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[upcoming] [drama Japan 2007] Dream Man

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Title: ?????

Title (English): Dream Again

Format: Renzoku

Broadcast network: NTV

Broadcast period: 2007-Oct- to 2007_Dec

Air time: Saturday 21:00


Shunsuke is a former pro baseball player who dreams of returning to the sport. An unfortunate accident gets him killed, but God lends him someone else's body so that he can realize his dream of playing baseball again.


Sorimachi Takashi as Ogi Shunsuke

Kato Ai

Shida Mirai

Kodama Kiyoshi

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Guest jade_frost

New Official Website: http://www.ntv.co.jp/dream/


*Sorimachi Takashi as Ogi Shunsuke (34)

Former pro baseball player. A shoulder injury turned him into a second string player, and he became a free agent. He once abandoned baseball but later resolved to make a comeback. At that moment, an unexpected accident struck and he died but through as strange series of events, his spirit returns to the body of a fund company president, Asahina.

*Sorimachi Takashi as Asahina Takaya (34)

The man whom the soul of the dead Shunsuke possesses. A young president of a cold-blooded, ruthless fund company. Shunsuke aims to make his comeback to baseball in Asahina's body but because he looks just like Asahina to people, Shunsuke's mission is a rocky path filled with trouble.

*Kato Ai as Ninomiya Satsuki (27)

Shunsuke's former love. A new lawyer. An earnest person with a strong sense of justice. She buries herself in work because she cannot get over the sudden death of her fiance.

*Shida Mirai as Fujimoto Hina (14)

A junior high school student. Purportedly the result of a relationship between Asahina and her mother, Fujimoto Hana. She forces Asahina to raise her and let her live with him.

*Kodama Kiyoshi as Tanaka (?)

An official of heaven who guides the dead around heaven. He occasionally helps and occasionally remonstrates while watching over Shunsuke.

*Aota Noriko as Ushiyama Momoko (34)

An analyst at Asahina's fund company. She is disturbed when she sees Asahina seem to become a different person.

*Suga Takamasa as Hishinuma Tsukasa (30)

A capable lawyer who provides help for the weak. He is Satsuki's senior. He has feelings for her but ... ...

*Miyake Hiroki as Kumada Tsunehito (34)

An analyst at Asahina's fund company. He finds it terribly odd that Asahina is behaving out of character.

*Watanabe Tetsu as Maeda Kenzo (57)

The Giants coach that Shunsuke is attached to. He feels chagrined at Shunsuke's departure from baseball and subsequent death. At that moment, fund company president, Asahina appears, stating pro baseball to be his aim, and gets Maeda flustered.

*Segawa Eiko as Nakata Kayo (50)

The domestic helper who works at Asahina's residence. She successfully gets Hina to come out of her shell.

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Guest jade_frost


The press conference for Dream Again was held earlier this afternoon. It was attended by Sorimachi Takashi, Kato Ai, Kodama Kiyoshi and Shida Mirai. The mascot from pro baseball team Giants was also present. Members from the team are scheduled to appear in the drama. Sorimachi Takashi said, "As we get older, reality breaks away from dreams. We want to tell viewers the importance of holding on to our dreams through this drama." Kato Ai professed to have no knowledge of baseball.

More photos from the press conference available here: http://mainichi.jp/enta/geinou/graph/200710/05_2/

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Guest jade_frost

Courtesy of Yomiuri:

Baseball, real and imaginary, the theme of this week's viewing

Wm Penn

Baseball and the new fall dramas battle for our attention this month. Coincidentally, the second stage of baseball's Climax Series and the drama I am most eager to check out both begin Saturday.

The top batter in my viewing lineup is Dream Again (NTV network, Oct. 13, 9 p.m.), a fantasy about--what else--baseball! Takashi Sorimachi plays the dual roles of Ogi, a Yomiuri Giants slugger with shoulder problems, and Asahina, a troubled financier.

When Ogi is released from the team, he desperately tries to make a comeback over the protests of his fiance Satsuki (Ai Kato).

Then, Ogi suddenly "dies" in an accident. An angel named Tanaka (Kiyoshi Kodama) gives him a second chance at life in the body of Asahina, but this is no easy out. Besides learning about stocks and bonds, he has to deal with a 14-year-old (Mirai Shida), who shows up claiming to be Asahina's daughter, and a lawsuit filed by his old girlfriend Satsuki.

While it sounds somewhat confusing, Dream Again is being touted as a "heartwarming" tale. The very competent cast could just make this fantasy fun.

The Yomiuri Giants have cooperated with NTV in the filming of this drama. Let's just hope Dream Again does better than the Giants have done in the ratings this past season. Many were the weeks they were barely able to cross the 10 percent mark, nor were they alone.

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Guest jade_frost

Episode 1 Synopsis

Ogi Shunsuke, outstanding for his home runs with the baseball team, Giants, retires from professional baseball after he is beset with a shoulder injury.

However, one year later, Shunsuke impulsively decides to postpone his marriage with his fiancée, Ninomiya Satsuki, to concentrate on making a comeback to professional baseball. Satsuki cannot hide her dismay when she hears this as Shunsuke’s return to baseball will mean that they will have less time to spend together. She accuses him of placing baseball ahead of her and storms off. Shunsuke later dies in a mishap when he struck by a bolt of lightning as he makes his way home.

Tanaka, a guide in heaven, comes to receive Shunsuke, who cannot accept his death since he had just made the decision to make a comeback to professional baseball. The two of them soon learn that heaven had made a mistake and claimed the life of the wrong man. It was Kogi and not Ogi who was supposed to have died that day. Unwilling to give up his dream, Shunsuke demands to be restored to life but Tanaka says that it cannot be done because his body is gone. The only way for him to come back to life is for his soul to possess another person’s body. Tanaka then presents Shunsuke with a list of people who are to die that day and asks him to make a choice. But as Tanaka and Shunsuke spend some time getting acquainted with those people, Shunsuke starts to vanish, and in desperation, he chooses the rich, young president of a fund company, Asahina Takaya – a man who isn’t popular with his employees, neighbours, and housekeeper.

It isn’t easy being Asahina and Shunsuke constantly finds himself in trouble. He doesn’t know anything about the company’s operations and equities is greek to him. He cannot meet Satsuki, and is in addition, shadowed by Hina, a 14-year-old girl claiming to be his illegitimate daughter. Asahina’s lifestyle and eating habits has made him flabby and Shunsuke’s former Giants coach, Watanabe Tetsu, doesn’t take his ambition to become a professional baseball player seriously, but merely regards it as the whim of a rich man. Tanaka also warns him not divulge his true identity to anyone or his soul will disappear from this world. And now, Satsuki and her colleague have filed a lawsuit against his company.

How many obstacles await Shunsuke?

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