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Kwon Sang Woo 권상우


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Guest ripgal

woah!! so many KSW pics!!! KSW looks good in all of them!! i like the anycall ones!! n also the nerdy one!! he looks CUTE!!! =P

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Guest claustrophobic

OH. MY. BLOODY. GOSH. I wanna headbutt the nearest wall rite now and roll over, stop breathing and die...can't believe all the files on soompi are gone...GONE! :( those files were the closest i could get to the drop-dead-gorgeous Kwon Sang Woo! But at least soompi is still here...i must not use a wall to kill myself just yet as there are opportunities to stalk KSW awaiting me...this is so pathetic...i can't even be a normal stalker and stalk the guy in the flesh...i have to resort to cyber-stalking him by spending all my breathing time checking out his hot pics and dowloading his clips online! :P

Neways...glad to see this thread is blasting off...let's keep it this way sang-woo lovers!!! AJA! AJA! AJA! it'd be great if someone can upload those precious media files again...and all those interviews of him with translations...i'll try uploading stuff in between digesting law books...OMG! y am i doing law at uni when all i ever wanted to do was marry a guy like KSW??? WHY? we must ask ourselves WHY? :huh: lol.

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