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[Drama 2011] Shining / Twinkle Twinkle / All That Glitters 반짝반짝 빛나는

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[MBC] Kim Hyun Joo, Lee Yoo Ri, Kim Suk Hoon, Kang Dong Ho
Shining - 반짝반짝 빛나는


IMBC 'Shining' Official Site
DramaWiki 'Shining' Information Page
DramaWiki 'Shining' Episodes Ratings Page


Title: 반짝반짝 빛나는 / Banjjak Banjjak Bitnaneun
Also known as: Twinkle Twinkle / All That Glitters
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Feb-12 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:40

This drama tells the success story of Han Jung Won.
A workaholic careerwoman who is determined to make her own way in life ...
... without the help of her family.
Her family, which has garnered considerable wealth from their publishing company.
Her life is turned upside down due to someone's mistake.
She faces numerous setbacks on the road to recovery.

Han family
Kim Hyun Joo as Han Jung Won
Kim Hyung Bum as Han Sang Won
Jang Yong as Han Ji Woong
Park Jung Soo as Jin Na Hee
Park Yoo Hwan as Lee Seo Woo

Hwang family
Lee Yoo Ri as Hwang Geum Ran
Lee Ah Hyun as Hwang Tae Ran
Han Ji Woo as Hwang Mi Ran
Kil Yong Woo as Hwang Nam Bong
Go Doo Shim as Lee Kwon Yang
Kim Sang Ho as Park Joong Hyuk (Tae Ran's husband)
Shin Soo Yun (신수연) as Park Ji Won (Tae Ran's daughter)

Other people
Kim Suk Hoon as Song Seung Joon
Kang Dong Ho (강동호) as Kang Dae Bum
Jung Tae Woo as Yoon Seung Jae
Kim Ji Young as Seung Joon's mother
Jun Soo Kyung (cameo)

Kang Dong Ho - Lee Yoo Ri - Kim Hyun Joo - Kim Suk Hoon

Cast-KimHyun-Joo.jpg Kim Hyun Joo as Han Jung Won

Cast-LeeYu-Ri.jpg Lee Yoo Ri as Hwang Geum Ran

Cast-KimSuk-Hoon.jpg Kim Suk Hoon as Song Seung Joon

Cast-KangDong-Ho.jpg Kang Dong Ho (강동호) as Kang Dae Bum

Cast Relationship Chart

Han family
Cast-KimHyung-Bum.jpg Kim Hyung Bum as Han Sang Won
Cast-JangYong.jpg Jang Yong as Han Ji Woong
Cast-ParkJung-Soo.jpg Park Jung Soo as Jin Na Hee
Cast-ParkYoo-Hwan.jpg Park Yoo Hwan (박유환) as Seo Woo

Hwang family
Cast-LeeAh-Hyun.jpg Lee Ah Hyun as Hwang Tae Ran
Cast-HanJi-Woo.jpg Han Ji Woo as Hwang Mi Ran
Cast-KilYong-Woo.jpg Kil Yong Woo as Hwang Nam Bong
Cast-GoDoo-Shim.jpg Go Doo Shim as Lee Kwon Yang
Cast-KimSangHo.jpg Kim Sang Ho as Park Joong Hyuk (Tae Ran's husband)
Cast-ShinSooYun.jpg Shin Soo Yun (신수연) as Park Ji Won (Tae Ran's daughter)

Other people
Cast-JungTaeWoo.jpg Jung Tae Woo as Yoon Seung Jae
Cast-KimJiYoung.jpg Kim Ji Young as Seung Joon's mother
Cast-JungSooKyung.jpgJun Soo Kyung (cameo)

Production Credits

Producer: Lee Dae Young

as Producer
Sparkling (MBC, 2011)
Stormy Lovers (MBC, 2010)
Good Job, Good Job (MBC, 2009)
I Love You, Don't Cry (MBC, 2008)
Chunja's Happy Events (MBC, 2008)
White Lies (MBC, 2008)
Don't Be Swayed (MBC, 2008)

as Director
Golden Fish (MBC, 2010)
Give Me Food (MBC, 2009)
Bad Woman, Good Woman (MBC, 2007)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
Scent of a Man (MBC, 2003)
Romance (MBC, 2002)

