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[sitcom 2007] Kimchi Cheese Smile 김치 치즈 스마일

Guest dream_on

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Guest Q_Park

thanks for the eps 8&9!!!! :3

I really like him,, heehee!


in the meantime heres a link to watch ep10~ havent seen it tho, still waiting for an LQ DL ^^

and thanks also for the YT link KYU


ur welcome! i don't know if it's just me 'cause the link that you put up doesn't work! well it does but ep 10 doesn't come out!

- Kyu

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Guest pinkflamingoqt

I really like it so far :rolleyes:

I mean so far it isn't as good as Highkick, but then again you can't compare highkick to all the sitcoms that are produced from now on...

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Guest amane~matsuo

Hmm ... for some reason, I hate the swimmer ...

There's something irritating with his voice ...

And the new swimmer on the team is funny. haha xD

haha yeah, he's got like something stuck in his throat but yeah he's cute but i love his brother more~

and btw it's funny how the sister's like the same guy, LOL!

who is that cute girl on the first episode? she gave food to that guy and she blushed...

her name is yeonji, she's cute but she has the same expression always :(

btw is there ep 10 yet? I dunno bout the link I gave but it worked for me but takes long to buffer.

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Guest amane~matsuo

^ i love Eom Kijoon too :]

yes, Yeonji is such a brat now that she's grown-up~ is there no ep10 yet? even LQ? ㅠ.ㅠ

I love Hyeyoung more, she doesn't look an old-maid at all, I wonder if there's more of her and Kijoon the announcer haha

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Guest amane~matsuo


Thank You :sweatingbullets:

if you don't mind me asking, how do you find such links?

yw ^^

ah~ I find them from korean search portals,, heehee :3

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