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Let's get knitty!

soompsoomp "that's soomptastic!"soompitown!Posts: 1,458Administrator


knitters showcase
I started knitting when I was pregnant with the ceej, 5 years ago now.

Here are some of my favorite projects:

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  • RebbyRebby 나와 함께 SingaporePosts: 8,109Administrator


    awesome work! i wish i could knit like you! i have problems reading the instructions book :ph34r: :sweatingbullets:
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  • ichigo_no_powderichigo_no_powder VancouverPosts: 4,632Friend of Soompi
    Gah you're so talented! I am especially in love with with the white dress. As someone who has failed to understand how to make the first stitch even after having multiple teachers, I am very jealous
  • mashpotatobunnymashpotatobunny Sunnyvale, CAPosts: 142Member
    Wooow, you're so talented! A lot of the items look store-bought--I never would've guessed you made them all by hand if you didn't say so! :D
  • vivienmiyukivivienmiyuki Posts: 4New Member
    do you know where to get the knitting stuffs in Malaysia???
  • K.OanaK.Oana Posts: 1New Member
    These are so cute  omg <3 (And so is your kid)
    That's the next thing I'm gonna put on my list of things to learn.
  • pupluvgurlpupluvgurl Posts: 402Member


    Can you please post some tutorials??
    I'm a huge fan of the little elephant!!!
  • kazoozlekazoozle Posts: 2Member
    Beautiful stuff! :wub: I tried to learn to crotchet but i think only managed to learn one and got very frustrated at the rest... so after making a phone sleeve for the husband i gave up and I have forgotten the little stuff i learned. Takes a  lot of patience, i wish had enough to understand the book. XD hahaha
  • T.LUUT.LUU 5:13 heaven. San Jose, CA(:Posts: 1,743Friend of Soompi


    Amazing work! Though I'll never ever EVER get on your level, I think you've just convinced me to take up knitting again.
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  • LucKy#1LucKy#1 new jerseyPosts: 151Member
    omg those are sooo nice!! wish i had the talent to do that. i love how your kids are modelling theyre cute!!! ^ ^
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  • d3scr3t3d3scr3t3 Posts: 28Member, New Member
    WOW you're really good. I've just started knitting but I use the loom so it's much easier on my wrist. I've also been doing some crochets. I don't have pictures of what I've made so far but when I get done with this blanket(beginner) I'll post it up. I'm no expert but tips will always help
  • sbloomsbloom Posts: 90Member
    edited January 2012
    this makes me want to put what I did :D
    but what I did are plushies so... :(

    I love your work :D
  • jhojho zBanned Toronto, CanadaPosts: 4,856Friend of Soompi
    ^your stuff is cute, but this thread is only for knit projects :)
  • karyeekaryee CanadaPosts: 427Member


    Wow your stuff's amazing. I'm really jealous. But I think I'll start trying when I'm pregnant in the future LOL, as I really have no patience for it right now. Sigh. 
  • YinanYinan Posts: 58Member


    OMG the little knit shoes are adorable!!! ^_^ (I'm a shoe designer, so I especially love those! Hehe)
  • cooki3scooki3s NYPosts: 866Member


    wow! amazing sweater and I love the scarvess!
    I'm just wondering for the scarves, did you knit each color on or did the yarn just come like that? I'm not sure how to explain but I probably sound ridiculous lol

  • pervertpervert Baby Trafficker Posts: 1,513Member


    edited February 2012
    That pencil scarf is so cute! I bet you wouldn't see that kind of clever design at Gymboree, Baby Gap, etc. Also, I love your striped sweater that you knit for yourself :( I want one exactly like it.

  • YoyoYoyo Posts: 5,671Moderator


    These look incredible! I wouldn't have known it was home made if you didn't say so. Some of these looks like they're from high-end childrens stores! I wish I knew how to knit. I bought a bunch of stuff but I never fully understood the books... Sad.

    image image

  • 2partsvodka2partsvodka NanaXRen Posts: 3,832Friend of Soompi
    that pencil scarf :ph34r:
  • bk1009xbk1009x Posts: 26Member
    the knit shoes are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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