Staff-Director-NohDoChul.jpg Director: Noh Do Chul

Sparkling (MBC, 2011)
General Hospital 2 (MBC, 2008)
Our Happy Things (MBC, 2008)
Soulmate (MBC, 2006)

Staff-Writer-BaeYooMi.jpg Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi

Sparkling (MBC, 2011)
Who Are You? (MBC, 2008)
I Really Really Like You (MBC, 2006)
Tropical Nights in December (MBC, 2004)
Country Princess (MBC, 2003)
Romance (MBC, 2002)
The Full Sun (KBS2, 2000)
Happy Together (SBS, 1999)
Steal My Heart (SBS, 1998)

Episode ratings for MBC drama Sparkling
Episode - Nationwide - Seoul

Episode 01:-- 07.2 (
) --|||-- 08.6 (18th)
Episode 02:-- 08.3 (19th) --|||-- 10.1 (17th)
Episode 03:-- 08.7 (12th) --|||-- 10.7 (10th)
Episode 04:-- 08.2 (17th) --|||-- 10.4 (13th)
Episode 05:-- 09.8 (12th) --|||-- 12.9 (08th)
Episode 06:-- 10.7 (14th) --|||-- 13.2 (09th)
Episode 07:-- 11.4 (09th) --|||-- 14.0 (06th)
Episode 08:-- 11.2 (12th) --|||-- 13.7 (07th)
Episode 09:-- 10.4 (12th) --|||-- 13.0 (08th)
Episode 10:-- 13.0 (07th) --|||-- 16.2 (06th)
Episode 11:-- 11.8 (08th) --|||-- 14.8 (06th)
Episode 12:-- 12.3 (08th) --|||-- 15.1 (06th)
Episode 13:-- - --|||-- -
Episode 14:-- - --|||-- -

Source: TNS Media Korea


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A softsub subtitles release page will be created soon.

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Sparkling / Twinkle Twinke (2011)
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God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


  • ahoxanahoxan Posts: 2,379Member


    edited February 2011

    Filming begins on All That Glitters
    by javabeans | January 18, 2011 | 30 Comments

    Here are first stills from the upcoming MBC weekend drama All That Glitters (perhaps also translated Twinkle Twinkle), which stars Kim Hyun-joo (Partner) as a workaholic careerwoman.

    This is a drama that has me particularly interested despite the ordinariness of the plot description — a success story of a woman who rebounds after her life is flipped upside-down — because I have a special place in my heart for the director, Noh Do-chul. He directed one of my favorite dramas, Soulmate, as well as the quirky vampire comedy Hello, Franceska, both of which showcase his zippy directing style and fantastic taste in eclectic indie, alternative, and world music. On top of that, writer Bae Yu-mi has written some heartwarming, comedic dramas like Who Are You and Really Really Like You.

    The drama held its script reading recently, and filmed the scene pictured here in Paju on the 14th. This restaurant is the site of the first clash between our heroine (Kim Hyun-joo) and leading man Kim Seok-hoon (Iron Empress), who naturally get off on the wrong foot.

    Her character is focused on her career to the exclusion of all else, including a love life, although she does come to the restaurant to meet a blind date. She mistakes the editor played by Kim Seok-hoon as her date, and unleashes a torrent of criticism on him. It’s only after he sets her straight in his brusque way that she realizes her mistake, to her mortification.

    Other cast members include veteran actors Go Du-shim (Marry Me), Park Jung-soo (Queen of Reversals), and Gil Yong-woo (Loving You a Thousand Times). It’s also the debut drama for Park Yoo-hwan, who may be better known as the younger brother of Sungkyunkwan Scandal lead and idol singer Micky Yoochun.

    All That Glitters will follow Gloria on Saturdays and Sundays, and airs its first episode on February 12. Now, if only it weren’t 50 episodes…!


    Via TV Report

    Google Translate:

    MBC 'brilliant' Kim Hyun-joo, "Welfare Policies, a mistake a lot of characters like me"
    Broadcast: "Gloria," a subsequent, February 12, 2011 will be 20:40
    "One more thought about the meaning of family warmth that makes the work would be"

    MBC weekend drama series "brilliant" in the wealthy publishing house, the daughter of a career woman 'Welfare Policies' role, by Kim Hyun-joo, "seemingly yamujigo be good at everything, but actually a lot of mistakes 'Welfare Policies' of the character similar to his " he said.

