    For me, I'm only slightly different HEHHS. I just don't do all those saunas. Too hot xDD
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  • etoileeetoilee Posts: 4Member
    edited May 2007
    Rigashi, how can a skin care routine has 9-10 steps? Mine is like 3 steps and I thinks it is high maintenance already. What are the steps that your mom use.
    Thanks Rainyseasons for the link =)
  • rigashirigashi Posts: 1,472Friend of Soompi


    Well, I do know a lot of Korean-American girls who don't use anything but cleanser and moisturizer and still have perfect skin. I guess sometimes it's just good genes lol. ^^;

    This is my mommy's routine:
    1. eye makeup remover
    2. cleansing oil
    3. foam cleanser
    4. softener (toner)
    5. essence
    6. wrinkle serum
    7. eye cream
    8. emulsion (moisturizer--she has two different ones, for day and night)

    Oops.. I guess it's only 8 lol. She uses masks religiously, at least 3x a week.

    This is my skincare routine:
  • orange momoorange momo Orange Momo <3 San DiegoPosts: 1,326Member
    QUOTE(rigashi @ May 1 2007, 08:24 PM) »
    Koreans don't live in a cold climate. o_O They have super-hot super-humid summers... but I guess likewise it's super-cold in the winter.

    Korean women are FANATIC about their skincare. At least this is true for all Korean women I know, including in my family. My entire family has perfect skin too... it's just me grr stupid tomboy phase back in middle school *grumbling* Anyway image My mom said that when she was growing up, my grandmother applied masks to her (and her 4 sisters') face almost everyday! Now her skincare routine includes like 10 different steps. Mine is like 9! They cleanse their skin VERY well, moisturize very well, use lots of different essences and serums, and use masks a lot.

    The Korean diet is pretty balanced though, so that probably helps too. And most Korean women I know exercise a lot.

    I have to agree with all of that. When I was in korea they had these like BIG sets you would buy ( I admit I bought two) but overall while I was there my skin got really clear and even I think it's because of Korean diet.. as well as the humidity it opens your pores etc... plus you do exercise alot.
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  • panda_zpanda_z Posts: 247Member
    ive noticed that koreans put aloooooooooooooooot of effort in their appearance... >< sigh haha i wish i was just a bit less lazy..
  • Conni<3Conni<3 canadaaa`&gt;&gt;guangzhouPosts: 586Member
    i think its the climate. i live in canada atm and i just went back to china recentlyy, my skin got a lot better and when i mean a lot i mean A LOT. and its all crappy again ><
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  • happypianohappypiano Posts: 715Friend of Soompi
    the koreans that i've met who have grown up in the US don't have the flawless skin of those who grew up in korea... actually, the chinese in china don't have a lot of problems that are often faced by those in the US either... and i have to say, it's definitely because of climate and diet reasons. =.=
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  • blue_shoeblue_shoe Posts: 2,182Member
    I think you're stereotyping. Korean do have bad skins. I mean that guy who shot a bunch of people have bad skins, not terrible skin but you can tell he had acne growing up.

    My 411
  • xyoojchickxyoojchick Posts: 614Member
    gezz im to lazy to do all those 10 step facials! lol but gosh i think its the weather or water becuase my cousin just moved the the u.s. from thailand(i think) and her skin was perfect! and i mean perfect! but now shes in the U.S. and her skin is crppy!(no office to her) but i think its becuase of the water to because i think they get much more fresher water from the mountain or something there than here in america! lucky people who have clear skin*grrr* lol
  • swtstar~swtstar~ Holland T_TPosts: 696Member
    ^ so.. ppl should wash theyr face with brand water =p evian ? I'd prefer Dr watson =p

    i had a great spotless skin too.. well ok ..once in a while like 4months/halfyear had like some spots
    but rarely zits
    and now.. my skin isnt that pretty anymore ! =_= !! really urgh
  • mariemariemariemarie Posts: 30Member
    that's another stereotype about koreans - having the perfect skin.
    i would say the majority of the korean girls i know have pretty nice skin, but besides from genetics, i also think it's gotta do witih their healthy lifestyle which everyone knows abt - drink lots of water, exercise, have a balanced's jst a matter of fact if we actually carry that out =P
  • aznksaznks the NL + MalayPosts: 14Member
    my brother went to korea from august '06 - dec '06. before he went there, his skin wasn't smooth but he had a little acne. but when i saw his photo's.. i was like O.O what happend to ur face? it was full of red pimples or something. so sad. he even bought acne cleanser and was cleaning his face 2 times a day. i thought it was acne or allergy. When he went to malaysia, around januari, his skin was alot better as before. less red spots etc.
    Isn't it kinda weird?
  • tokyohoneytokyohoney New York CityPosts: 1,417Member
    edited May 2007
    the koren americans i know, their skin isnt all that great but the fobs have really really nice skin lols
    when i go to shanghai my skin gets really dewy and nice, i think its cuz of weather conditions
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  • peachgarupeachgaru Posts: 125Member
    Isn't this because Koreans (fob ones) get things done at the derm? Like lasers, IPL, and/or peels? I'm not Korean (whitie here), but my boyfriend is and all of his female family members, including his mom, have procedures done when they go back to Korea because they're A LOT cheaper there (according to them)

    Can't say that I blame them. I'm moving to Korea soon and plan to get some lasering myself...could never afford to in the US

    But yea, not sure myself...whatever it is, I wanna know their secret! I think diet has a lot to do with it. But water? No way. Everyone warns me about the poor water quality in Korea...


  • pink1epink1e 我 是 쇼바holic SF Bay AreaPosts: 4,369Friend of Soompi


    ^ i heard they drink bottled mineral water in Korea.. And the water is somehow better? iono
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