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Ha Ji Won 하지원



  • thedolleffectthedolleffect Posts: 101Member
    edited March 2011
    @maccay and Aziraphale
    Thank you for all the lovely photos of HJW in Hwang Jin Yi as well as her other photos in hanbok. We are again reminded of how ethereal Ha Ji Won's beauty has always been. :)

    Thank you for uploading the video of HJW receiving the gifts of her 1023 fans during White Day. Credit also goes to kjkfan7 for the translations. You are a great team. Thank you for helping the other international fans of HJW! ;)

    Ha Ji Won is just so adorable. :rolleyes: Those videos are really a delight! Her laugh is so infectious. Looking forward to the final CF. I am also excited to see the reception of the Korean people to HJW's dancing and being soooo cute. ^_^

    Nice gifs! It's nice of you to make those. Thank you. I also noticed that in almost all the gifs, HJW is either laughing or smiling. Good vibes. B) I especially love the 2nd one with her doing the hop! :D

    I also think the same. A Ha Ji Won-Hyun Bin duet would be EPIC. That Woman and That Man combined, I am totally for it! :)
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  • gilerkoregilerkore Posts: 149Member


    Annhyeong haseyo!

    I've been a silent lurker of this thread & the other two ( Secret Garden & Hyun Bin) for a month now.

    Also, I ship our SeGa OTP too! GRI & KJW/Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won (interesting how their names start with letter 'H' and end with 'N' at the same time) pairing is unlike any other pairing.

    Their chemistry is mindblowing. Psst. I secretly think they like each other off screen too just by analysing their BTS & interviews.
    They gave off this some kind of vibe which screams 'match made in heaven'.

    But one thing that bugs me, is it really true Hyun Bin calls Ha Ji Won noona?
  • MitchiiMitchii Sun Shine PlacePosts: 41Member
    edited March 2011
    Ha Ji Won New CF video.
  • f927f927 Posts: 1,778Member


    edited March 2011
    Y-Star featuring HJW (CF photoshoot), credit ystarchannel4@YT
    Video Linkie >> [star] Ha ji won, Marine Corps enlisted cheering message to Bin (하지원'해병대' 현빈 응원)


    Vogue 2009 - Adventure in wonderland

    @ Freddy

    all images credit dcgall


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  • chittotochittoto Posts: 2New Member
    edited April 2011
    gilerkore wrote on 30 March 2011 - 05:06 AM:

    But one thing that bugs me, is it really true Hyun Bin calls Ha Ji Won noona?

    Yep, it's true but I don't think it's a big deal 'cause JIS also called her 'HJW nuna' and they called her in private, not in any interviews.

    According to many articles I read about 'nuna' ;

    Some Korean guys don’t like calling a girl that they like ‘nuna,’ because it makes them feel that they are nothing more to that girl than a young boy. Others, however, don’t mind calling a girl ‘nuna’ that they like. Once they get used to calling her ‘nuna,’ he can seek a brother-sister style relationship with her.

    Even if you learn a lot about this cultural difference, it’s best if you do not call an older girl by ‘nuna’ because calling someone ‘nuna’ is acceptable only between the closest of friends.

    oppa is likewise used by girls to call a guy who is close but older than her; same goes with guys who calls girls who are close but older than him as nuna. Boyfriend and girlfriend are likewise called this way. The use of these terms denote respect. So don’t be confused when wathcing movies and dramas, if you hear the stars call their lovers on screen as oppa or nuna, this is not incest (to think Koreans are very conservative) but part of their culture.

    But in general, noona can be teasingly used in a larger romantic context
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Hyun Bin’s character uses “noonim” sometimes to tease Sam Soon.

    and from HJW&KDW Duelist interview clip ,
    KDW said that "more than like a noona. I wonder if I can say this. At times,she's more like a cute younger sister and she's also like a friend too. She's very thoughtful so then she seems like a noona"

    Translations: kjkfan7

    In my opinion-whatever her age, HJW seems sweet & lovely that why many ppl love and admire her. ;)
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  • gilerkoregilerkore Posts: 149Member


    Thanks cittoto for the clarification. :)
    I really hope Hyun Bin sees HJW more than just a noona.
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  • coppersuncoppersun Posts: 361Member


    Ha ji Won looks like a school girl to me, addressing her as nuna is a respect.
    HJW did mention that though HB is younger than her , He act like a big brother and takes good care of her.
    Yeah its true KDW did says that HJW is like cute little sister  to him!Most of the guys whom she have work with are younger than her.
  • maccaymaccay Posts: 1,053Member


    edited March 2011
    Wow waking up with lots of Ha Ji Won goodies is such a delight. Thank you everyone. :D

    Azipharale those beautiful and colourful hanboks were equally beautiful as Ha Ji Won. Like you coppersun this sageuk is UNFORGETTABLE indeed.

    thedolleffect you're welcome but those gifs were made by her fans @ dcgall. They were all adorable so i thought of sharing it to everyone here.