    'Welfare Policies' childhood, the daughter of a wealthy publishing family that jarateuna, hospital oversight as a parent that suddenly turned out to be replaced as the daughter of a poor family and character .

    Kim Hyun-joo the "perfect business thoroughly, while the romance is not interested in 'Welfare Policies' report 'geoneomulnyeo' I think, "he was told," have fun on the set, while struggling with a warm drama , she wanted to "brilliant" in appeared to have been decided, "he said.

    In addition, "" brilliant, "a true family, about the meaning of worry is the hot work will become seniors gilyongwoo comic acting and musical actor gangdongho expect a lot of her acting, "he said.

    "Brilliant" daughter of a rich family life lived at one point, inverted a woman with bright and light Testimonials . Turned down for life, without effort of their own self To live life to the best work and love to the success suffering to overcome the struggles of the wait.

    "The Iron Empress" ironically enough, after 2 years, editing chapters back gimseokhun actors, acting villainess to challenge the reason Lee, musical arc from the Gangdong star was assumed, leading actor godusim, Jang, Park Jung Soo, gilyongwoo, yiahhyeon, JYJ Members brilliant cast including the brother of one thousand bakyu bakyuhwan jimyeo known that it became a topic.

    "Brilliant," the sitcom "Hello Francesca," "Soul Mate>, the drama" General Hospital 2> nodocheol PD received rave reviews from the director was in charge of, "Who are you?", "really, really like> the written baeyumi author served as a screenplay. "Gloria" followed by the February 12, 2011 20:00 40 minutes is scheduled to be broadcast first.


    Q & A below with the crew

    Q. "Brilliant" portrayed in the 'Welfare Policies' role introduced

    A. 'Geoneomulnyeo! I mean to say she seems to be appropriate. As a very competent and business confidence, energetic, at home, head to the beer cans tied jilkkeun hand buried live on love without saying Aida . From a rich family, who grew up knowing the love for the Infinite Light is the child warm, without having to give up in difficult situations at one time perfectly adapted to see that the unknown of a character that requires much thought.

    Q. "Twinkling" appearance was decided to gauge ?

    A. I wanted to work itself is an enjoyable work. Before filming a drama with the hard task when the seniors how valuable or enjoyable memories whether realized, all suffer together, creating a warm and pleasant, and I felt the drama. In addition, a strong teacher of the, good people and I got together with obviously too hot to work, fun, entertaining the audience also appeared to think that was decided on.

    Q. "Partner" after about 1 year and 6 months after the drama, and how you spent?

    A. Could mean a very long time for me to think. Last year we placed in the book can be published again ready and had his middle daughter, took on the role of the drama was in the publisher. ( Laughter ) Last year, a good organization , and ties the two countries have to bear children to meet happy and meaningful time spent.

    Q. 'Welfare Policies' and the actual nature of the usual common / If there are differences, if any point?

    A. I think I have in common is not much. 'Welfare Policies' as always in the full confidence of the map is always cheerful, not too dirty. Yamujigo seemingly similar thing would be good at everything, but actually I think it is similar in nature jansilsuga.


    Q. Be prepared for that character? (Clothing, publishing director could be related to the role)

    A. The default is the sense of an uptown girl wearing a costume, but the great desire and affection for working with the 'Welfare Policies' cute and endearing personality to match practical a style as I got. Through this work might be able to showcase a variety of styles are expected. In addition to publishing a book last year while preparing for service bureau or design, edit, plaintiff modified the process, while he borrowed a lot about the publishing business to learn a lot of this work seems to be helpful.

    Q. Other actors' first impression , or acting Breathing the like?

    A. Park Jung Soo godusim teacher and the teacher came to her daughter in the other work experience was a long time came on the same piece was so glad. In this work, especially resonating godusim teacher and I think a lot of scenes, is expected to be taken. Gimseokhun ssiwaneun scenario in practice so well right from the first acting Breathing surprised. He loved watching the old junior from Lee Yu-ri, respectively. Walked on his way without wavering, to the young juniors to learn about, but want to watch the actors thought it was a long time.

