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[sitcom 2007] Kimchi Cheese Smile 김치 치즈 스마일

Guest dream_on

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Guest amane~matsuo

where is ep 6?? i really want to see this sitcom sooooo badly!!

same here ^^

i loved ep5,, seen it all, heehee!! I laughed out loud when shin goo said, "유재석 누구냐???" hahaha!!!

And I wonder who that new guy is and what his role will be [the one Hyeyoung ran over, LOL]

also,, the youngest daughter likes Kijoon very much! haahaa~

and to julie its not bad to upload it on YT but then isnt it YT is very strict,, k-drama uploaders get suspended or get thier acct disabled permanently.. but yeah, i dunno but i'd be glad if someone do upload it :3

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Guest heartshapelove

they're in creidesca2's cb.

im behind in cbing and making non-cb links to the HQs but i will evenutally catch up.

ill have ep 6 HQ non-cb link posted later today.

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Guest korean-girl

this sitcom is very good but i don't know why people don't watch this...hmmm

but i have a question: does the swimmer gonna like the youngest sister?? can't wait for ep 9&10!!~~

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Guest heartshapelove

Kimchi Cheese Smile

HQ episode 5: MU-N/A

HQ episode 6: MU

[credit: creidesca2]

*I do a lot of downloads/uploads so, I'm not sure if I downloaded ep5. But ep6 is up and I know for sure I'm downloading ep7. It'll be a while though.... :sweatingbullets: *

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Guest amane~matsuo

i love the sitcom! it's really good, but yeah i think its under-rated,, to korean-girl i hope the youngest sis and the swimmer do end up with each other, LOL! I cant wait to see Eom Kijoon back ^^ still have to see ep7&8 tho,,

heartshapelove~ thank youu :3

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Guest jooluv

AH~ This sitcom is really good~ Waiting for episode 9~ Can't wait >O<

but I still prefer highkick.. probably cus there are more youngsters~

I like Yeonji and HyunJin~~~ Hope they end up together or something LOL

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Guest Q_Park

i love/like this sitcom already!!

i started watching it yesterday and it's already addicting! (and the swimmer guy is HOT!)

ep8 there's none?? ㅠㅠ I still havent seen 8~ and isnt the EP where Eom KiJoon comes back? LOL,

thanks btw :lol::w00t:

well if you haven't seen ep 8, for the meanwhile you can watch it on youtube!

part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BncXkuYapjc

part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8Pta0Ao4RA

part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyen3v9ohAs

Hope this helps!

- Kyu

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