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[MANHWA] The Bride Of The Water God



  • missMARImissMARI Posts: 9Member
    i don't really read manga but the art just totally captured me
    and poor soah...can't get a straight honest answer from anyone. :/
    and i'm waiting for the moment she blows up (as in anger)
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  • TOPBIGBANGTOPBIGBANG kaliPosts: 1,632Member


    i just started reading this..
    and i love it..omg..I WANT MORE...
  • daffy duckdaffy duck Playing in front of my pianoPosts: 11Member
    I love the art! It is absolutely beautiful and captivating.
    They only have the first volume at Borders. image It was supposed to come out but it never does, but if anyone wants to read it online
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  • DrusillaDrusilla Posts: 202Member


    QUOTE (amienguyen @ Feb 22 2009, 12:07 AM) »
    Spoiler Alert!

    Omg! The Emperor is Hooye's dad? I kind of had a feeling that there was some kind of connection between them. doesn't this make Nakbin his daughter too? This is too confusing.

    Nakbin said she was a halfling and Hooye wasn't like her, so maybe that means they're half-siblings with the same mother? If she's not the Emperor's daughter, that is.

    QUOTE (amienguyen @ Feb 22 2009, 12:07 AM) »
    I love Habaek's long hair when he met Nakbin. He looks gorgeous. I hope he'll grow it back. I feel bad for Soah. I wonder who is her destiny man since it's obviously not Habaek. I think Habaek's red string is connected to Nakbin. That old man said that Habaek and his lover will be together no matter what, even if they hated each other. The old man said there's no way anyone even gods can break that string. I have little hope for Habaek & Soah happy union. Well, Soah is suppose to have two men in her life. One is Habaek and the other one is ? It's probably Hooye. He seems very infatuated with her, but then again he betrayed her by giving her to the Emperor. Maybe her second man is the Emperor? Emperor VS Habaek showdown will be awesome. The Emperor didn't seem to have any romantic interest in Soah though. However, he seems more interested in Habaek. Okay, whatever. I hope future chapters will be more clearer. I think my favorite chapter is when Soah was little and Habaek saved her from drowning. That was a really cute chapter. Habaek was already considering to make her his bride, but then he forgot about her later. Nakbin seems to have a bigger effect on him than Soah since he waited all those years for Nakbin to mature. Why is Habaek going around making girls his brides all the time? It makes me think that he's a player. Anyways, it's interesting that Habaek can hear Soah's voice for some reason. I think there's some type of connection here.

    I think Soah's other red string is connected to's quite obvious he's been attracted to her from the moment he saw her, and at first she thought he was Habaek, remember? Also, she kept that comb he gave her even in the human world when she'd forgotten everything from the Water Kingdom, and thought that whoever had given it to her must have been special (and Habaek told her that combs were meant to be signs of a wedding proposal, too).
    I must admit, I love the chapters where Habaek gets jealous over Soah being with Hooye. I'd ship them together, but it's obvious that Habaek is the one Soah loves. Wonder what's going to happen now that the Emperor's got her, though- I don't think he's interested in her in a romantic sense. He's more likely to be doing it to hurt Habaek.

    But yes, lots of godly politics here!

  • habaek101habaek101 Posts: 5Member
    does anyone know when vol 8's goin to be realesd?
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  • happy_starhappy_star Posts: 319Member


    edited March 2009
    QUOTE (amienguyen @ Mar 2 2009, 06:26 PM) »
    Thanks for providing the preview! Gosh darn it! The red string is connected between Habaek and Nakbin. Eeeek! Maybe Soah will end up with Hooye instead then? I don't want Soah to end up with anybody, but with Habaek.

    Hmmm...I think that's actually Soah and Habaek in the cover image there for the latest chapter release in Wink. The girl's hair is straight in that picture, whereas Nakbin's hair is usually portrayed as wavy or even sometimes on the heavier curly/wavy hair style. But yeah, Soah and Habaek. That's what we want!
  • rianna2008rianna2008 Posts: 34Member
    um...the present Habeak has short hair, So I think it is actually a flaskback from the past when Nakbin and Habeak got married...
  • TeqqTeqq Posts: 47Member
    No, the preview's a continuation of the flashback of his mother suhwangmo (Western queen mother whatever.....) and his father the Eastern whatever it was..forgot to go look up his full name. I'll do that later...
  • iridescencetiridescencet Posts: 6Member
    hi could anyone give a summary of what happens in the new chapter? image
  • Fallin_st4rzFallin_st4rz Posts: 223Member
    thsoe falshbacks r quite confusin at times, am that gurl who claimed to be Nabkin- am so lost lol
    hope to see more of Sah in nxt chapter
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  • crashpurplecrashpurple TorontoPosts: 55Member
    OMG i got hooked with the story instantly!!!!!!! I spent my whole day reading it...can't wait for the next volume!
  • OoShiraoOOoShiraoO -lost-Posts: 317Member
    it says the 2nd vol is up in book stores =( but when i go there it's not up

    it has happen for 5 times now

    the ppl working there also have no idea.
  • rianna2008rianna2008 Posts: 34Member
    I normally order them through the book store...( or I guess you can order them on-line as well)
    guess what! the third vol is going to come out this month!!!!
  • chirechire Posts: 93Member
    edited March 2009
    I'm starting to like the flashbacks. Hooye is becoming immensely more interesting to me. I don't think we're supposed to know what the deal is with the "imposter" Nakbin, so don't feel like you're missing anything.

    We did Chapter 55 using mag scans, but we'll probably wait for the tank to do the rest. Thanks to ricepaper for the translation!

    Chapter 55
    Read Online

    EDIT: I fixed the DDL link. Sorry!
  • tom0etom0e Posts: 19Member
    thank you thank you thank you! ^^
  • laila~laila~ Posts: 11Member
    Can't download!
    Why? image
  • rianna2008rianna2008 Posts: 34Member
    Thanks for sharing!!!!
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