    Q. I think the "shiny> view points ?

    A. hero inverted their fate , but the basic plot, this drama is the story of both houses simultaneously deals with all of them gamjeongseon and family unity are drawn in detail on the part of different things I think. In addition to worrying about the true meaning of family is a hot date from. Gilyongwoo seniors call the comic's drama, acting and musical Kangdong expect a lot of smoke.

    Q. This year plan to 2011

    A. This year the "brilliant" and sent together, to create a brilliant year my goal is. Also, I'd like to meet a variety of audiences with works.

    Q. You want to tell or a word to the folks!

    A. Always believed that the first image grateful to the fans, all the way to love Kindly stay tuned. Sojunghamyi to miss days of family, love and the preciousness of the family can feel a warm drama "glowing" thank you a lot of watching.

    IMNEWS / 9:17 20,110,131

    `Glowing` Kim Hyun-joo, a clap pretty ~
    unchanging beauty, showing off a pair of shoes!

    Enter: 2011-01-24 16:51 / Revision: 2011-01-24 16:55

    [Sonminyoung News] Actor Kim Hyun-joo a 'clap-matseonruk' by introducing the unchanging beauty, he said.

    Kim Hyun-joo first broadcast on February 12 that will be coming MBC weekend drama 'brilliant' daughter, a character from the publisher to exercise a disproportionately matted hair, the boots on the left foot, right foot wearing a sneaker and hwangdangmugyehan 'clap-fashion' by introducing laughter have heralded a bomb.

    Pole of the Welfare Policies (Kim Hyun-joo), the garden's mother -in jinnahui (Park Jung Soo) to watch out against the force due to the situation. However, different shoes for each leg Report verse abdominal pain out of line to see the situation will be fashioned. Fancy is not alone. The lining in her coat pocket, eight protruding out and belt the ground that the drugs that are bulging, hair matted hold against the others without even seeing the spirit.

    In this shot from somewhere in Gyeonggi Province Kim Hyun-joo advanced bouncing a peculiar charm and comical fashion clap made it look natural. Left and right foot, especially in the other shoes and belts on the ground, even if nothing seems to drag along behind her sly look laughter studios in the sea had been the back door.

    'Brilliant' daughter lived a rich family life and at one point, inverted success story of a woman dealing with life, bright and light drama , the parents have inherited from their own efforts, rather than what their lives shouting back eventually be successful in both work and love suffering is to overcome the struggling drama groups.

    Meanwhile, the 'Gloria' subsequent broadcast MBC weekend drama 'brilliant' coming on February 12 and 20:40 is the first broadcast. (Photo: enekseu Telecom , the arc Entertainment)

    Bnt News News Report star @

    'Bride' Lee Yu-ri, tomato juice, baptized immortal poison hot '

    Article Date 2011-02-02 08:20:26


    Lee Yu-ri is an actor himself a certain red tomato juice poured over the head radical 'poison hot' and unfolded.

    Lee Yu-ri is coming February 12 cheotbangsongdoel MBC jumalgeuk 'brilliant' without betraying himself from seeing her boyfriend with another woman, against STEWART (jeongtaewoo) after witnessing the presence of tomato juice to pour their intense scenes presented.

    Hwanggeumran of pole to escape from a poor family environment to prepare for the bar exam STEWART create a male friend, supporting her emotionally both sides have done in the circumstances. However baldachin After passing the bar exam STEWART the kick to his right which let's have been exposed to bear. STEWART, even their own situation and are not cleared up her daughter from the publishing tycoon Welfare Policies (Kim Hyun-joo) to watch an interview with a witness became angry because baldachin STEWART in front of the cup tomato juice and pour it on the head.

    STEWART baldachin tomato juice to pour over his head, not the oil that is discarded because it is wearing an expensive suit STEWART baldachin mother (godusim) otyigi bought and split because of the difficult household. I collect a dime dupun baldachin poor mother, thinking of the earnest money and reveals troubles.