    Count me in as well coppersun, sintame and probably most of us here wanted a HB and HJW sing a duet in SG, That Man/That Woman would have been a perfect song for them to sing. *sigh*

    gilerkore i don't think Ha Ji Won mind at all being called Noona. She laughs at it. She feels young and that reflects on the outside. She doesn't look her age at all. :wub:

    Does Ji Wonnie ever rest? She did Guess photo shoot, Cass Light CF, the Crocodile ladies CF, now the Olay photo shoot on top of her table tennis practice. She's just amazing. I hope she takes care of health, eat and sleep well. She's blooming in the Olay photo shoot. She's got glow on her face. Yes KQI88 her smile and laugh is quite contagious. When i heard her message to Hyun Bin, it just made me smile more. Thank you f927 for the Y Star YT link. And niknokdagu425 for the fb link as well.

    Some screencaps I took from Ystar Interview/ Olay photo shoot~

    I cannot wait to see the end product of the photo shoot.


    Edited to add:

    Do you guys remember this watch she was wearing [cappuccino kiss]? :D
    Found it HERE~


    Have a good day everyone~
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  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


    Kim Ha-neul VS Ha Ji-won VS Son Ye-jin, who's the best?
    Source | 2011/03/30 | 204 views | Permalink | 2 comments

    [url=""][/url] [url=""][img][/img][/url]

    Three top actresses who are difficult to distinguish in public popularity and acting are attacking the screens this year. [url=""][b]Kim Ha-neul[/b][/url] in the movies [url=""][b]"Blind"[/b][/url] and "[url=""][b]You Pet[/b][/url]", [url=""][b]Ha Ji-won[/b][/url] in movies "[url=""][b]Sector 7[/b][/url]" and "Korea", [url=""][b]Son Ye-jin[/b][/url] in "[url=""][b]Chilling Romance[/b][/url]" and [url=""][b]"Tower"[/b][/url].

    [url=""][b]Kim Ha-neul[/b][/url] is the lead role in the thriller movie, [url=""][b]"Blind"[/b][/url]. It is about a one and only witness who is blind, but sees a terrifying crime scene.

    [url=""][b]Kim Ha-neul[/b][/url] is an attractive police academy student who is outstanding in every sense but sight and holds the key to the case. Her partner is [url=""][b]Yoo Seung-ho[/b][/url] and he will act as her eyes.

    Right after [url=""][b]"Blind"[/b][/url] [url=""][b]Kim Ha-neul[/b][/url] gets into a sweet romance with [url=""][b]Jang Geun-seok[/b][/url] in movie "[url=""][b]You Pet[/b][/url]". [url=""][b]Kim Ha-neul[/b][/url] is Ji-eun in the movie "[url=""][b]You Pet[/b][/url]" which is about a man and a woman who meet as owner and pet and not only do they love but also find the growth on the inside. They are the envy of everyone for their appearance and talents but complete fools when it comes to relationships and dating.


    [url=""][b]Ha Ji-won[/b][/url] from popular drama [url=""][b]"Secret Garden"[/b][/url] has two projects coming up as well. The first 10 billion won (US$10 million) blockbuster "[url=""][b]Sector 7[/b][/url]" is coming this summer. This is a 3D blockbuster about oil prospecting ship 'Eclipse' in the middle of nowhere fighting with an unknown creature.

    The cast is made up of Ha Jin-won, [url=""][b]Ahn Seong-gi[/b][/url], [url=""][b]Oh Ji-ho[/b][/url], [url=""][b]Lee Han-wi[/b][/url], [url=""][b]Park Cheol-min[/b][/url], Song Se-byeok, [url=""][b]Cha Ye-ryeon[/b][/url] and more. It is also directed by [url=""][b]Kim Ji-hoon[/b][/url] from [url=""][b]"May 18"[/b][/url] and produced by JK Films from [url=""][b]"Haeundae"[/b][/url].

    [url=""][b]Ha Ji-won[/b][/url] is currently practicing table tennis. She has been cast for the movie "Korea". This movie is based on a true story about the single inter-Korean team winning the World Table Tennis Championships in 1991 in Ziba. [url=""][b]Ha Ji-won[/b][/url] was early cast for the role for Hyeon Jeong-hwa and [url=""][b]Bae Doona[/b][/url] is North Korean player Lee Boon-hee.


    [url=""][b]Son Ye-jin[/b][/url] who had romance with [url=""][b]Lee Min-ho[/b][/url] in [url=""][b]"Personal Taste"[/b][/url] last year, is once again spreading out sweet romance in "[url=""][b]Chilling Romance[/b][/url]" with [url=""][b]Lee Min-ki[/b][/url].

    "[url=""][b]Chilling Romance[/b][/url]" is about a woman who sees ghosts because of an unexpected accident and man who does magic. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it's a romantic comedy with a little bit of a chill here and there.

    Later, [url=""][b]Son Ye-jin[/b][/url] is attempting at her first blockbuster in her life. She is the lead in movie [url=""][b]"Tower"[/b][/url] with [url=""][b]Seol Kyeong-gu[/b][/url] and [url=""][b]Kim Sang-kyeong[/b][/url]. [url=""][b]"Tower"[/b][/url] is about a fire that occurs in a high rise building in the middle of a city and the people that fight to survive from it.