    Lee Yu-ri from the scene of betrayal and hurt with his girlfriend and mother that I'm sorry for the tears and anger geureonggeureonghan flawlessly as did the little face. Lee Yu-ri for the next shot of tomato juice on the face and wash his clothes without even a head cold juice pouring hot draw applause from the train staff. Every shot count, especially tomato juice added gradually increase the amount of shooting is finished so it was wet when I was wearing clothes.

    Publisher side, "Lee Yu-ri and 'brilliant' fully immersed in the hwanggeumran station jeongtaewoo sad outcast to smoke and he does naturally," said "," Lee Yu-ri and take a scene whenever a thin freely make the effort seems to be the best actor . Lee Yu-ri is expected to transform the future dont show fatale born poison, "he said.

    'Brilliant' daughter lived a rich man and at one point a woman's life Turned a bright light into your life success story, drama, something inherited from parents as well as the efforts of myself shouting back his life eventually will succeed in both work and love stage of the struggle is to overcome the hardships.

    Enekseu Telecom, providing entertainment Quote
    Images seen as news, enjoys smartphone 'OSEN Photo News' ☞ Download Shortcut apps
    [Copyright ⓒ Korea's top sports and entertainment specialist media OSEN ( and press the tip reprint and redistribution prohibited]

    Bakyuhwan bakyucheon brother, 'flash' smoke singosik 'passing grade'
    Bloomberg baeseonyoung News Reporter View other articles
    Type : seven thirty 02.01.2011 | Views : five hundred thirty-three | Helpful : an | l word : 0 | Copy URL of the article

    "Photo courtesy = enekseu telecommunications, entertainment Quote>
    JYJ bakyucheon sister her first acting challenge bakyu hwan paid a reported equation.

    Exchange bakyu the first 12 days following the MBC weekend drama series 'brilliant' (a play, directed baeyumi nodocheol), a large publisher , owner hanjiung (enteric minutes) and the difference I am 43 years old half-brother yiseowoo station will perform.

    Wu Hung is dramatic endorsement of the father of my sixtieth birthday and age out of the last 18 years as a child in the natahon genealogy, but apparently the little boy Welfare Policies (Kim Hyun-joo min) and Aqueous (Kim, HB minutes) who is his uncle. Hung is also a wife of 58 years jinnahui (Park Jung Soo minutes) who is called muppet. Thus, as an uncle to show the majesty and dignity, since this requires minimal proximity adult crying behavior seems very gentle. But in reality, a unique birth experience could not be so lonely with friends that has become. Birth due to the unique environment of the inner secrets and mysteries and the demanding nature of the character history.

    "Photo courtesy = enekseu telecommunications, entertainment Quote>
    Bakyu bakyu one thousand patients the full support of the type in the smoke have been preparing for a long time. Last January 28, he was in Ilsan, Gyeonggi first shot "in the study sangwonah let me, "said his nephew more than 14 years old Bum Kim a lot of smoke toward the hit yell nature did achieved it. Nodocheol shooting, including PD staff to make the grade in his first acting endured.

    Publisher side, "debuted at the same time bakyu environment right the first time a person in charge Endorsement emotionally complex and unique, 'gleaming' is a very important person" and "first acting debut did well in spite of the first shooting. Yiseowoo station fully committed to acting is. We expect bakyu Exchange of smoke dont evolve, "he said.

    The 'brilliant' daughter of a rich family life lived at one point a woman's bright and cheerful life, inverted success stories dealing with drama. Inherited from their parents rather than any effort of their own back for his life shouting, eventually to be successful in both work and love of the struggle to overcome suffering is based.

    ' Gloria 'successor coming February 12 PM 8:40 is the first broadcast.

    Article Date 24/01/2011 11:15 Last modified 24.01.2011 11:15
    Cast Kim Hyun-joo gimseokhun MBC 'shining' jackpot origin Cs


    [Sports Today gangseunghun News] MBC weekend drama series 'brilliant' (a play baeyumi, directing nodocheol) of the crew and cast gather in one place ahead of their first hit record test served as the origin.

    October 21, 7th Floor, MBC Dream Center, Ilsan, Gyeonggi-in TV studios of Air CP, nodocheol crew, including PD and Kim Hyun-joo, gimseokhun, Lee Yu-ri, gangdongho, godusim, gilyongwoo they gather in one place and the cast of hit drama lived exams and safe shooting was praying for.

    Nodocheol PD "hard and difficult times, the warm and comforting in the minds of viewers happy'll try to create drama," he said, and Hee, a "home theater in charge of the weekend as the title of a brilliant drama of hope," he said.

    'Brilliant' daughter lived a rich family life and at one point a woman's bright and cheerful Testimonials inverted. Turned down for life, without the efforts of their own self To live life to the best of work and struggling to overcome hardship to succeed in love, wait.

    'Partner' for 1 year and 6 months after the find home theater Kim Hyun-joo, 'The Iron Empress' 2 years after the actor returned to the editor gimseokhun petulant, bad girl act to challenge Lee Yu-ri, talented musical actress starred Kangdong arc.

    In addition, mid-sized actor godusim, Jang, Park Jung Soo, gilyongwoo, yiahhyeon, JYJ bakyu one thousand members of the brilliant cast including the brother bakyuhwan known that the community was jimyeo.

    Sitcoms 'Hello Francesca''soul mate', drama 'General Hospital, 2' and the delightful blend of humanism crossovering nodocheol acclaimed director in charge of the PD and, 'Who are you?''Really, really love' written on baeyumi screenplay writers take the expectation is increasing.

    Meanwhile, the 'shiny' and 'Gloria' successor coming February 12 20:00 at 40 is the first broadcast.

    God grant me the serenity 
    to accept the things I cannot change; 
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
  • cmy_185_1cmy_185_1 Posts: 13Member suk hoon...didn't see him since tomato!!
  • kaciemomkaciemom West CoastPosts: 1,124Friend of Soompi


    I will be back when this drama starts - I last saw her in Partner. Until then I am over at Dream High. :rolleyes:

     Currently Watching:  Glorious Day (only)s  AnaAAngn

  • AgieAgie Posts: 1,127Member


    Thanks Ahoxan for making this thread...finally :) :)

    I like both the lead actress and actor...Partner and Tomato...Hope the series turns good :)

    Is there any fansubs who will subs this series??
  • ahoxanahoxan Posts: 2,379Member


    Agie wrote on 02 February 2011 - 02:34 AM:

    Thanks Ahoxan for making this thread...finally :) :)

    I like both the lead actress and actor...Partner and Tomato...Hope the series turns good :)

    Is there any fansubs who will subs this series??

    WITHS2 - Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad
    This drama is under consideration ... Final Decision will be made soon.
    I do hope WITHS2 will decide to sub this series.
    Quality is superb... and I love the lyric translations.

    Team Shining @
    Recruitment for subbing team is continuing ... Initial team in place for subbing.
    Very fast in producing enjoyable subtitles.

    DarkSmurfSub - Community Translated Subtitles
    DarkSmurfSubs seems to intend to work on all recent & future K-Dramas.
    The fastest release of English subtitles machine translated from Chinese.
    The fan community then edit and fine-tune the sub in an ongoing process.
    God grant me the serenity 
    to accept the things I cannot change; 
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
  • ahoxanahoxan Posts: 2,379Member


    'Brilliant' nodocheol PD "typicality escape drama behind"

    PD, PD famous sitcom nodocheol new MBC weekend drama 'brilliant' to a comeback on the doorstep.

    'Brilliant' and Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Yu-ri, gimseokhun cast as the brother of one thousand and bakyu bakyu environment acting debut in the works to collect the topic.

    'General Hospital, 2' 2 years later after returning to Drama nodocheol PD "'brilliant' work is a long-prepared. Humanism Sinop wanted to see the work and thought it was a moment of work," he said.


    'Brilliant' at one point in the lives of others accidentally inverted reversed a woman's life story. Light and Color Press Welfare Policies for the owner's daughter (Kim Hyun-joo min) and daughter Sindorim gosichon sikdangjip baldachin (Lee Yu-ri min), inverted the whole machine life story.

    The two women struggled with the life-change happens in the Ground virtuous heroine parents as well as his own efforts, work and live my life struggling to overcome hardship to succeed in love, wait.

    Nodocheol PD "in a ditch than a creek to facilitate story gondubakjilchin I hope to facilitate the creek by the number of breathing new rebuilt top of a ditch and the other loaches (family) with all the happy stories," he explained.