    Director [url=""][b]Kim Ji-hoon[/b][/url], who is rising as the Chungmuro box office hit maker, has hold of the megaphone in [url=""][b]"Tower"[/b][/url] as well as 3D action blockbuster "[url=""][b]Sector 7[/b][/url]".

    [b]Source[/b] : [url=""][b][/b][/url] ( Korean )

    because I'm a big fan of ha ji won, so ha ji won was the best ..

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  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


    Ha Ji-won | Filmography
    Sector 7
    (Movie, 2011)
    Secret Garden
    (Drama, 2010)
    시크릿 가든
    Closer to Heaven
    (Movie, 2009)
    내 사랑 내 곁에
    (Movie, 2009)
    (Movie, 2008)
    Last Present - 2007
    (Movie, 2007)
    마지막 선물
    Sex Is Zero 2
    (Movie, 2007)
    색즉시공 시즌 2
    <a href="" class="liennormal" style="text-decoration: none;">

    Anyone know no ha ji won, live in apartments or at home with his family?...:phew: :phew:


    Anyone know no ha ji won, live in apartments or at home with his family?...:phew: :phew:
  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


    my favorite drama :lol: :lol:  :wub:
  • imudimud Posts: 60Member


    Anyone know if ha ji won, live in apartments or at home with his family?...:phew: :phew:

    Hello Gle_Perry, I do appreciate your support for Ha Ji Won, no matter that sometimes the language barrier made it difficult for us, non English speaker, to express perfectly what we want to say :blush: .

    To answer you question, I think Ha Ji Won still lives with her parents in a house. There is a link for that in youtube "A Visit To Ha Ji Won's House"
  • ikesungikesung Posts: 131Member
    I like every drama or Film that she's there.
    It's feel like touch my heart so deeply.
    I really like her as an actress :wub:
  • maccaymaccay Posts: 1,053Member


    Ha Ji Won ETN Interview [03.31.11]~watch HERE :)

  • niknokdagu425niknokdagu425 Posts: 872Member


    @thedolleffect you are welcome and thank you for joining this thread.
    @maccay thanks for the clips especially about the watch i was about to ask for it and glad you posted it. i really like hajiwon's taste in fashion she likes unique stuffs,she is a very genuine person thats i why i love her so much.

    Please kindly read the signature rules.
  • MitchiiMitchii Sun Shine PlacePosts: 41Member
    My hairstyles told me that Ha Ji Won is really pretty in person. Her guy friends saw her in person, during the time when she was in LA for the W photo shoot @ 54th St. They were just passing by. They said without make-up she is still beautiful. They said she has a natural beauty to her. She told me all her guy friends couldn't take their eyes off of her. Some of her friends are non-Korean. She said that they are still talking about her till this day, on how beautiful she is. Our amazing women not only capturing the heart of the korean men, but also other races. Who doesn't love her. Who ever capture her heart will be the luckest guy in the world. :D

  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


    imud wrote on 30 March 2011 - 10:38 PM:

    Hello Gle_Perry, I do appreciate your support for Ha Ji Won, no matter that sometimes the language barrier made it difficult for us, non English speaker, to express perfectly what we want to say  :blush: .

    To answer you question, I think Ha Ji Won still lives with her parents in a house. There is a link for that in youtube "A Visit To Ha Ji Won's House"

    sorry, my english is not that great
  • ganaaxganaax Posts: 423Member


    edited April 2011
    The look of a monster can make or break a monster movie. However, the Far East has always had creature appearances on lockdown, doling out some truly classic designs over the years; and the one for the upcoming 3D monster bash Sector 7 looks to be following suit.

    Below you'll find the first glimpse at what the structure of the film's creature will be like. That's right, kids! It's gonna be big! Sector 7, which will be shot in 3D, follows the events surrounding what happens when a mutated deep sea creature runs amok in an oil rig. Though horrific, it can't possibly be worse than what we had going on here in the Gulf for god's sake.

    Award-winning actress Ha Ji-won starring for new director Kim Ji-hoon. Look for more on this one as soon as it comes.

    An underwater oil field located south of Jeju Island, where Hae-jun is working as a marine equipment manager on an oil prospecting ship called Eclipse. Joining the crew later is Jeong-man, a former colleague of Hae-jun's father, assigned to Eclipse as captain. Though his job is to oversee the withdrawal of the ship, he suggests conducting some drilling one last time. After 3 weeks of preparation, Hae-jun takes new recruit underwater, but he sinks to the bottom of the sea when his equipment fails. Shortly after crew members begin to turn up dead, one by one, their bodies viciously mutilated. What the few survivors soon discover is a transparent underwater creature they encountered once before. The viral monster infiltrated the ship through the drilling pipe and has been feeding on the crew to survive. For Hae-jun and his colleagues, a fight for their lives begins.

    Thanks to DC reader Avery for the heads-up!

    sec7.jpg sec7.jpg

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