    Drama, drama, traditional candy was away from the typical sex. Poor or the unfortunate woman who scratched their success stories and different. The drama of the birth of another keyword secrets for the reversal is used in one device.

    No PD "as the birth of the secret material to the end without giving it a drama, but focus on solving six times in the early to capitalize all of the characters we know the secrets of the birth is. We are shooting the starting point of the story of the birth a secret," he said.

    No PD "matdakteurin fate of someone who does not lose hope in the poor get poorer while showing the unity of male or two layers to draw the target, "he said of the planning.

    Although born and made the secret material, but the drama and the 'bright and cheerful atmosphere,' and 'pit-change' 'Hello Francesca' fun show, etc. and 'General Hospital 2' nodocheol PD, such as shown in the humanism of the organs will be assimilated intact.

    No PD "sitcom from the PD is going to LA grunge speed and excitement. Cathode than ordinary wit and humor that, yet fun does not stop at mere warm and warm to the drama, to create wants, "said the wind.

    Lee Mi Young journalists , DB Stock Photos Joy News 24
    God grant me the serenity 
    to accept the things I cannot change; 
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
  • AgieAgie Posts: 1,127Member


    edited February 2011
    I visited imbc site...and I think it will be aired tonight on Feb, 8...but I'm not sure because I dont know Korea... I just saw number 8 on the top left side of shining site..

    EDIT : ooops sorry, I think it was not the date but the time the series will be aired 8.40 Korea Time....
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,682Friend of Soompi


    Park Yoohwan receives a passing grade on acting debut

    On January 28th, JYJ Yoochun’s younger brother, Park Yoohwan, made his acting debut through the first recording for MBC’s “Shiny Shiny Shining.”

    Park plays the role of ‘Lee Seo Woo,’ an 18 year old bastard child of father ‘Han Ji Woong.’

    His character is forced to more mature than his age due to his placement in the family tree, which puts him at a higher rank than some of his older relatives.

    Behind the mature mask, however, lies a lonely child who has problems fitting in his peers because of the secrets surrounding his birth.

    With the support of his brother, Park has been taking acting lessons for some time now in preparation for his first role. Producers of the show were especially satisfied with his progress and gave him a ‘passing mark’ for his debut.

    Producers commented, “Park Yoohwan’s first character is a very emotional, complex, but unique character. He’s also one of the most important roles in the drama itself, and despite it being only his debut, he expressed the role impressively. He’s currently doing his absolute best in perfecting his character, so please look forward to his improvements in the future.”

    The drama will begin airing on February 12th at 8:40 PM.
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    Lee Yu-ri `` I do not need band smoke pit bull fighting spirit
    Enter: 2011-02-07 09:03:35

    ▲ Lee Yu-ri

    [SPN Park Mi Yea reporter] actress Lee Yu-ri and the band refused to postpone the pit bull is involved in the fighting spirit.

    Lee Yu-ri last gleaming new MBC weekend drama `` (baeyumi playwriting, directing nodocheol) Father of shooting hwangnambong (gilyongwoo minutes) to the camp four debt thug has threatened to postpone the scene.

    Lee Yu-ri, running to find the money or the land of his father muthideun gapdeun to select a story, by thug "was selected. Bury" and 2m deep pit into the earth, rather than laying the gang was stunned.

    Pokeulreinkkaji mobilization for the crew to shoot, 2m deep pit made of. Lee Yu-ri has passed the bar exam lovers STEWART (jeongtaewoo minutes) about a forlorn misery in order to realize a band without any delay be entered directly into the pit.

    TV official, "Lee Yu-ri, as well as the pit scene directly pouring tomato juice on the head has taken such a reckless act. Fall into a pit in the scene solemnly as to the set of staff to fully digest the pain was praised," he said.

    Lee Yu-ri from the `shiny 'daughter was born in a poor house but I know that originally a rich ttalyieotdaneun to reclaim his life to expose the evil nature hwanggeumran starred. Gloria `s` `` brilliant successor to the first coming 12 days will be broadcast.

    God grant me the serenity 
    to accept the things I cannot change; 
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
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    Jeonsugyeong, special makeup - to postpone term `brilliant 'cameo
    Enter: 2011-02-05 09:22 / Revision: 2011-02-05 09:23
    [Review star]
    Photo credit: enekseu Telecom, the arc Entertainment
    Marvel strictly musical term kkamjak was transformed into a pregnant woman.

    Sir transmission will be first broadcast on February 12 following the MBC weekend drama 'twinkling' in the Welfare Policies (Kim Hyun-joo min), the work at a large publishing work is work for maternity leave have special appearances he played a former editor in chief.

    Transfer term, large publishers, Sir, 'wisdom of the forest owner's hanjiung (enteric minutes) Limited won the daughter of a spiritual mentor, veteran editor of nyeonchain come 20 is the same publishing experience. 42-year-old age before the birth to the baby arrives is the setting for a publisher to drop out.

    Leaving the boat grabbed the publisher transmitted Sir, "I now I will raise her back. Rest of my life I want to die and I live as a woman," "The main idea when we meet people who do not know what it'll blow," he buried a man Hang in there lives without encountering limited to won The advice should also mean leaving.

    Transfer of the maternal role, Sir term look and feel for the actual pregnant at the same times have gone to special effort to dress up and unfolded.

    Publisher Marvel editor in charge transfer station only won 20-year spiritual mentor of a single appearance, but the situation should be able to impact. This 'brilliant' crew chief on the role I thought was perfectly suited to the transmission path and interest spent, willingly appeared also to jeonsugyeong decision is said to have been.

    The 'brilliant' daughter of a wealthy family lived at one point a woman's life inverted success stories dealing with life, bright and light drama , the parents have inherited from their own efforts, rather than what their lives back shouting, eventually succeeded in both work and love The hardship to overcome is the stage of the struggle. 'Brilliant' and 'Gloria' sequel coming to the 20:00 on February 12 at 40 is the first broadcast.

    Hongsaem reporter /
    God grant me the serenity 
    to accept the things I cannot change; 
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
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    February 9, 2011


    Kim Hyun-joo (left) and Kim Suk-hoon pose at a press conference for their new TV drama in Seoul on Tuesday.







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    6 hours to go for the first broadcast.

    Here's to hoping that it'll be a success.
    Despite the lack of support MBC is showing.

    "Shining" will have to stand on its own.
    Kim Hyun Joo as Han Jung Won
    Lee Yoo Ri as Hwang Geum Ran

    Hwaiting!!! :) :D :o

    Article Date 02/11/2011 15:14 Last modified 02.11.2011 15:14

    Rainbow, MBC 'shining' OST joined
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    [Sports Today urethane reporters] that the group Rainbow was a prelude to the drama OST.

    Publisher OST beu Group Dien worth the 11 days, "a new MBC weekend drama series Rainbow 'shining' OST will be joining," he said. The song is fire 'romantic sad I am.' Rainbow light tone and the charm of melodic fun mulssin is expected to loose.

    Made official, "a lively and bright rainbow mention pole decided to fit the tone" and "hopeful lyrics and fresh melodies, especially the difficulties the protagonist yigyeonaga Welfare Policies (Kim Hyun-joo min) and looks good," he said.

    ''m Sad romantic drama, Snow in '8', 'The Painter of Wind', 'brilliant heritage and was involved in writing jeonchangyeopyi peurodyusinghan. Words and 'Single Again', 'Only You' song for like the 'come back sunaessi' of 'to love' and joins the two sides took to write. In addition to the Rainbow OST artists will participate together with Moses.

    The 'shining' and 'Gloria' subsequent work is the first broadcast comes on the 12th. U.S. actor and the script, each with a megaphone and the debt is paid nodocheol PD Kim Hyun-joo, Lee Yu-ri, is starring gimseokhun.

    God grant me the serenity 
    to accept the things I cannot change; 
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
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    Whoa - Lee Yoori . . . and Jang Yong. Two of my faves!

    Guess I'm going to be watching this . . . :D
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    EPISODE 2 ( ~XviD-HANrel & 450p-HANrel - Megaupload & Fileserve links~ ) is up in [url="http://www.Richard Simmons/forum/index.php"]AM-ADDICTION![/url] :)
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